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Ungovernable Resistance(DIY RADIO)




Massive shout out & thanks to the bands so far who want to help us & are submitting music for the album.

So again the DEADLINE IS FRIDAY 12TH FEB (1 WEEK TODAY). After that i will chase up any loose ends an make sure we have everything to develop the next stage.
Bands included so far are:

Down To Kill (UK), Black Skull Squadron (UK), Fucks Sake (UK), Diskent (Sweden), Ruggine (Italy), Oiz II Men (UK), Henry Fonda (Ger), Zora (Italy), subside (Croatia), Haroldshitman (UK), Parapsychotic (Canada), Slaktrens (Sweden), Scooter Trash (USA), Union Strike (USA), Freedom is Lie (Hungary), Wages Of Fear (USA), Diskelma (Finland), Sub Alert (Sweden), Plakkaggio (Italy), Social Chaos (Brazil), Filthy Charity (France), Burnt Cross (UK), Mental Killing Spree (Ger), The Washingtonians (France), Global Parasite (UK), For Fucksake (USA), Campus Stermnii (Italy), Trauma (Italy), I Know (Belarus), Il Disasgio (Italy), Mass Obliteration (Italy), P.F.A (Hungary), Maniakatz (col), Imminent Chaos (Brazil), Quarto Potere (Italy), Tacheless (Germany), Psychotic Sufferance (Malaysia), Orchard of The Living (USA), The Horror (Spain), Kalazaar (Greece), Per Capita (Ger), Carlos Dunga (Italy), Gallery (USA), Deportation (Belguim), Dead Subverts (UK), Poster ITI (Turkey), Raw Power (Italy), Germ Bombs (Sweden), Miseria (Italy), Greed Killing (Germany), Temple of Dagon (USA), Miseria (Italy), Krasskepala (Indonesia), Active Slaughter (UK), Deadfuck (USA), Defekt (Macedonia), Iszonyat (Hungary), The Bristles (Sweden), Audio Kollaps (Ger), Testament (Anarchist Hip Hop, Canada), Fuser (Italy), Punk Virus (Italy), Distanásia (Brazil), Totalickers (Spain), Zudas Krust (Indonesia), Shit With Cornflakes (Bra).

We have a distro on board (screaming from the gutter) and would like to develop digital copies. - john (ruggine) runs the screaming from the gutter site is making some cds for us -25-50 hard copies as that's all I can afford. If I can get more hard copies done which I will try, but I have to be realistic. others distros that have offered to help with getting this out include: Scullcrusher Distro (, & Schizofrehn Distro (, Punk As Fuck/Blogg As Fuck (, Active Rebellion (UK) have also kindly offered to help with distroing the cd.

digital versions will be hosted on screaming from the gutter and wherever else will be willing to host the compilation. looking at mp3 format so we can get everyone on the cd.

screaming from the gutter is looking at an organisation called 'doctors without borders' ( that will ensure that all funds raised will go haiti and not some fat cunt cat in a suit. if anyone knows of any other organisations that could help then please message me.
More info on -

Distros so far: Screaming From The (DIY Collective) - We have plans to make CD copies of the album which will be available through Screaming From The Gutter & any distros willing to be involved. Digital copies will also be available.

This is a DIY album developed by Ungovernable Resistance with help & participation from Screaming From The Gutter DIY Collective.

Get in touch & get involved!

Genres for Fuck Corporate Wank
D-Beat, Crust, Stench, Punk (non pop - anarcho, hc, etc), Hardcore, Power Violence, Crossover, Grindcore (non corp), Crust Grind, Thrash Grind, Political Grind, Anarcho Death Metal, Anarchist Political Hip Hop.

Strictly must match the show & the above.


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