nedjelja, 12. rujna 2010.

Nonsense-Propast 2010

We're are gettin back to Nonsense. For you guys who don't know what i'm talking about first check
previous post with their awesome Red i rad demo (2008). This year Nonsense released new demo
under the name "Propast" or in English Downfall. Just by the name you see it's dark. They continued
their 80s hardcore style bringing us new Balkan stories. Two tracks are cover from infamous UBR-Lepote moje
domovine and Tragovi from Proces.Also be sure to check an awesome track Distort Balkan.Cd version is going to be released on BEYOND THE SUN RECORDS. Download and get in touch with
Požega hardcore forces.For more information about band go to this LINK.Cheers!

1.Of Death And Discord
5.Corporate Wasteland
6.Living Too Fast / Mindless Toys
7.Distort Balkan
9.Sam Protiv Sebe
10.TV Teror
11.On Radi
12.Tragovi (Proces)
13.Lepote Moje Domovine (UBR)


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