srijeda, 12. listopada 2011.

The Night Stalkers-Demo

The Night Stalkers are hardcore punk comming from great France ;).They released a good demo very reminding on old school california and oxnard scene but people in France say "some people said that we sound like minor threat, the fu's, career suicide or early the dwarves maybe " and i really respect that.The Demo contains great 7 songs you must check them out.I hope you will like this.Cheers !!!

1.Intro & fuck all night
2.Spit on my grave blues
4.Night stalkers
5.True punk fags
6.Drug visions
7.Bar fight


PS:I know that i am not posting very lately beucase i dont have time many people asking me to put on blog but i have very litlle time to spend on this blog i will try to do more post in the future.And Thnx for supporting PANKERIJADA !!! Cheers&Peace