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Vägra För Helvete! - LP '83

Vägra För Helvete! - LP '83


01. Sabotage 81 - Det är bara USA
02. Sabotage 81 - Meningslöst liv
03. Sabotage 81 - 1994
04. Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna - Jehovas vittnen
05. Anti Cimex - Eibon
06. Anti Cimex - Heroindöd
07. Livin' Sacrifice - Jag lever
08. Adrenalin - Adrenalin
09. Rolands Gosskör - Grossen Franco // Maktbegär
10. Hjärndöd - Jag är desperat
11. Asta Kask - Demokrati
12. Asta Kask - Landsplikt
13. D.N.A. - 4000000000 döda kroppar
14. Nyx Negativ - Nyromantiker
15. Nyx Negativ - Idioterna


Vägra För Helvete! - CD edition


01. Sabotage 81 - Det är bara U.S.A
02. Sabotage 81 - 8 miljoner datorer
03. Sabotage 81 - Meningslöst liv
04. Sabotage 81 - 1994
05. Strebers - Till en vän
06. Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna - Jehovas vittnen
07. Livin' Sacrifice - Mentalsjuk
08. Livin' Sacrifice - Jag lever
09. Adrenalin - Adrenalin
10. Raw Animal - Jag är desperat
11. Raw Animal - Bensin & Lim
12. Tredje Könet - Valium
13. Asta Kask - Demokrati
14. Asta Kask - Landsplikt
15. Extrem Exem - Eget Liv
16. Zynthslakt - Religion blood
17. Zynthslakt - Land of war
18. D.N.A. - 4000000000 döda kroppar


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The Farts-Let's Go Pogo

The Farts started out in oktober 2008. All the bandmembers except Boobs (guitar) have a history in punk. Flush (basplayer) played in Moron Terror and Fuck Darlings way back in 1986 and Strot (singer) recorded a cd with King Monster in 1992. Animal, the drummer palyed in Gantor in 1991. Punk has always been a favorite way to say to society Fuck You, well do it our way.
The Farts recorded a demo Let's go Pogo in 2009. The demo is recorded in a low budget studio, all the artwork, distribution and promotion the did it on their own. They organize gigs to meet other punkbands, to have a good time and to keep punk alive.
The main inspiration for their songs come from daily bussines and involve political issue's and animal abuse. But the main goal is to have fun, meet other bands and people. Punk is a way of being a person in nowadays society and to express feelings. "We don't hate society, we only think there is much issues that need to be told and were we have a opion about".
The Farts recorded a split-cd with Intoxication (a Dutch punkband) wich will be released in februari 2010. In september 2010 they will recorded a full length album.






1.Screw the Matador
2.Fucking Bastards Fucking Cops
3.Sid is Dead.
4.Lets go Pogo
7.Young Tribes of England


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Restarts-Actively Seeking Work

The Restarts are: Kieran bass/vocals, Robin guitar/vocal and Bram drums. The Restarts formed back in 1995, in Hackney, London's East End. We are a socially aware, three piece punk band. For the last 12 years we have been gigging in and around the UK and Europe, playing squat gigs and pubs mostly. We have been to the USA an Canada twice, and hopefully again at some point in 2008. We consider ourselves part of a large world wide network of DIY Punk Rock, we are punks first, musicians second. We feel the social importance of Punk Rock takes priority over the "marketability" of a rehashed trend. We stand by our words and have NEVER stopped liking the music we listen to, live by and make (even when it wasn't popular) Please get in contact, get involved and help the punk scene grow independently of the music industry giants


LOCATION:London and South East,United Kingdom




Frustration EP - Delirium Tremens
Frustration EP - Frustration
Frustration EP - Fuck The Lottery
Frustration EP - New Way
Just Gets Worse EP - No Confidence
Just Gets Worse EP - Disconnected
Just Gets Worse EP - Just Gets Worse
Just Gets Worse EP - Mind Yer Own Business
Job Club Demo - Dysfunction
Job Club Demo - Boozin
Job Club Demo - Gang Mentality
Job Club Demo - Hate You
Job Club Demo - Victimization
Job Club Demo - Contempt
Job Club Demo - Exterminate
State Rape Split LP - State Rape
State Rape Split LP - Divide And Rule
State Rape Split LP - Fare Evasion
State Rape Split LP - The Ladder
State Rape Split LP - Drunken Voices
State Rape Split LP - Tinpot Hitler
State Rape Split LP - Parasite Monarchy
State Rape Split LP - Times Hard


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80 s German Punk Vol Two


1-Ohl(2 songs)
2-Cotzbrocken(1 song)
3-Torpedo Moskau(2 songs)
4-ZSD(2 songs)
5-Cretins(2 songs)
6-Tin Can Army(2 songs)
7-The Buttocks(2 songs)
8-Porno Patrol(2 songs)
9-Daily Terror(2 songs)
10-Blut Und Eisen(2 songs)
11-Razzia(1 song)


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Minor Threat-First Demo Tape

First Demo Tape is an EP of Minor Threat's first demo tape, recorded in 1981.
Band frontman Ian Mackaye found the tapes that make up the album while putting together a box set for his record label.

1.Minor Threat
2.Stand Up
3.Seeing Red
4.Bottled Violence
5.Small Man Big Mouth
6.Straight Edge
7.Guilty of Being White
8.I Don't Wanna Hear It




Sida-Pazin Punk

1.Sida - Baraba
2.Sida - Dar
3.Sida - Himna punka
4.Sida - Murjak
5.Sida - O bella ciao
6.Sida - O bella haj
7.Sida - Pazinski punkeri
8.Sida - Prokleta para
9.Sida - Sida
10.Sida - Skaica
11.Sida - Sumrak
12.Sida - Svjetski sampion
13.Sida - Zakon
14.Sida - Zarecki


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80 s German Punk Vol One


1-Die Toten Hosen(1 song)
2-The Razors(1 song)
3-Drowning Rose(2 songs)
4-Upright Citizens(2 songs)
5-Vellocet(4 songs)
6-Wasted Life(1 song)
7-MAF(1 song)
8-Razzia(1 song)
9-TBC-(2 songs)
10-Dunkle Tage(1 song)
11-Blutsturz(1 song)
12-Maniacs(1 song)
13-Urlaud Im Rollstuhl(1 song)
14-Tin Can Army(1 song)
15-Abzess(1 song)


Hladno Pivo-Dom Sportova 1991


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1.The Massacre
2.Sick Bastard
3.Porno Slut
4.Now I'm Dead
5.Boys In Blue
6.Dog Soldier
7.Don't Pay The Poll Tax
8.Fuck Religion
9.About To Die
10.Blown Out Of The Sky
11.Police Shit
12.Stop The Slaughter


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They are a hc/punk band formed in Providence-Rhode Island(U.S.A), band has anarhistic lyrics and they sound like power violence, D-beat, and crust they have been active in 1991-present.
Name of the band came from the demo of the band Siege called Dropdead.


1-Unjustified Murder
2-Doorway To Extinction
3-Strength In Your Conviction
5-At The Cost Of An Animal
6-Direct Action
8-Chosen Path
10-Wound Runs Deep
11-Do You Choose Life
13-Only A Tool
14-You Have A Voice
15-Washed Away
16-Living In Fear
19-Deliver Yourself
21-Life In Chains
22-End The Slaughter
23-I Will Defy
24-The Truth Behind
25-Fucking Assholes
26-Legacy Of Death
27-No Glory
28-Still You Follow Blindly
29-Wake Of Deception
30-Swedish Medley
31-New World Slaughter
33-Belly Full Of Lies
36-Nazi Atrocities
37-Whatever I Do
38-The Circle Complete


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7 Seconds-Walk Together,Rock Together

1.Regress No Way
2.We're Gonna Fight
3.In Your Face
5.99 Red Balloons
6.Remains to Be Seen
7.Walk Together, Rock Together
8.How Do You Think You'd Feel
10.Still Believe
11.Out of Touch
12.Drug Control
13.Bottomless Pit
14.This Is the Angry Pt. 2/New Wind/We're Gonna Fight [Live]


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Charles Bronson

They were a hardcore/thrash/punk band from Dekalb (U.S.A) this legendary band was formed by a group of kids from age of 14-16 (Mike, Ebro, Mark).
Band took place from 1994-1997.


1-Why Do You Bother?*
2-Little Debbie*
3-I'm Sick Of Feminists*
4-Your Average Run Of The Mill Straight Edge Song*
5-Ricki Lake
6-Just Like All The Rest (Neos)*
7-The Shane Song
8-No More
9-Can't Take This*
10-Theme Song*
11-I Can't Be In A Band With You Because You Like Epitaph (Beatdown Remix)*
13-Diet Rootbeer*
14-Ebro's Bitter Onslaught On Jerry Springer's Unsuspecting Ass*
15-Sick of O.J.*
17-Bible Thumpers Go To Hell*
19-Security Blanket
20-Why Do You Bother?*
22-I Can't Be Friends With You Because You Like Epitaph*
23-Easy E's Fucking Dead And I Think It's Fucking Rad*
24-Second Hand Choke*
25-Theme Song*
26-Deaf and Dumb*
27-J.R.S. Beatdown
28-They Should Legalize Drugs So You Can Hurry Up And Fucking Die*
29-Crooked Teeth
30-Political Prisoners*
31-Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song*
32-You Get What You Pay For
33-Charles Bronson Will Not Turn Into A _______ Band
34-Rich Crusties Shall Pay*
35-Fuckin' Drunken Uncle
36-Fratguy On The Barbi
37-I Lied When I Said I Liked Your Zine*
38-Playing Lotto
39-Ants In The Kool Aid
40-What The Fuck Are You Going to Do When It's Cool to Be Yourself?*
41-Craig Ferris Sucks A Mean Cock*
42-Phil Anselmo's Pain Burns In The Heart of My Little Brother*
43-The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together*
44-Tabloid Suckass*
45-Cheese With Your Whine*
46-4 Alarm Counter Fuck
47-Annual Martyr To Your Social Life
48-History In The Making
49-Tony Victory Knows How to Party
50-Down For The Count
51-4 Hour Personality
52-No Points For The Losers*
53-Drunk Punks Is Hippies*
54-One Life Crew Goes On Slimfast*
55-Debate Team Bakesale
56-I Can Never Write Too Many Songs About Morons Like You*
57-Individualized Floor Puncher
58-Batting A Thousand And Still Striking Out
59-Let's Start A Revolution So I Can Break Some Shit*
60-The Great Pet Rock Comeback
61-What's Wrong With Me? (Faith)
62-Dream A Little Dream
63-Punching A Gift Horse In The Mouth*
64-The Story Of My Life
65-Grown Up Corpses
66-Bike Pig On A Rope
67-I'm So Smart Now
68-As Fucked As Gator
69-Skate For God*
70-You Will Go (Steve Caballero)
71-Better Never Than Late
72-412 Wolfpack*
73-Marriage Can Suck It*
74-Youth Attack!*
75-The Painful, Yet Unavoidable, Deathstar Comparison
77-Too Much of a Good Thing
78-Standing In Front Of Bulldog Records
79-Stock Footage
80-Pre (Im)mature Retirement Plan
81-The Only Time I Think About Romance Is When I Wonder Why I Don't Think About It*
82-Deaf And Dumb*
83-Fuck Technology, I'll Keep My Pocket Change*
84-Red And Green Make Yellow
85-Let's Start Another War So I Sing About Stopping It*
86-I Just Can't Avoid The Void In "Avoid"
87-Wastoid On The Celluloid
89-Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind*
90-I.Q. 32 (Necros)*
91-Punch Drunk (Husker Du)*
92-The Tears Of A Clone
93-Last Warning (Who Fucking Cares)
94-Why Be Something That You're Not? (Good Question)
95-Rich Crusties (Live At Otto's)*
96-Seven More Shitty-Ass Songs (Live In Fuckin' Belgium)*


1-Why Do You Bother Ebro?*
2-Couldn't Fuckin' Care Less
3-Whatever Happened?
4-Mindless (Blah Blah Blah)*
5-The Worm Song
6-The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together*
7-Falling Off - Do It!
8-E.S.P. Girls Love Me*
9-Wailing Guitar Solos Vol. 1, A Chronology
10-(Fuck Being) Positive*
13-So What If I Puked Up McDonald's?*
15-Ralph On Ralph
16-Twiggy On My Mind
17-Cous Cous On The Loose Loose
18-Telecom U$A
19-I Go To School
20-Cross Me (Project X)*
21-Untitled (DeKalb Hatedge Forever)*

Download-Complete Discography

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Bad Brains-Bad Brains 1982

They are an a American hardcore punk band that was formed in Washington D.C in 1977 they were one of the first to play hardcore punk, we call them pioneers of hardcore.
They were formed originally as a jazz band under the name of Mind Power, they were also an reggae band and they splited up and reformed several times (1977-1984, 1986-1995 etc)


1-Saillin On
2-Dont Need It
4-The Regulator
5-Banned In D.C
6-Jah Calling
7-Supertouch Shitfit
8-Leaving Babylon
9-Fearless Vampire Killers
11-Big Take Over
12-Pay To Cum
13-Right Brigade
14-I Luv I Jah
16-Jah Calling Dub (Bonus Track)


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English Dogs

English Dogs formed in October 1981 in Grantham and produced two demos during 1982 entitled 'Show No Mercy' and 'Free To Kill'. The band toured as support to fellow punk band Charged GBH in Germany during early 1983 and followed this with a British tour supporting Discharge. In 1983 they signed to Clay Records and released a 6 track EP titled 'Mad Punx And English Dogs' July 1983.

English Dogs' first full length album, 'Invasion of the Porky Men', emerged a year later. Personnel changes ensued after the debut album emerged with vocalist Wakey departing to be replaced by ex-Ultraviolent singer Ade Bailey. At this juncture the band also decided to augment their live sound by adding ex-Destructors guitarist Graham 'Gizz' Butt.

This change saw them leave Clay records to sign with Rot Records and release the decidedly metal tinged 'To The Ends Of The Earth' EP in September 1984. The metal leanings increased with Forward into Battle. English Dogs , culminating with the 'Where Legend Began' album through Under One Flag in 1986. The group appeared on the legendary Shades promoted Thrash bill at Camden's Electric Ballroom with Possessed and Voivod later in 1986.

Wakey returned briefly to the reformed band to record 1994's comeback 'Bow To None', with him being replaced by Stuart 'Stu-Pid' Jones for the 1995 single on Wretch Records .

Butt created Wardance with ex-Frantix bassist Andy Frantic and former Boys Dream drummer Matt Keys. Dogs forged an alliance with erstwhile GBH personnel in 1997 to create Sensa Yuma releasing the 'Every Day's Your Last Day' album on Retch Records. Another English Dogs / GBH union resulted in Wakey and Pinch creating The Wernt with GBH members guitarist Jock Blyth and bassist Ross Lomas for a 1997 album 'Wreckin' Temples'.

Gizz's time with The Prodigy revitalized interest in English Dogs prompting a re-release of 'Where Legend Began'. guitarist also announced the formation of a new act Janus Stark the same year recording with ex-Charlie guitarist Terry Thomas acting as producer. 1999's 'I've Got A Gun' was recorded live in Finland at the last ever English Dogs show. By 2000 Pinch had joined the Damned. Gizz Butt returned in 2004 with The More I See.

In May 2007, English Dogs reformed with the original line-up with the exception of Pinch, though he would have liked to join he had commitments with the Damned. He was replaced by Stuart Meadows, whose day-job is running a hairdressing salon in Grantham and who also plays for Resistance 77. They mainly play throughout Europe, but they do not play their crossover material. English Dogs released an EP called "Tales of the Asylum" in November 2008.



YEARS ACTIVE:1981–1987,1993–1999,2007–present



1. your country
2. blind man
3. mercenary
4. never die
5. astrophs waiting
6. newflash
7. ghost of the past
8. carol
9. spoils of war
10. cranked up really high (Slaughter & The Dogs)
11. invasion of the porky men
12. caveman brain
13. Max (The Millionaire)
14. Psycho Killer
15. Free To Kill
16. Driven to Death
17. Left Me For Dead
18. R.I.P.
19. The Fall of Max
20. World War


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Anti Social

The band was formed in 1981 and they played OI/punk, they formed a band because two million people in UK was not working and they were 4 of that 2 million people so they decided to form a band.
They were infuenced by Clash, Damned..., at the time they had some problems in pubs because they thought they were right wing from NF(national-front) so they didnt let them pass.
In 84 band split up because they found jobs and made a shit on some gig so they were arrested and after their releases the time was to go to work so they decided to not play anymore.

Band Members:


Download-Made In England

Download-Practice 83

Black Flag-Wasted Again

Album released by American hardcore punk band Black Flag in 1987 on SST Records. It is a "best-of" compilation released after Black Flag's breakup in 1986.




2.T.V. Party
3.Six Pack
4.I Don't Care
5.I've Had It
6.Jealous Again
7.Slip It In
8.Annihilate This Week
9.Loose Nut
10.Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
11.Louie, Louie
12.Drinking and Driving


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Verbalni Delikt





01. Ekologija
02. Religijska kuga
03. Verbalni delikt
04. Umišljeni ljudi
05. Bojkot
06. Neki novi svijet
07. Mir
08. A In RH
09. Sistem - policija
10. Jednakost, mir, sloboda
11. Mržnja
12. Stvarnost
13. Za bolje sutra
14. Rat
15. Za bolje sutra II




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Anarcho Punk Vol 4 - Anti Capitalism


1-Conflict - Mighty And Superior
2-Living Legends - Island Wars
3-Crass - What Do You Want
4-Atomic Filth - Atomic Filth
5-Anarka and Poppy - If It Dies We Die
6-D-V - Wake Up
7-Cold War - The Machinist
8-Legion Of Parasites - Massacre
9-The Epileptics - What Have You Got To Smile About
10-Rudimentary Peni - Teenage Time Killer
11-Tears Of Destruction - Death Of A Nation
12-Danbert Nobacon - A Million Wat Tylers
13-Kulturkampf - We Need No More
14-Dominant Patri - Death Of Thomas
15-The Cravats - XMP
16-Slaughter Of The Innocent - A New Dark Age
17-Freeborn - I Want My Life To Begin
18-Culture Shock - Ten Per Cent Off
19-Anathema - Your Ulster
20-Committee - Ring The Bell
21-Nick Toczek - Road Crash
22-Hex - Decide
23-Antisect - Heresy


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Anarcho Punk Vol 3 - Anti Society


1-Reality Control - Forgive Us
2-Icons Of Filth - Your Military
3-Sears - Not Prepared
4-A.O.A - Who Are They Trying To Convince
5-Liberty - Revenge
6-Dave Band Asgrove - I Rebel
7-Karma Sutra - Fantasy Ball
8-Icon A.D - Seeing Is Believing
9-Exit-Stance - Christian Militia
10-Alternative - Where Are Your Hiroshimas
11-Look Mummy Clowns - Sell Your Dreams
12-Reality - Acceptable Death Loss
13-Thatcher On Acid - Our Gods Are Falling Down
14-Part I - Salem
15-Andy T - Explotation
16-Revulsion - Out Of Touch
17-Apostles - Beserker
18-Untermensch - Ashfield Valley Headkick
19-Hagar The Womb - Dressed To Kill
20-Stalag 17 - Doomsday Machine
21-Oi Polloi - Stop Vivisection Now
22-Anti State Control - M.U.S.E
23-Mental - Attack


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Anarcho Punk Vol 2 - Anti State


1-A Touch Of Hysteria - The Rulers
2-Urban Decay - Severalls
3-The Mob - Gates Of Hell
4-Flux Of Pink Indians - Progress
5-Blyth Power - Hurling Time
6-Amebix - Axeman
7-Subhumans - So Much Money
8-Famous Imposters - Fighting Again
9-Poison Girls - Bully Boys
10-Decadent Few - Lowlife
11-Toxic Waste - Traditionally Yours
12-Toxik Ephex - Nothings Permissive
13-Disrupters - Stonehenge
14-Decadence Within - A Breath Of Fresh Air
15-No Defences - Willing Cripples
16-Chumbawamba - Revolution
17-Civilised Society - I Can Be Free
18-Sinyx - The Plague
19-Assassins - From The Gutter
20-Polemic - Deceptive Ideals
21-Eratics - Capital Punshment


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Anarcho Punk Vol 1 - Anti War


1-Dirt - Antiwar
2-Zounds - War
3-Metro Youth - Red Rifles
4-Flowers In The Dustbin - November Song
5-Kronstadt Uprising - Blind People
6-Political Asylum - Disarm Or Die
7-Astronauts - Typical Day
8-Antrax - Introduction To War
9-A-Heads - Forgotten Hero
10-The System - Dogs Of War
11-Sanction - Unknown Soldier
12-Instigators - The Blood Is On Your Hands
13-Blood Robots - The Valley
14-Lost Cherees - Why Does It Have To Be A Dream
15-Riot Clone - Neu-Vestation
16-Youth In Asia - When The Wind Blows
17-Psycho Faction - Threat
18-Naked - What A Way To Die
19-Omega Tribe - Duty Calls
20-Anti System - Government Lies
21-Faction - Obligatory War Song
22-Rubella Ballet - Belfast
23-The Snipers - I Know




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Potrosna Radna Snaga

Ovaj trio je nastao 09.09.2004. iz razloga sto vise nismo mogli trpit da nas niko ne trpi. Prvo smo se napijali i gluvarili okolo i slucajno nasli jedno drugog i treceg i osli svirat u Markanovu kuhinju..... Prvi demo smo izjadali preko fotoaparata na sudoperu nakon tri mjeseca drillanja pod imenom "NKV". Karakterizirala ga je najjadnija moguca kvaliteta snimke koju smo razdijelili po kojekakvim rupama di smo mogli svirat..... Drugi demo je dosao 2006 pod imenom "SNAGA KLADE VALJA" koji se sastojao od 9 pjesama ovaj puta za nivo kvalitetnijeg zvuka ali i dalje buka prevladava. U medjuvremenu smo se isvirali po Zidinama, ufo-ima i kojekakvim klubovima, a u zadnje vrijeme nam koncerte karakterizira bogat scenski nastup sa nepredvidivim zapletima..... Treci demo radnog naziva "RADNICKA KLASA", se kuha u sobi "Korpapunazeceva records" studija i tek sto nije zakuvalo! Ovaj demo ce nadjebat oba dva prethodna, a nadamo se i ne one ubuduce.





1.Radnicka Klasa.
2.Metodije Mesara.
3.U Ovoj Pjesmi Si Ti.
4.Glupa Pjesma.
5.Svaka Bi Te Prevarila Rado.
7.Patnja Prirode.
8.Balada Za Streljacki Vod.
10.Hajde Udari.


Bugarska Skupština

- Nastali u travnju 2007. u Osijeku!
- Grupa je spoj retfalackog (Bole i Culo) i jugovackog šljama (Marin, Hremba, Paulus)
- 14.03.2009. Izlazi prvo izdanje: IZRAZI MIŠLJENJE





2.Do Pobjede
4.Čista Energija
5.Izrazi Mišljenje
6.Nisam Kao Ti
7.Osijek Hardkor
8.Mito I Korupcija
10.Program Robota
11.Sloboda Govora(DIY)
12.Kilavo Dijete(DIY)


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The Faith was an early American hardcore punk band, from Washington DC, with strong connections to the scene centered around the Dischord label.

The band formed as a four piece in the summer of 1981 and featured Alec MacKaye on vocals, former vocalist for the Untouchables, as well as Michael Hampton of State Of Alert on guitar. After recording a demo, the band released a split LP with fellow D.C. hardcore band, Void. It was released by Dischord Records, a local independent label founded by MacKaye's older brother and Minor Threat vocalist, Ian MacKaye. It featured the song "You're X'd," which addressed the straight edge philosophy popularized by Minor Threat and S.O.A.

In 1983 The Faith released an eight song twelve inch EP called "Subject to Change." It was produced by Ian MacKaye and showed the band progressing into more melodic territory with the addition of a second guitarist. Within a few months of recording the record The Faith broke up, and three out of five members went on to join Embrace with Ian MacKaye on vocals. Guitarist Eddie Janney joined Rites of Spring and later was reunited with Michael Hampton for One Last Wish. Alec MacKaye went on to sing for Ignition and then later The Warmers.

Their split LP with hardcore punk group, Void, was one of Kurt Cobain's favorite albums.



1. Aware
2. Say No More
3. Limitations
4. No Choice
5. Untitled
6. Subject to Change
7. More of the Same
8. Slowdown



Don t know much about the band only that they are from Hungary and i think that they started in 83, in that time in Hungary was time of communism so they had much shit with the police and i think that they have been exiled from the country because they charged them that their name means "Battalion For Killing Gypsis".
Band is good and i recommend you to download they have 2 songs from "Pekinska Patka" that they remaked and one more thing the band is very rare i doubt you can download them somewhere CHEERS!!!


1-Hosszúhajú gyerekek
2-Hard rock már nem él
3-Pekinska patka
4-Mindenki tetü az MNK-ban
5-Báb vagy
6-Mindennek te vagy az oka
8-Áll egy ifjú élmunkás a téren
9-Primitív bunkó
10-Mindent megeszünk
11-Erdős Péter


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Tzn Xenna

Band was formed in 1981 in a town near Warsaw (Raszyn), first members of the band were-Zygzak (vocal), Markus (guitar), Czomba (bass), Gogo (drums), but soon after Czomba was replaced by Sydney and in that line up they had their first gig in September 81.
Band split up in 95, and Sydney died in 96, but there in Poland they still remain legends!!!


1-Szarzy Ludzie
2-Black Dog
3-Puste Miasta
8-Paranoja 81roku
16-Zob Cos
18-Po To Bys Sie Bal
19-Ola, Ola, Ola, Lej
20-Bankier Oficer Polityk Czy Ksiadz
21-Twoja Wojna
22-Dzielna Radziecka Kobieta
23-Ksiadz Zygmunt
25-Gazety Mówia
26-Wasz swiat
27-Dzieci z Brudnej Ulicy
28-Ciemny Pokój


subota, 28. studenoga 2009.

Beastie Boys-Polly Wog Stew 1982

Beastie Boys were a hardcore punk band from New York.I don't know what about say about this legends they started first like great hardcore punk playing with mates on gigs with Bad Brains,Reagan youth and etc. etc.(All of american hardcore legends).This release contains 8 great songs.Something about them they changed first their style in Rap/Rock and later hip hop for me their are for me kings of Hip Hop music.This isn't the only punk album of Beastie Boys they recorded one punk live gig in 1996 then one demo.You must have this legendary release :).

01 Beastie Boys
02 Transit Cop
03 Jimi
04 Holy Snappers
05 Riot Fight
06 Ode To
07 Michelle's Farm
08 Egg Raid On Mojo


četvrtak, 26. studenoga 2009.

Alltogether Forum(Serbia)

Htjeo bih Vam predstaviti meni iskreno najbolji underground forum na koji sam ikad naisao preporucujem svima koji su ljubitelj Punk/Rock/Metal glazbe da se pridruze ekipi na forumu i da podrzavaju underground scenu tako sto postaju nove bendove na forum ukoliko ima netko svoj bend moze ga slobodno predstaviti na forumu tako se ispromovirat jer je forum poceo biti u zadnjih 2 mjeseca dosta posjecen eto svima koji su zainteresirani preporucujem im da posjete NAJBOLJI UNDERGROUND FORUM na cijelom svijetu ! ! ! ! Momci Svaka vam Cast samo naprijed ima te od Pankerijade i od nas sviju veliku podrsku da vam forum uspije ! ! !


utorak, 24. studenoga 2009.

Tampere SS

Tampere SS is a legendary finnish hc-band from the early 80's. After a couple of EP's, band stopped being active in the mid 80's, but now in 2009 TampereSS has been re-activated by its original founder and song-writer Mika Vuolle, who had this idea of TampereSS "reborn" with other present band members. A new TampereSS began to write new material, but everyone had this one condition: We are NOT going to do same stuff everyone did 1982 (and many bands still do......)! The sound was automatically more metal than before, but not forgetting the hc-roots of the band. The first EP of the new TreSS was called "PROWO '09" (everyone can try to figure out what it means in this case...) and it was meant for promotional use. "PROWO '09" was released in summer 2009.


Tracks-Kuollut & Kuopattu:

1-Kuollut & Kuopattu
2-Painajainen Olohuoneessa
5-Kun Joulo On
6-Kaveleva Ruumis


Tracks-Sotaa EP 83:

4-Loputon Marssi
5-Kaveleva Ruumis


ponedjeljak, 23. studenoga 2009.

Ramones Around The World

Around the World is a 1998 Video of the New York punk band The Ramones. It consists of home video footage from Marky Ramone of the band's extensive touring and backstage footage along with live performances, and is considered by critics to give a much more accurate picture of the band than later, slicker productions such as Ramones Raw . It showcases the huge affection their core fans felt for the band but also the regard the third wave of punk influenced bands had for them.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

nedjelja, 22. studenoga 2009.

American 80's Hardcore Punk Compilation D.I.Y. Part 2.

1.7 seconds- Young 'til I Die
2.Adolescents- Wrecking Crew
3.Articles Of Faith - bad attitude
4.Bad Brains-Attitude
5.Battery- until the end
6.Black Flag - Rise Above
7.Circle Jerks-Red Tape
8.D.O.A. - The Prisoner
9.Descendents-I wanna be a bear
10.Fear- I Love Livin' In The City
11.Gang Green-protect and serve
12.Government Issue-Anarchy Is Dead
13.Minor Threat-stand up
15.Negative Approach - Why Be Something That You'Re Not
16.Negative Fx - nuclear fear
17.Nofx- bob turkee
18.Poison Idea- Ugly American
19.Reagan Youth-USA For Anarchy
21.SS Decontrol- No Reply
22.State Of Alert - Lost In Space
23.Teen Idles- Commie Song
24.The Germs - Circle One
25.Toxic Reasons- Riot squad
26.Youth Brigade - Violence