ponedjeljak, 31. siječnja 2011.

Damage Is Done-Demo 2011

Damage is done is new hardcore punk band comming from Zagreb,Croatia.This year they released first demo with 10 songs.Demo sounds i mean only recording sounds like Swedish and Finnish 80's classic hardcore bands.On demo you can find a cover song from Avskum-Vem har gett dom rätten they did it a good cover.Download this demo SUPPORT the band and i hope you will like this demo.

3.Jebem ti mater!
7.Ružan san
9.Stvar je u tom (Avskum - Vem har gett dom rätten) cover


subota, 29. siječnja 2011.

Inside Out-No Spiritual Surrender

Inside Out was straight edge/youth crew hardcore punk from USA formed in 1988.This is first band of Zack de la Rocha (famous singer of band Rage Against The Machine.They played up and down the West Coast and even toured the East Coast once before their breakup in 1991. They had written material for a second record, to be titled "Rage Against the Machine" (whence the name for de la Rocha's next band came), but the band broke up shortly after their guitarist, Vic DiCara, left the band to become a Hare Krishna monk.Other members coming from great bands like Gorilla Biscuits,Justice League,Burn etc etc.I was very amazed to hear this fucking demo it fucking rules it reminds me on DRI,Sick of it all,Agnostic front,Gang Green all of the great bands in hardcore and mix with crossover.I 100 % recommended to download this fucking sick shit.

01.Burning Fight
03.By a Thread
04.No Spiritual Surrender


petak, 28. siječnja 2011.

Negative Insight #1 zine (VARUKERS, SACRILEGE, DISASTER)

Negative Insight is zine comming from USA.Please read this before you buying and don't be a lazy bastard to dont read the description of Zine SUPPORT THIS ZINE "BUY" beucase of groowing DIY scene:

Negative Insight zine #1 out now! This is the debut issue dedicated to British hardcore with lengthy interviews with The Varukers, Sacrilege, and Disaster. This issue features previously unpublished photos of Varukers, Sacrilege, and Concrete Sox, highlights of some of our favorite UK HC records, a bit of politics, and some Cold War propaganda among other features. 28 pages total full size of black and white, cut 'n paste professionally printed hardcore. Zine is also accompanied by a live set of both Sacrilege (1986) and Disaster (1991) that can be ordered as either two CDrs or as one split tape. It also comes in a poly bag.

Personal single copies are $6.00 ppd. USA / $8.50 North America / $12.50 international. Sorry for the high price, but postage is expensive.
Paypal can be sent to ewrecknap@hotmail.com (PLEASE mark as Personal/Gift). I can also do regular mail orders, just email me for my address!

Please write for wholesale rates. I know these seem expensive, but please keep in mind that we went with a union print shop to print it, it comes in a poly bag, and 2 live sets of music. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks for your time,


Erik/Social Napalm
P.O. Box 4073
S. Chelmsford, MA

And check out the site:

Manic Subsidal-Hopeless (Rare)

Manic subsidal "know as The Offspring" was short-lived hardcore punk band formed in 1984.Subsidal were Dexter Holland (first at drums, then guitar) and Greg Kriesel (bass). The other members included were Doug Thompson (vocals) and Jim Benton (drums). After Doug’s departure, Dexter got on vocals and they continued as a three-piece. Year later 1985 Jim Benton was replaced by James Lilja and Noodles joined on guitar. This line-up recorded Hopeless and only known studio track recorded as Manic Subsidal is Hopeless featured on We Got Power Part II: The Party Animal in 1985.Two years after before they released I’ll Be Waiting/Blackball 7’‘ they changed name in Offspring, beucase when they first started they thinked that Manic subsidal is cool name for band but for 2 years after they changed their minds and renamed it in Offspring.Some interesting about Manic subsidal they maked song call "cog" later that song became Gotta Get Away.I hope you will like this one song.



četvrtak, 27. siječnja 2011.

RKL- Unreleased last demo (RARE)

Yeah I finally got this crap of demo just kidding i was very amazed and shocked they fucking rule on the last unreleased demo.Jason on this demo fucking sing like he never get older but he fucking deceased in 2006, R.I.P. man.I don't know about this release ANYTHING i dont know why people writing that demo is released in 2004 then i saw 2005 then 2006 i dont know fucking when is released its your decide,but i think this demo is released after jason death.I saw somwhere that they are on hiatus but they never be like with Jason that's very sadly .On demo you can find 6 great Rock'n roll songs ;)for me best song is Don't take Us.I wanna thank to my friend Rubi who gave me this link check out her blog CHAINSAW POP and Koca from Debeli Precjednik band who ripped this rare shit thnx man very much and i hope you will like this last demo of RKL.

Peace (A)

1.Don't take Us
2.Maiden Goleta
4.The Kookie
5.Twisting and turning
6.What happens next


srijeda, 26. siječnja 2011.

Assuck-Anti Capital+Blindspot

Assuck was an anti-capitalist and anarchist grindcore and deathgrind band from Florida founded in 1987 to 1998.To me one of the greatest grindcore/death metal bands ever.This 2 release fucking rules fucking powerfull and furious.Assuck's drummer was one of the best grindcore drummer in this times,i don't know it's that true but i readed somewhere.Who loves grindcore/death metal with anarchist lyrics you will love this guys.

1. Socialized Crucifixion
2. The Thousand Mile Stare
3. Population Index
4. Dogmatic
5. Spiritual Manipulation
6. Feasts Of War
7. October Revolution
8. Procession
9. State To State
10. The Perpetual Cycle
11. World Of Confusion
12. Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes
13. Page By Page
14. Sterility
15. Body Politic Equation
16. Anticapital
17. Epilogue
18. Wall of shame
19. Suffering quota
20. Parade of the lifeless
21. Bloob and cloth
22. Automate
23. Within without
24. Blindspot
25. By design
26. Spine
27. Infanticide


utorak, 25. siječnja 2011.

Brat Pack-Hate The Neighbours 2008

Brat Pack is hardcore punk band from Nijmegen,Netherlands founded in 2006.Their style remind me on RKL(Rich kids on lsd) and some litlle bit Nofx influence.They released this in 2008 with 13 great songs.First when i heard them i didn't liked them true story :) but they are good to me now, litlle bit RKL and modern hardcore composed in very good mix.On this album for me best song is "See if we Care".Don't be confused if you ever heard CITIZENS PATROL beucase they are same not 100 % beucase vox of Brat Pack sings in Citizens Patrol but i prefer ratter Citizens Patrol beucase they are more hardcore to me.I hope you liked this.

01.Sick Burn
02.Spending Money
04.No Questions Asked
05.Hate the Neighbours
06.Self Pitty and Ingorance
10.Soft Money
11.Better of Dead
13.See if we Care


ponedjeljak, 24. siječnja 2011.

20 years of Dischord records 1980-2000

Finally i rememberd to hear this fucking great compilation.This is Hardcore/Post Hardcore/Post punk/Punk rock/Emo tons of great bands and songs fucking great made by DISCHORD RECORDS.I wanna say before telling about compilation yeah the emo bands are here is not like crap emo today i don't know why emo subculture is calling their slef emo beucase today emo dont have any crap with emo in 80's just listen Rites of spring and Emberace its like Fugazi and Joy division mixed up if you are even mean that is emo in 80's like today your are wrong then is Joy divison emo hahah.Let's see you have here 74 songs 50 published,24 never released if you ever buy this crap you got book,this cd's and i think interview with Teen Idles, The Untouchables, State of Alert, Faith, Void, and Deadline.I liked this its very great mix of hardcore post punk and post hardcore music very enjoying.On this crap i very liked Dub version of Minor threat Rites of springs,Emberace etc. etc.This crap was very hard to find and i recommended to download.I hope you liked this legendary compilation.

1. Teen Idles – Get Up and Go
2. The Untouchables – Nic Fit
3. State of Alert – Public Defender
4. Minor Threat – Screaming at a Wall
5. Void – Dehumanized
6. Youth Brigade – Barbed Wire
7. Government Issue – Rock ‘n’ Roll Bullshit
8. Scream – Fight/American Justice
9. Iron Cross – Live for Now
10. Red C – Pressure’s On
11. Deadline – Stolen Youth
12. Artificial Peace – Suburban Wasteland
13. Faith – Subject to Change
14. Skewbald – Sorry/Change for the Same
15. Marginal Man – Missing Rungs
16. Gray Matter – Oscar’s Eye
17. Rites of Spring – Drink Deep
18. Beefeater – Just Things
19. The Snakes – Snake Rap
20. Dag Nasty – Circles
21. Embrace – Money
22. Soulside – Punch the Geek
23. Egg Hunt – We All Fall Down
24. One Last Wish – This Time
25. Fire Party – Cake
26. Ignition – Rebuilding
27. Three – Domino Days
28. Shudder to Think – Red House
29. Happy Go Licky – Twist and Shout


1. Fugazi- Blueprint
2. Lungfish – Friend to Friend in Endtime
3. Fidelity Jones – Destructor
4. The Nation of Ulysses – Spectra Sonic Sound
5. Holy Rollers – Perfect Sleeper
6. Jawbox – Motorist
7. Severin – People are Wrong
8. The High-Back Chairs – Summer
9. Autoclave – I’ll Take You Down
10. Circus Lupus – Pop Man
11. Branch Manager – Mr. Weekend
12. Slant 6 – What Kind of Monster Are You?
13. Hoover – Cable
14. Trusty – Goodbye, Dr. Fate
15. Smart Went Crazy- A Good Day
16. The Crownhate Ruin – Piss Alley
17. The Warmers – Poked it With a Stick
18. The Make-Up – They Live By Night
19. Bluetip – Castanet
20. Faraquet – Cut Self Not
21. Q and Not U – Hooray for Humans

DISC THREE(unreleased)

1. Teen Idles – Get Up and Go
2. Teen Idles – Deadhead
3. Untouchables – Stepping Stone
4. State Of Alert – Draw Blank
5. Minor Threat – Straight Edge (live)
6. Minor Threat – Understand
7. Government Issue – Snubbing
8. Government Issue – Asshole (with Ian)
9. Minor Threat – Asshole Dub
10. Youth Brigade – I Object
11. Rozzlyn Rangers – Rozzlyn Rangers
12. Void – Black, Jewish and Poor
13. Void – Authority (take 1 and 2)
14. Scream – Search for Employment
15. Deadline – No Revolution
16. Faith – No Choice
17. Marginal Man – Manipulator
18. Dag Nasty – All Ages Show
19. Fugazi – The Word
20. Fugazi – Burning (live)
21. Shudder to Think – Drop Dead Don’t Blink
22. Circus Lupus – We Are The One (Rare)
23. Slant 6 – Are You Human?
24. Interview




Siege-Dropdead EP 1984

Siege was bostons hardcore/power violence band founded in 1983.They didn't fiting in Boston's straight edge scene.They performed most of their gigs further away in Western Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The band played gigs in Greenfield with local hardcore bands DYS, Cancerous Growth, The Freeze, Outpatients, and Deep Wound, out-of-state at the Living Room in Providence, and at Anthrax in Stamford.In 1985 Siege was scheduled to play their first show in New York City at CBGBs with The Necros. Mahoney did not show up for the gig, and Siege disbanded shortly after. Williams later formed sludge metal band Nightstick.Siege was very influence to Napalm Death and Dropdead.Dropdead took name from siege demo name "Dropdead".For me this Ep fucking cut shits off.Its very angry,young,furios and fast.On Ep you can find 9 great songs.For me best song on Ep is Conform.I hope you like this shit.

1.Drop Dead
3.Life of Hate
7.Sad But True
8.Cold War
9.Grim Reaper


nedjelja, 23. siječnja 2011.

Fugazi-13 songs

"13 songs" is compilation made by two great ep's "Fugazi" and "Margin Walker" released in 1988.The EPs had been on Ian MacKaye's Dischord Records as numbers 30 and 35, respectively. 13 Songs was number 36. A remastered version was released in February 2003.In 2005,13 Songs was ranked 29 in Spin's "100 Greatest Albums, 1985-2005".I hope you will like this bastards.

01.Waiting Room
02.Bulldog Front
03.Bad Mouth
05.Give Me The Cure
07.Glue Man
08.Margin Walker
09.And The Same
10.Burning Too


petak, 21. siječnja 2011.

Komunalni Otpad-Demo+Live

Komunalni otpad was punk/rock band coming from my hometown Osijek,Croatia.I don't know about this band much but i know that have marked punk scene in Osijek.This demo contains 13 songs and 17 live songs.First i heard about this band i think was 2002,but i was a just a kid in this time haha :).For few years i don't know i was searching for this demo and finally i founded on this blog I've made you a tape check it out this guy he is ex singer an guitarst from Borci protiv pokvarenog sistema(B.P.P.S.) great blog.Let's talk about demo for my taste demo is good for nineties but they sound like 90 % croatian punk rock bands today , but I do not mind beucase scene in Croatia was very shitty in nineties i cant say that Croatia didn't haved a great bands in this times but don't enough.Check out this guys,i hope you liked them.

PS:Sorry for bad english i am now very drowsy :)

1.Dzungla od asfalta
2.Svijet u lancima
4.Kad si sretan
7.Kišna glista
8.La Bamba
11.Meso je najbolja hrana
14.Svijet u lancima (live)
15.Kišna glista (live)
16.Dragi sine moj (live)
17.Siromastvo (live)
18.R'n'r (live)
19.Demokracija (live)
20.Leševi (live)
21.Siromaštvo (live)
22.Mirko Fodor je peder (live)
23.Odmakni se (live)
24.Ne ostavljaj me (live)
25.Rodjen na tlu (live)
26.Meso je najbolja hrana (live)
27.Ranovej (live)
28.MDC (live)
29.Rodjen na tlu (live)
30.Kišna glista (live)


utorak, 18. siječnja 2011.

Support Your Scene DIY Compilation 2011

Support your scene is DIY compilation made by Pankerijada or us and mate from UNGOVERNABLE RESISTANCE.Waiting for 3 months we finally released this compilation.Let see it's hardcore/anarcho/grindcore/crust/mincecore/some of street compilation of great demo bands.Its very DIY you can see on the songs and cover and its free to download.This is compilation made by beucase people doesn't anymore(not all people) supporting bands and got idea to do comp for demo bands who are great but not very popular.Support the bands download and repost this post on your blogs,facebook,myspace any shit site like that beucase of growing DIY scene.Pankerijada & Ungovernable Resistance would like to thank Atomic Pollution, Schizo Distro Fanzine, and Screaming From The Gutter for their help with this project & all those that have supported us.

Check it out this links:





And Pankerijada alone wanna thank to Ungovernable Resistance without him would not be released compilation
thanks to Atomic Pollution great one man band who are did a cover for this compilation ,Screaming from the gutter and Schizo Distro.Thanx Guys a lot
Support DIY & 'Support your Scene'. Peace (A)

1.Power is Poison - 01 - War on the system (1:55)
2.Al-Thawra - 02 - Truth's Eternal Sun (6:21)
3.Greed Force - 03 - Subscription (1:15)
4.Diskent - 04 - Society Fail Again (3:03)
5.Nonsense - 05 - Tragovi (Proces) (1:04)
6.Disciples of Anarchy - 06 - Extremist (0:43)
7.Atomic Pollution - 07 - Cesspool (1:40)
8.Passive Aggressive - 08 - Deplore (1:48)
9.Petnaesti Čeh - 09 - Danijelova mržnja (1:37)
10.Tres Borrachos Locos - 10 - Don't Tell Me What To Do (1:30)
11.Iszonyat - 11 - Egy bezart klub margojara (2:59)
12.T34 - This machine kills fascists (3:39)
13.Ruggine - 13 - Vittima (2:26)
14.Tuhkaus - 14 - Sota Raita (1:52)
15.Life Erased - 15 - Apathetic Ways (2:10)
16.Slaughtergrave - 16 - Napalm up your ass (0:56)
17.Fight Back - 17 - Fuck The Fashion (1:46)
18.Degrade - 18 - Another Day (2:21)
19.INFLUX - 19 - Government Out (2:29)
20.Partiya - 20 - 40 Minutes (0:38)
21.Burnt Cross - 21 - Paths to persecution (2:29)
22.The Washingtonians - 22 - Hardboiled (1:21)
23.OiZ II Men - 23 - job done (2:30)


Fuck Corporate Wank Vol 3 - Free Download

This is last part of FCW please repost all of 3 parts on your blog,site,myspace,facebook,forum etc. etc. for helping people and growing DIY scene.Again ist not out link is from UNGOVERNABLE RESISTANCE please click on the name to help DIY scene.


1. Fucks Sake - necroslut (3:09)
2. Distanásia - Sociedade Suicida (2:41)
3. Campus Sterminii - Human waste (4:00)
4. Iszonyat - Uton utfelen (3:02)
5. Tacheless - What Sacrifice? (2:17)
6. PUNK VIRUS volti infastiditi (2:28)
7. Mass Obliteration - Nekare (3:21)
8. ZUDAS KRUST - Kami Datang dengan Damai (8) (1:40)
9. Totälickers - Politicos (1:39)
10. Social chaos - Insanidade politica (1:10)
11. Shit With Corn Flakes - Running Against the Clock (1:27)
12. Zora - Enslaved by the pigs (2:33)
13. carlos dunga - Calcino (1:37)
14. Sub Alert - Jesus was not right (2:12)
15. PFA - Empty Streets (0:27)
16. Greed Killing - Police State (2:08)
17. Imminent Chaos absent future (17) (1:26)
18. I know - Бедные и ужасные (1:48)
19. IL Disagio - Cops (3:08)
20. Yattai- Good medecine (0:55)
21. Fuser - Fuser- Beware of god (1:06)
22. Kalazaar - Fear of life (2:16)
23. Kann Ich Mit Leben - Gewalt (2:45)
24. DEZANATA underwater (3:36)


ponedjeljak, 17. siječnja 2011.

Fuck Corporate Wank Vol. 2

One word for me again this is not my uploaded link its from UNGOVERNABLE RESISTANCE

1. Deportation - System shit lies (0:58)
2. Ruggine - Stai Sicuro (2:08)
3. Power Is Poison - Don't Let Them Steal Your Life (1:36)
4. Diskelmä - Bloody Tears (2:47)
5. Subside-Victims Of Politics (1:33)
6. Freedom Is Lie - háború (2:12)
7. CONSTRUCTORES DEL ODIO - Esto Es America (this is america) (1:38)
8. Germ Bomb - N.W.O (3:03)
9. Raw Power-politicians (2:00)
10. Temple of Dagon - Book of Azathoth (4:20)
11. The Bristles - Malmo 26 (union bashing state) (2:10)
12. Wages of Fear - Corporate Corruption (1:26)
13. Total Aggression - Känns Som Slutet Är Nära (2:24)
14. Diskent - Bored teenagers (1:29)
15. Maniatikatz - Adultantes Mentiras (1:54)
16. Mental Killing Spree - They still have a god (7:53)
17. Parapsychotic - World End (2:39)
18. Slaktrens - Statistiken (0:40)
19. The Washingtonians - Washingtonians Warfare (2:10)
20. Plakkaggio HC - Fragments of life (2:25)
21. Quarto Potere - Nessuna Speranza Di Vita (3:13)
22. Harold Shitman - Perfect center powerviolence (0:55)
23. Scooter Trash - U.S.G. [United States Ghetto] (2:32)
24. Henry Fonda - Wage Slave (0.25)


subota, 15. siječnja 2011.

Fuck Corporate Wank vol.1

Fuck Corporate wank is benefit compilation who is made by UNGOVERNABLE RESISTANCE and SCREAMING FROM THE GUTTER.Its fucking free and 100 percent DIY.They released this last year but now is for free to download.You can here find 24 great songs never heard all of this band but i was very amazed great choice Gazz and John ;).I wanna post some words from Ungovernable Resistance and Screaming from the gutter:

"Ungovernable Resistance & Screaming From The Gutter would like to thank everyone for their help and support with FCW. FCW was created to help the people of Haiti who are still in dire need of urgent medical supplies."

If able please visit Doctors Without Borders & donate something which can help those in need worldwide.

PS:This is not my upload link its from Ungovernable Resistance.And one thing please repost that post for fucking keeping and helping people and DIY scene.

Peace (A)

1. Tawk - I'm Haiti (Intro to Fuck Corp Wank) (4:54)
2. Children of Damnation - AWAHJD. Hermien JD & Angelica Wandering Angel. "The Shared Symphony of AWAHJD ( Soundtrack for Fuck Corporate Wank) (6:47)
3. Burnt Cross - Reality of sacrifice (3:24)
4. Fed Up - BLEAK REALITY (1:33)
5. Black Skull Squadron - Share the Shame (3:02)
6. Gallery - House Of Cards (4:58)
7. Defekt - Politika (2:25)
8. Active Slaughter - Chernobyl (3:18)
9. Filthy Charity - USA (1:42)
10. Antabus - Feel the pain (1:22)
11. AUK - Where Are Your Gods ( In Nomini Domini ) (4:15)
12. For Fucksake - Seize Fate by the Throat (2:59)
13. Audio Kollaps - schuld (2:39)
14. Global Parasite - Smash the NWO (1:19)
15. Orchard of the Living - It's all wrong (3:17)
16. Dead Subverts - In The Name Of Art (2:06)
17. DEADFUCK - Border Town (2:03)
18. Poster-iti - Poster ITI - bombs are coming (2:13)
19. Per Capita - Erased by authority (2:25)
20. Down to Kill - NO JUSTICE (2:06)
21. oiz ii men - fighty-the-righty-in-blighty (1:51)
22. Krasskepala - napas peradaban yang beracun (3:39)
23. Miseria - Miseria - Chi sarà il prossimo? (1:11)
24. UNION STRIKE drop a cop (2:46)


utorak, 11. siječnja 2011.

Jerry's Kids-Kill Kill Kill

1.Torn Apart
2.Need Some
3.Breathe & Fuck
5.Bad Trip
6.Back Off
7.Tired Eyes
9.Right Now
10.Satan's Toy
11.Twisted Brain
12.My Machine Gun
13.Satan's Toy (Reprise)


nedjelja, 9. siječnja 2011.

D.R.I.- Dirty Rotten 1983

Do you feel rotten smell of money i do beucase money stinks.Just kidding let's see this ep was released in 1983 with 28 angry and fast fast fast songs.This is for me top 20 ever released ep in whole punk scene.If you are freak like me in fast&furios songs i recommended you to download.I hope you liked them.

01.I Don't Need Society
02.Commuter Man
05.Balance of Terror
06.My Fate to Hate
07.Who Am I
08.Money Stinks
09.Human Waste
10.Yes Ma'am
11.Dennis' Problem
12.Closet Punk
14.Running Around
15.Couch Slouch
16.To Open Closed Doors
17.Sad to Be
18.War Crimes
20.Draft Me
22.Capitalists Suck
23.Misery Loves Company
24.No Sense
26.Violent Pacification
28.The Explorer


subota, 8. siječnja 2011.

Beastie Boys(Quasar)-Grind Sacramento live 1996

You are now asking yourself what the fuck i am writing name Quasar.Let see Quasar is like co-band to Beastie Boys, same members but differenet name .They played a hardcore punk.In 1995 Beastie boys decide to go on tour in mini van around the country and they played old songs from Aglio e Olio,Polly Wog Stew and Ill Communication.Many fans liked them and become very popular like Beastie boys but in underground scene.You can here find 19 really good songs and cover from Circle Jerksa,and Reagan Youth.I hope you liked them.

01.Beastie Boys
02.Time For Livin'
03.Stage Banter
04.Brand New
05.Egg Raid On Mojo
06.Reagan Youth(Reagan Youth)
07.Deal With It
08.Believe Me
09.Tough Guy
10.Think About The Pit
11.Transit Cop
12.Nervous Assistant
13.I Want Some
14.Riot Brigade
15.Michelle's Farm
16.I Can't Think Straight
17.Red Tape(Circle Jerks)
18.Stage Banter
19.Heart Attack Man


petak, 7. siječnja 2011.


Yeah this guys coming from my hometown Osijek,Croatia.They are playing Electro/New Wave/Post-punk very good mix.But this is not their album i downloaded from youtube beucase i can't find any download link, i don't have idea what is name of album and when they are started a band but i know only one thing that are very good performers on stage and very good performing a good songs.On this songs you can find many famous songs cover like What is love (Haddaway) Come back and stay and etc....If you are freak for music like Joey Divison,Depeach Mode and many old greedy bastards you will liked them.

1.Captain space
2.Come back and stay
3.Dance like you are sick
4.Dressed in white
6.Feeding tube
7.Like a lollypop
8.Mad Max road warrior
9.Praxitens at the scene
10.Pred diskotekom
11.Solid as rock
12.What is love


četvrtak, 6. siječnja 2011.

Extreme Noise Terror&Chaos UK-Radioactive Earslaughter


Extreme Noise Terror
01 System Shit
02 No Threat
03 Human Error
04 Murder
05 False Profit
06 Show Us You Care
07 You Really Make Me Sick
08 Fucked Up System
09 Dead Life
10 Only In It For The Music

Chaos UK
11 A Month Of Sundays
12 Red Sky At Night
13 Used & Abused
14 Political Dreaming
15 Skate Song
16 Bak To Scool
17 Depression
18 Hope You Got A Fuckin' Headache


srijeda, 5. siječnja 2011.

Caustic Christ-Lycanthropy (2006)

American bastards from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania formed in 2000.When Bill Chamberlain guitarist from The Pist decided to forme band with guitarist/vocalist Eric Good and bassist Corey Lyons of Aus Rotten they formed a band called Caustic Christ.Their style is mixed with early American hardcore(Black Flag,Negative Approach) and some crust and Swedish and Finish scene.In their music you can hear that their songs is to much very similiar with Aus Rotten its fucking good but their for me are more influenced by Black Flag and Negative Approach.If you are fan of this music Black Flag,Negative Approach,Aus Rotten,Behind Enemy Lines you will love this twats.I hope you liked them.

1.The Caustic Curse
2.Doesn't Anyone Want To Impress Jodie Foster Anymore?
3.Public Service
5.Mirroring Punching
7.The War Has Come Home
9.Standing In A Circle...The Ballad Of Ukla Van Oopenstein
10.Government Job
11.Meet The Neighhbors
12.Sadist Society
13.Postcard From Hell


utorak, 4. siječnja 2011.

Raw Noise-The Terror Continues

1.Final Void
2.Two Colossal Nuclear Genocides
3.The Terror Continues
4.Dawn Of The Blast
5.Death Race
6.Eternal Darkness
7.Relentless Carnage
8.Trail Of Disaster
9.When Two Suns Collide
10.Mass World Holocaust
12.Sound Of Destruction
13.Waste Of Life
14.Panic Attack
15.Stench Of Death


ponedjeljak, 3. siječnja 2011.

Vitamin X-Once Upon A Time

1.First Step
3.Take It Back
4.Form The Inside
5.How You Changed
7.Musical Prejudice
8.Im Sorry
9.We Are One
10.Get Up


Skewbald/Grand Union-S/T 1981

Skewbald/Grand Union is hardcore punk band founded by Minor Threat members Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson.When members of Minor Threat decide in 1981 to go on hiatus Ian and Jeff decide to forme a new hardcore punk band.They record a 3 songs but in my opinion Minor Threat is much better than Skewbald.If you are expecting Skewbald/Grand Union sound like Minor Threat it doesn't beucase music is not very similiar like Minor threat just vocals but i must say is not bad it's very good.I hope you liked them.

2.Change For The Same
3.You're Not Fooling Me


nedjelja, 2. siječnja 2011.

Top 10 best post's on blog

Yeah its fucking new year.First of all we got over 100,000 people come on this blog thnx to all our really fans who supports the scene and got time to go on blog.In this post i will write for me best 10 post on blog.Let's go:

1.Chaotic Dischord-The Riot City Years 82-86
This bastards is for me a classic hardcore band.On this record contains 31 loud,fast and angry songs.They are lyrics are about againts pousing punx,punk scene in 80's and etc..

2.Faith&Void Split
Two great bands who made a legendary split in whole punk scene.On the record you can find 24 songs + Re-issue(On the blog we don't have Re-issue).In my opinion Faith is better than Void.

3.Negative Approach-Friends of no one
This Ep has recorded in 2010.I heard some story's that they record a ep in some basement.Legends in american hardcore scene i recommended to download that ep.

4.Boredumb-Testament to the Superficial
Real refreshing for Austrialn hardcore scene.I heard Boredumb for the first time for 2 months ago and decide to put them in the top 10 best post on Pankerijada.

5.Agathocles-Grind is protest
Pionirs of mincecore.They recorded a demo in 2008 which is contains 40 fast songs.They Lyrics is againts homophobia,sexism,racism and etc...

Anarcho/Grindcore/Crust band from USA.Discography is containing 47 great songs.

7.Citizens Patrol-S/T Lp
Hardcore Dutch band with new record i liked very much.

8.Icons Of Filth-Mortarhate Projects
Old School Anarcho band with their mates from Crass on the same label great record.

9.Raw Noise-A holocaust in your home
Hardcore/Crust/Grindcore/Anarcho band.First Edition of Raw noise two members of Extreme Noise Terror formed band Raw Noise.Later they sound like ENT.

10.Joey Ramone-Don't Worry About me
Classic record by one of member of Ramones(Joey Ramone).Its very catchy like Ramones and for me is Legen..wait for it..DARY :)

PS:I was thinking for writing 25 bands but is to much i know that i haven't put all of the great bands on blog maybe next year.


Disengage-Look Back EP 2010

Disengage is hardcore punk band from Cleveland,Ohio,US.Name Disengage i think they took from band Youth of today-Disengage EP.Their style is like Youth of today very similiar with them.On demo you can find 7 classic NY hardcore songs in just 7 minute.I hope you liked them.

1. Straight Faced
2. Look Back
3. Drinking Song
4. I Am...
5. Stranglehold
6. Betterman
7. Inside