utorak, 31. svibnja 2011.

Per Capita-The Damage Done 2011

Per Capita are powerviolence/crust band from Germany formed in 2008.I am very amazed when i heard this release beucase when i started to listen this i hearded very smiliar music to band called Dropdead and find out that theyhave cover of Dropdead and they did a good job covering Dropdead song.Their style are like some powerviolence bands and some crust bands very very good i must say.Release contains 11 yery good songs.I hope you will like this great band.Cheers&Peace

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01.The God delusion
02.US - Hole
04.The Damage Done
05.No Control
06.The Conclusion
08.Pig Brutality
09.Reverend Abuse
10.Erased By Authority
11.Wake Of Deception (Dropdead-cover)


utorak, 24. svibnja 2011.

Milisi Kecoa-Kalian Memang Menyedihkan! 2010

Milisi Kecoa are hardcore punk band from Indonesia and first Indonesian band on the blog.I never heard any band from Indonesia but this release fucking rules.They sound litlle bit newer hardcore and really reminds me on Netherlands new hardcore scene and mix with new American hardcore bands and American street punk bands.This release has good sound and contains 15 great song with one cover Bad Brains "Attitude".One mate from band has his own blog and check this blog just CLICK HERE .I hope you will like this great Indonesian hardcore band.Cheers&Peace

2.Ganyang Nasionalisme
3.Swastika Mewakili Dirimu
4.Milisi Kecoa
5.Usir Para Jagoan
6.Bagai Rayap
7.Ini Bukan Arab, Bung
8.Kalian Memang Menyedihkan
9.Kami Marah
10.Punkrock, Terdomestikasi
11.Attitude (Bad Brains Cover)
12.Swastika Mewakili Dirimu (Bonus)
13.Kami Marah (Bonus)
14.Ini Bukan Arab, Bung (Bonus)
15.Punkrock, Terdomestikasi (Bonus)


utorak, 3. svibnja 2011.

The Boston Strangler-Outcast 2010

This fucking sick band are coming from Boston.I will tell you something i first time heard this today and i was just listening this for once but this release is fucking great.This release has 8 tracks and the time of release is just 8 minutes.Band very reminds me on boston hardcore bands but they very reminds me on band called Negative Fx(true legends).I wanna thnx to my friend from blog CHAINSAW POP who sended me this great release.I guarantee that you will not regret if you download this release.

02.If i was you
03.Hit and run
04.Never get it back
05.The truth