utorak, 31. svibnja 2011.

Per Capita-The Damage Done 2011

Per Capita are powerviolence/crust band from Germany formed in 2008.I am very amazed when i heard this release beucase when i started to listen this i hearded very smiliar music to band called Dropdead and find out that theyhave cover of Dropdead and they did a good job covering Dropdead song.Their style are like some powerviolence bands and some crust bands very very good i must say.Release contains 11 yery good songs.I hope you will like this great band.Cheers&Peace

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01.The God delusion
02.US - Hole
04.The Damage Done
05.No Control
06.The Conclusion
08.Pig Brutality
09.Reverend Abuse
10.Erased By Authority
11.Wake Of Deception (Dropdead-cover)


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