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Moderat Likvidation

MODERAT LIKVIDATION is a Swedish punk band from Malmö formed in 1980 by guitarist Per Berglund and singer Patrik "Fjalle" Wisemark.

The name "Moderat Likvidation" is Swedish meaning "Moderate Liquidation", where "Moderate" refers to the Swedish conservative Moderate Party.

In 1982, in the line-up with Stefan Elfgren (drums), and Clifford "Cliff" Lundberg (bass), they made the first recording of the famous song Nitad. The band considered this first version a rough demo, but it was this version that got broadcast on Swedish national radio, which led to instant "fame" for the band. The song is also noteworthy as it captures the Swedish D-beat trend in a nutshell. Together with Anti Cimex Moderat Likvidation was the first Swedish band to pick the beat up, and use it on many of their tracks, although Moderat Likvidation never totally went into the D-beat genre, staring themselves blind at Discharge as many others, but tried to stick to the development of their own sound as well. Nevertheless, the song Nitad, when it came, was the fastest, most brutal D-beat song recorded in Sweden, and Europe. Also worth noticing is that it was in Malmö where the notion and expression D-beat first was coined. Before Malmö 1982, no one used the word. This word was, naturally, in Swedish (D-takt) but it spread, first through-out Sweden and then, thransformed into English, all over the world.

After their breakthrough with Nitad, the band went through a transformation where Fjalle left the band to be replaced by Torbjörn "Tobbe" Sjöberg on the lead vocals. In this line-up they recorded and commercially released the self titled 7" EP Moderat Likvidation, later commonly referred to as the "Nitad EP", since the first song on the EP was the re recorded version of the song (even faster it may be added). Together with Tobbe they also recorded and released the cassette Anti Fag Music (Ägg Tapes, 1983), which led to a lot of discussions and missunderstandings about their political convictions. The title of the release as well as the title song Anti Fag has nothing to do with not liking homosexuals. It was just a play with words and something silly and nonsensical to say - hence funny -, which becomes clear to anyone who knows swedish and reads the lyrics of the song. The song was written in the studio and references Johnny Bodes Bordellmammans visor.

Both these recordings were made in the fall of 1983. But whereas the cassette was released shortly after, the EP had to wait until spring 1984 to be released, due to lack of finances. They had to pay everything themselves, and as they were all unemployed, it took some time for them to raise the money. There weren't any organized raw punk labels around in Sweden by that time so bands had to do it themselves, which is what punk is all about anyway. The EP is therefore released on their own label Kuknacke Records

In the beginning of the summer 1984, the band broke up as a result of inner conflicts and turmoil. By that time Moderat Likvidation had grown to be a force to be considered, and the name had started travelling the world. Not once did they get the opportunity to play outside of Sweden, but when they broke up they had contacts and plans for a smaller tour in Finland and England and a longer one in Italy. Nothing of that happened, and the members all went off in different directions, hardly keeping contact with each other, one exception being Fjalle and Cliff who dabbled together in Black Uniforms for a while. Then Fjalle went of to Los Angeles, USA for 15 years and the threads between the former members disintegrated.

In 2006 the band was reunited much thanks to Stefan who got in contact with Fjalle. The former singer was moving back to Sweden and could tell that Moderat Likvidation was a quite acknowledged act "over there". Stefan contacted Per and Cliff and got the first interested, but the latter not.

The practical work of the reunion all took the shape of straightening out some general misunderstandings about what is a bootleg and what is not. Per and Stefan were in personal keeps of the original 1/4" master tapes and hadn't been neither consulted nor asked about providing anything to the Distortion Records release "Kuknacke" in 1991. Much to their dismayno profits had reached them either. The whole thing was foul play, but they also understood that much thanks to the Distortion release their name had lived on to meet a new generation punk rockers. But they felt they really wanted to make the release "their own", so to say. AND, the sound quality would of course improve dramatically making a pressing from the real masters than from a vinyl EP and a ordinary cassette. So they looked around for a suitable label and found many interested ones from around the globe. They settled for Havoc Records (USA) and made a total reissue of their catalogue. This came in the following guise: 3 different 7" EP's: Marionett i Kedjor, Nitad, Köttahuve, first released in a special and limited "boxed" edition with some parafernalia and the vinyls in three different colors (which led to confusion since the colors got mixed with content so people would have to by the entire suite and swap the records to get it right), followed by an unlimited pressing with the 3 EP's sold separately and in ordinary black vinyl. After this it was time for the CD release Never Mind The Bootlegs, which contained all the material compiled toghether in the cronological order of original recording





2-White Rastas
4-Marionett i Kedjor
6-Brända Celler
7-Tio Timmar
8-Enola Gay
12-Sne 83
14-Anti Fag
15-Magasinet TV intervju
18-Dodens Barn
19-Tio Timmar
20-Enola Gay
22-8 live tracks (Nitad, White Rastas, Tio Timmar, Marionett i Kedjor, Kuknacke, Moderat Likvidation, Nitad


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State of Alert

State of Alert were fronted by Henry Garfield, who would later rise to fame as Henry Rollins. They formed in October 1980 and disbanded in July 1981. They released a ten song 7" EP titled No Policy and contributed three songs to the compilation Flex Your Head, both on Dischord Records. The EP was financed by Henry since Dischord wanted to afford releasing the first Minor Threat 7" as well.

S.O.A. played a total of 12 gigs in and around the eastern US, their first on December 6, 1980, in Washington, D.C., and their last on July 10, 1981, in Philadelphia.

Henry Rollins
Michael Hampton
Wendel Blow
Simon Jacobsen
Ivor Hansen

LOCATION:Washington, D.C., USA

YEARS ACTIVE:1980 - 1981




1. Lost in Space
2. Draw Blank
3. Girl Problems
4. Blackout
5. Gate Crashers
6. War Zone
7. Riot
8. Gang Fight
9. Public Defender
10. Gonna Have to Fight


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Svart Parad

The band was formed in 84 in Sweden after Tompa from Asocial camed to the band (Svart Parad).
They play noisy Swedish raw hardcore punk, they split up in 87, on this CD quality of the songs is great and i need to say that this CD is a record of i think all of their demos.




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Solunski Front

Serbian punk band active in first half of 80s in former Yugoslavia.

Ciga - vocals, lyrics
Mikan - bass, backing vocals, music
Oja - guitar, music
Sale - drums



1-Mali Svet
3-Nase Groblje
4-Ne Govori


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Hladno Pivo(early)






Hladno Pivo supporting Ramones(ZAGREB-1994)

01 - Razmisljam
02 - Marihuana
03 - Diznilend
04 - Zakaj se tak oblacis
05 - Spika
06 - 7. noc
07 - Narcisoidni psi
08 - Celicne zavjese
09 - Spika 2
10 - Sank
11 - Spika 3
12 - Pjevajte nesto ljubavno
13 - Odjava programa



01 - Dobro vece
02 - Zakaj se tak oblacis
03 - Heroin
04 - Princeza
05 - Buba svabe
06 - Trening za umiranje
07 - Marginalci
08 - Pjevajte nesto ljubavno
09 - Fur immer Punk
10 - Celicne zavjese
11 - Buntovnik
12 - Niemals



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Floging Molly

They are a seven-piece American Celtic punk band that formed in Los Angeles, California and is currently signed to SideOneDummy Records.
Prior to forming Flogging Molly, Dave King was the vocalist for heavy metal band Fastway featuring guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke of Motörhead in the early to mid 80's. He later fronted a hard rock band called Katmandu (1991), featuring Mandy Meyer of Krokus on guitars. Afterwards, Dave King retained a record deal with Epic records and began to work on a solo album, but began to reconsider his record deal when the label opposed his idea of bringing in traditional Irish instruments. King negotiated out of his record deal to go his own way musically soon after.

In 1993, King met guitarist Ted Hutt, bassist Jeff Peters, and fiddle player Bridget Regan and put together a rock band with a celtic feel. They played a Los Angeles pub called Molly Malones for a couple of years building a small, but loyal following. Together they wrote songs such as Devil's Dance Floor and Black Friday Rule, which was the beginning of Flogging Molly's unique sound. Ted and Jeff then left Flogging Molly because a prior band of theirs received a record deal. Dave and Bridget then began to meet the new members and the current band was formed.

They continued a routine of playing every Monday night at Molly Malone's. Then 17-year old Nathen Maxwell snuck into a show as a fan and soon after joined the band. They put out a live album, Alive Behind the Green Door in 1997. In an interview with Kerrang! magazine, King stated that the band's name comes from the bar (Molly Malone's) that faithfully supported the band from the very beginning, "We used to play there every Monday night and we felt like we were flogging it to death, so we called the band Flogging Molly." They were signed onto SideOneDummy Records after a show when the record company's owners attended a concert and noted their intensity.




SWAGGER (2000)


1.Salty Dog
2.Selfish Man
3.The Worst Day Since Yesterday
4.Every Dog Has Its Day
5.Life in a Tenement Square
6.The Ol' Beggars Bush
7.The Likes of You Again
8.Black Friday Rule
9.Grace of God Go I
10.Devil's Dance Floor
11.These Exiled Years
12.Sentimental Johnny
13.Far Away Boys




1.Drunken Lullabies
2.What's Left of the Flag
3.May the Living Be Dead (In Our Wake)
4.If I Ever Leave This World Alive
5.The Kilburn High Road
6.Rebels of the Sacred Heart
8.Cruel Mistress
9.Death Valley Queen
10.Another Bag of Bricks
11.The Rare Ould Times
12.The Sun Never Shines (On Closed Doors)


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The Ramones - Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (EP)

The song was written primarily by Ramones lead singer Joey Ramone in reaction to U.S. president Ronald Reagan's visit to a military cemetery in Bitburg, West Germany. Reagan visited the cemetery, where he laid a wreath, and then gave a public address at a nearby air base on May 5, 1985; the visit was part of a trip paying tribute to the victims of Nazism and celebrating West Germany's revival as a powerful, democratic U.S. ally. The phrase "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg" was coined by protesters in the weeks leading up to Reagan's visit.Although intended as a reference to Reagan, Bonzo is actually the name of the chimpanzee title character in Bedtime for Bonzo; Reagan was the top-billed actor in the 1951 film comedy. The phrase is also possibly a play on the title of the film's sequel, Bonzo Goes to College (1952), though Reagan did not appear in that picture.

Reagan's plan to visit the Bitburg cemetery had been widely criticized in the United States, Europe, and Israel because among the approximately 2,000 German soldiers buried there were 49 members of the Waffen-SS. This was the combat arm of the SS, the paramilitary organization that helped run the Nazi extermination camps and committed many other atrocities, including the murder of American POWs. Among those vehemently opposed to the trip were Jewish and veterans' groups and both houses of the U.S. Congress.Before departing for Germany, Reagan ignited more controversy when he expressed his belief that the soldiers buried at Bitburg "were victims, just as surely as the victims in the concentration camps."In his remarks immediately after the cemetery visit, Reagan said that "the crimes of the SS must rank among the most heinous in human history", but noted that many of those interred at Bitburg were "simply soldiers in the German army.... There were thousands of such soldiers for whom Nazism meant no more than a brutal end to a short life."

The song's lyrics, with their explicitly serious content, are a departure from the Ramones' usual style. Joey shares writing credit with Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone and Ramones producer and former Plasmatics bassist/keyboardist Jean Beauvoir. Discussing the inspiration for the song, Joey, a Jew and previously a Reagan admirer, explained that the president "sort of shit on everybody." David Corn describes the beginning of the refrain—"Bonzo goes to Bitburg/then goes out for a cup of tea/As I watched it on TV/somehow it really bothered me"—as "snarled" by Joey over a "power-pop beat and melodic hooks galore" arts editor Bill Wyman writes of Johnny Ramone "lob[bing] guitar bombs" amid the song's "Spectorian, rushing production". Led by "Joey's pained, pleading voice," it is "the group's greatest song and his greatest vocal performance", according to Wyman.Douglas Wolk fits the song into his general view of Joey Ramone as different from his many musical imitators in that "he never, ever sneered": "the tone of 'Bonzo Goes to Bitburg'", writes Wolk, "isn't contemptuous, just confused and angry."[8] Calling the song "brilliant", David Fricke of Rolling Stone writes that it "vividly captures the sense of helplessness and confusion felt by rock youth in the Age of Reagan



1. My Brain is Hangin Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)
2. Go Home Ann
3. Daytime Dilemma (Dangers of Love)



Madness are a British pop/ska band from Camden Town, London, that formed in 1976.In 2009 the band have continued to perform with their most recognised lineup of seven members, although their lineup has varied slightly over the years. They were one of the most prominent bands of the late-1970s 2 Tone ska revival.

Madness achieved most of their success in the early to mid 1980s. Both Madness and UB40 spent 214 weeks on the UK singles charts over the course of the decade, holding the record for most weeks spent by a group in the 1980s UK singles charts. However, Madness achieved this in a shorter time period (1980–1986).


MEMBERS:Graham "Suggs" McPherson,Mike Barson,Lee Thompson,Chris Foreman,Mark Bedford,Daniel Woodgate,Carl Smyth

LOCATION:Camden Town, UK



1.One Step Beyond
2.My Girl
3.Night Boat to Cairo
4.Believe Me
5.Land of Hope and Glory
6.The Prince
7.Tarzan's Nuts
8.In the Middle of the Night
9.Bed and Breakfast Man
10.Razor Blade Alley
11.Swan Lake
12.Rockin' in A-flat
13.Mummy's Boy
15.Chipmunks Are Go!


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Slime was a German punk rock band, founded in 1979 and disbanded in 1994. The pre-Slime band was called Screamer, and the post-Slime band is – contrary to the occasional rumors – not Emils (Slime backwards), but Rubberslime, with the member Elf. The band was founded by Elf (Guitar), Eddie (Bass) and Ball (Peter Wodok – Drums). Some months later, Dirk joined as vocalist. Christian joined the band in 1980 as second guitarist, and Ball left in 1981 and was replaced by Stephan Mahler. Slime were very influential to the German punk culture and their first album Slime I was actually the first German punk album banned. They are often considered to be the prototypical German punk or deutschpunk band.
Notable songs are "Deutschland muss sterben (...damit wir leben können)" ("Germany must die (... so we can live) (an allusion to "Deutschland muß leben, auch wenn wir sterben müssen" (Germany must live, even if we have to die), a World War I motto), "Bullenschweine" (police pigs), "Polizei SA/SS" (police SA/SS), comparing police to the SA and SS and "A.C.A.B." ("All Cops Are Bastards"). Slime produced many albums in the first years. They sang song against war (e.g. We dont need the Army), and they made a punk anthem with the song Hey Punk. They even produced songs against their government (They don't give a Fuck), their justice (Gerechtigkeit - means fairness), their police and their politicians (Sand im Getriebe). The song Yankees raus (Yankees out) is against imperialism. The following years, the neo-fascism in Germany was rising more and more, so they felt dutybound to sing against them.




"COMPILATION '81-87"(1990)

1. a.c.a.b.
2. demokratie
3. on the run
4. bundeswehr
5. artificial
6. paranoia
7. no values
8. wasted wasted
9. we're always gonna win
10. ain't gonna take it
11. don't give a fuck
12. yankees raus
13. nazies raus
14. legal, illegal, scheissegal
15. polizei polizei
16. never wanna leave
17. tv song
18. hey punk
19. wish i was
20. karlsquell
21. streetdfight
22. we're alright
23. yankees out
24. 1,7% blues




Flex Your Head

BANDS IN COMPILATION:Teen Idles,The Untouchables,State Of Alert,Minor Threat,Government Issuse,Youth Brigade,Red C,Void,Iron Cross,Artifical Peace,Deadline


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The band started at 2006 under the name of Silverblade(heavy metal)but after that in 2008 they had a lot of disapproval about their music because one part of the band wanted to play heavy and the other part thrash metal.
So after that they agreed to play thrash metal and they started under the name of "Raptor", demo is recorded with a video camera so its not bad quality and one more thing they play with my band in Osijek 26.9.2009 WISH US LUCK :)






1-Parasite Of Society
2-Welcome To My World
3-Spoils Of War
4-Permission To Shoot


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The Germs-Lexicon Devil(1978) +G.I.(1979)

Germs was legendary hardcore/punk rock band from USA.I can say 1000 words about Germs and legendary vox Darby Crash (Jan Paul Beahm).They influeced many punk bands in 80's expecly hardcore bands and today.Jan Paul or Darby Crash was mate with Pat Smear(Legendary Guitarist) in High School.But they have problems with drums.When they founded two girls for bass and drums they started rehearsing they recorded first song "Forming".They were many times riots on they gigs i can't say that i am 100 % right but someone told me that Darby Crash not remember 90 % they gigs.Germs broke up beucase Darby Crash overdose.But somethin about this releases.In late 70's was hard to find someone to record you release they record on they mixets but later they found recording studios.I like every Germs release for me totally influence on my life.I can say lots of words but i must go now.I 100 % recommend this shit to download.I hope you will like this killer's releases.Cheers!!!


Side one

1.Lexicon Devil

Side two

1.Circle One
2.No God



Side one:

1.What We Do is Secret
2.Communist Eyes
3.Land of Treason
4.Richie Dagger's Crime
5.Strange Notes
6.American Leather
7.Lexicon Devil
9.Our Way
10.We Must Bleed

Side two:

1.Media Blitz
2.The Other Newest One
3.Let's Pretend
4.Dragon Lady
5.The Slave
6.Shut Down (Annihilation Man)


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Fleas And Lice

In the beginning of 1993, Maynard, Piet and Robbie decided to start a new band, with the help of Joshua. FLEAS AND LICE was born from the ashes of MUSHROOM ATTACK. In april 1993, Esther joined on vocals. During an East-European tour in June we got attacked in Gdansk by neo-nazis who smashed our van and sent Esther and the driver into hospital. The Polish Bastards 7" EP is a benefit record for the destroyed van.
In the beginning of 1995 Oene joins on bass.
In 1996 Esther took a break for half a year, and Willy from HIATUS replaced her for the time being.
In 1997 Piet got hit by a taxi cab and couldn’t play guitar for 14 months.
In 1998 Pelle replaced Maynard on drums.
In December 2002 Oene leaves the band and gets replaced by Stiff.
Jim gets added in early 2004 as a second guitarplayer. Both lads come from Scotland.

LOCATION:Groningen Netherlands





01. Meatfactory
02. Suicide
03. Squat Eurodisney
04. Fuck Chirac
05. Scum
06. The War Will Never End



1 I Don't Need You
2 Rave Is Your Grave
3 Hiding in Masses
4 You What
5 Back in the Streets
6 Sick of It All
7 Living for Pleasure, Not for Pain
8 Hunt Scum
9 Demotivating Song
10 Woke Up This Morning
11 Deutschland
12 Heroin Kills
13 Meat Factory
14 Suicide
15 Squat Euro Disney
16 Fuck Chirac
17 Scum
18 The War Will Never End
19 Up the Punks
20 Negative



1 Harsh Realities
2 Breaking The Law
3 I Need A Drink
4 Big Brother
5 Forced To Eat Shit
6 Rest In Punk
7 And Again
8 Delirium Tremens
9 Paranoid World
10 Shit For Brains
11 Lie To Myself
12 The Pain


Anti Otpad

Anti Otpad was a HC band which became very popular in Croatia in their second phase.The work of the band can be divided into three parts; the first HC-Punk one with Niksa on vocals, the second one more Psychedelic HC oriented with Beli on vocals, and the third one, fully HC with the band reduced to a trio, and Jule taking the vocal job.




02.Gorki je div
03.Die of frustration
04.Norman is a whore
05.Loser of the 50 dinars
06.Say yes to drugs
08.Intro + Fuck YU system
10.Whiskey Johnny
11.Kiss my ass,kiss my ice,kiss my eyes,kiss my eye
13.Zivot je sranje
17.I hopeless hope
18.I hate people
19.Forza per sopravivere
20.The final song



01.Hore dead cops
02.You`re free
03.Hey father
04.Our world
05.Another hole in my life
06.Take me down
07.This world suck
08.Die sister
09.Sooner or later
11.Like a prisoner
12.One name



01. Totalno sam ljut na ovaj svijet
02. Godinama
03. Nema posla (za nas)
04. Non mangia merda
05. Kroneri
06. D # A
07. 006
08. In Your Neighborhood
09. Ljubav/Plavo je boja za smeće
10. No More Friendship
11. Droga za sve
12. Novo doba se budi
13. A mi?
14. Lažna obećanja
15. Jeo govna
16. Ludi svijet
17. N.D.T.Z.
18. Normalan nisam
19. Hajde, reci mi



01. Antistart
02. Moja sreća
03. Radnici & vlast
04. Prazne boce
05. Radsan
06. CMM
07. Think Feel Live
08. Novac
09. No More Friendship
10. Barbara
11. Sunce je brže
12. Slušajte očevi!
13. Plata???
14. Tossico dipendente
15. Preopterećen
16. Ubijmo šefa
17. C.T.O.K.S.D.
18. Opsesija
19. Šaljem S.O.S. (nastavak)


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MEMBERS:Fat Mike,El Hefe,Eric Melvin,Erik Sandin

FORMER MEMBERS:Scott Sellers,Scott Aldahl,Dave Allen,Dave Casillas,Steve Kidwiller






01. Shut Up Already
02. Freedumb
03. Here Comes The Neighborhood
04. A200 Club
05. Sloppy English
06. You Put Your Chocolate In My Peanut Butter
07. Mr. Jones
08. Vegeterian Mumbo Jumbo
09. Beer Bong
10. Piece
11. I Live In A Cake
12. No Problems
13. On The Rag
14. Truck Stop Blues



1. Day to Daze
2. Five Feet Under
3. Professional Crastination
4. Mean People Suck
5. Vanilla Sex
6. S & M Airlines
7. Drug Free America
8. Life O'Riley
9. You Drink You Drive You Spill
10. Scream For Change
11. Jaundiced Eye
12. Go Your Own Way