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Extreme Noise Terror-The Peel Sessions 87-90 ( R.I.P. Phil Vane)

This post will be about second legendary vox Phil Vane(R.I.P.).I yesterday founded on facefuck information that 2 days ago Phil was founded dead very very sadly.He was one of the best vocalist in crust scene.Phil music carrere started in Freestate and Victims of War.When they broke they 1 member along with Phil joined with Raw Noise members and maked legendary crust/grindcore band EXTREME NOISE TERROR.Along with mates later for 11 years Phil joined to sing with legendary Napalm Death.In early 2006 Phil came to sing again with Extreme Noise Terror and sadly he passed away.Grind In Peace !!!

01. Work for Never
02. 3rd World Genocide (By Arms Trade)
03. Fact or Faction
04. Subliminal Music Mind Control
05. Carry on Screaming
06. Conned Through Life
07. Only in It for the Music #2
08. I'm a Bloody Fool (Cockney Rejects)
09. In It for Life
10. Deceived
11. Shock Treatment
12. False Profit
13. Another Nail in the Coffin
14. Use Your Mind
15. Human Error
16. No Threat
17. Take the Strain
18. Bullshit Propaganda
19. Murder
20. Show Us You Care
21. System Shit
22. Only in It for the Music #3


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Embrace-Embrace 1987

Embrace was post-hardcore emo band coming from Washington, D.C..They where short-lived and one of the first emotional hardcore bands.This band formed Ian MacKaye(Minor Threat,Egg Hunt,Fugazi,Skewbald/Grand Union,Teen Idles..)with three former members of his brother Alec's band (legendary hardcore band Faith) guitarist Michael Hampton, drummer Ivor Hanson, and bassist Chris Bald.Hampton and Hanson had also previously played together in S.O.A.Let's talk about this release.This release got 16 great songs they are very similar to Fugazi.On this release i liked very much song called Money but all of the tracks are great.Some information ...During the band's formative years, some fans started referring to them and fellow innovators Rites of Spring as emocore (emotive hardcore), a term vocalist Ian MacKaye publicly disagreed with and they following the breakup of Embrace, MacKaye rejoined former Minor Threat drummer Jeff Nelson to form Egg Hunt.I hope you will like this such a great release.Chears!!!

01.Give Me Back
02.Dance Of Days
06.Do Not Consider Yourself Free
07.No More Pain
08.I Wish I
09.Said Gun
10.Can't Forgive
12.If I Never Thought About It
13.End Of A Year
14.Last Song
16.Dance Of Days


petak, 18. veljače 2011.

Koro-Speed Kills

Koro was legendary hardcore band coming from Knoxville, Tennessee.They where short-lived hardcore band they existed only 2 years 1982-1984.This release have better sound than 700 club EP.Some of the song are again recorded but this is release is fucking great like 700 club ep.Download this shit i hope you will like this.Cheers!

02.James Hood
04.Acid Casualty
05.Hello, Mom and Dad!
06.700 Club
08.Mommy Wants to Know
09.Society Girl
10.1st Church
11.Feelin' Pretty Minimal


DYS-Brotherhood 1983

DYS was straight edge hardcore band coming from heart of Boston.They where part of Bostons crew along with SS Decontrol and Negative Fx.They released only 2 albums produced by legendary punk producer Lou Giordano who produced bands like Deep Wound,Siege,Hüsker Dü,SS decontrol etc. etc...This album contains 11 great songs you can feel spirit of bostons crew they very reminds me on band called Negative Fx but they have longer songs than Negative Fx and on the song Escape they reminds me on the band called Void(Legendary hardcore punk band) .One interesting that many fans declared first crossover thrash albums ever released but i think that is bullshit they have same sound like all of the hardcore bands in this days but they where first band who played hardcore punk and changed into heavy shitty metal.This guys rocks on this album and i hope you will like this great band.Cheers !!

02.Open up
03.More Than Fashion
04.Circle Storm
05.City To City
06.(The Girl's Got) Limits
09.Stand Proud


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7 Seconds-3 demos

Yeah finally i am puting this 3 great demos.This is very rare shit i founded on the one blog for 2 years ago i think but never finded again that blog.The 3 demos are DRASTIC MEASURES,SOCIALLY FUCKED UP,3 CHORD POLITICS.On 3 demo sound are very trashy.Their style are not like on the first album they are more punk/rock to me then hardcore they have on demo few songs hardcore but all of the songs are more fast punk/rock.Download this shit and i hope you will like this 3 demos.



02.A & A in the U.S.A.
03.Anti Youth
04.Right to Fight
05.Death Trip
06.Police State


1.Don't Fuck With Me
2.This Means You
3.Media Massacre
4.Fight Or Unite
5.Cops Are Criminals
6.Socially Fucked Up
7.Racism Sucks
8.I Can't Take It
9.I Hate Sports
12.Hard Core Rules


01.We Want Control
02.No Authority
03.Left Wing, Right Wing
04.Baby Games
05.Fuck Your Amerika
06.Drastic Measures
07.War Paint
08.Redneck Soceity
09.Don't Conform
10.Heavy Metal Jocks
11.Power Not Integrity
13.Anti Youth


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The Faction - The Collection 1982-1985

The Faction is hardcore/punk rock band coming from San Jose, California.They where very closely to underground skateboarding culture. The band played primarily during the years 1982 to 1985.If you didn't know famous skater Steve Caballero, played bass,and then guitar.Steve Caballero most likely attracted many young skateboarders interest to the band. Caballero wasn't the only skater in the band.But thats not very important , the important thing is that collection is fucking great.This band reminds me on band called Adolescent and some of hardcore bands.In their songs you can feel they spirit and true love to skateboarding.I can't decide which one is song better all of the collection songs are very fucking good.I hope you will like this skateboard hardcore punx :) !

01.Tongue Like a Battering Ram
02.Friends and Enemies
03.The Kids Are the Future
04.Dark Room
05.Being Watched
06.Corpes In Disguise
07.Let's Go Get Cokes
08.Why Save the Whales
09.Yesterday Is Gone
10.100 Years War
11.I Decide For Me
12.Fast Food Diet
13.California Dreamin'
14.Lost In Space
15.Room 101
16.Skate & Destroy
18.Boredom Awaits
19.Your Generation
20.Not Mine
21.Bullets Are Faster Than Words
22.Since I Was a Kid
23.Pegged For Life
24.Skate Harassment
25.Spineless Majority
26.Beyond the Mirror


Check it out this ! ! !

Today i will be wrting about one blog.Its called Totalno sam ljut.Its a project by Jule and Hoc.On the blog you can find all bands and projects where have worked together or separately 20 years ago.Among others there are Anti otpad,Bolesno grinje,Desinence mortification,Eluj,C.O.H,Rostiglio,Dilber bend etc. etc. Check it out this guys support them. On the blog i founded some rare stuff i didn't find for ages that's fucking great.

PS:No other music will not appear on the blog and in the future they will put a new releases,gigs etc etc. I hope you will like such a great blog.

Chears !!!

Link for the blog

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Barräkas & Eutänasia-Resistiendo Al Exterminio (split) 2010

In this post i will be writing about two bands.Mate from Barräkas ask me to post this split and i was very amazed when i am listened this great split.Let's go Barräkas are hardcore punk band coming from Costa Rica litlle bit they remind me on Scandinavian hardcore scene especially band called Terveet Kadet.Eutänasia are hardcore/litlle bit crusty for me coming from Columbia.Their style reminds me of new modern crust style very good guys.On this split you can find 11 great songs i can't decide which one is better both of you are fucking great.I do not know when I last time heard such a good split, one refreshment for DIY scene.Download this guys ,support them and i hope you will like this such a great release.

01.Inmortal Desigualdad
02.Autoritarismo = Muerte
03.No a la guerra, no a la paz
04.Te mienten
05.En tus manos

06.Caminando sobre Ruinas
08.Recupera tu Vida
09.Te Educan
10.Masacre Innecesaria
11 Musta Jumala (Terveet Kadet)







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Disgust-The Last Blast 1985

Disgust is hardcore punk coming from Netherlands.I will today writing about their second release "The last blast" which is released in 1985.Something i wanna say before i am get started to write this is not Disgust (crust band) from UK.This killer ep contains 6 sick songs very influenced of American old school hardcore scene.Sound of EP is very thrashy but i liked very much.Ehh the best song on the ep for me is Who killed kerwin.I hope you will listening this ep with disgusting.


01. No more authority
02. Another day
03. Who killed Kerwin
04. Violent TV
05. Kremlin crime
06. Cosmic dream


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G-ANX - Masterpiece

Yeah for long time i wasn't writing some more aggressive and Scandinavian scene.This band is coming from Sweden formed in 1983.First they started as punk/rock band but later they changed in this style very hardcore aggressive with ballads and some regge style.This release is Masterpiece for me i know its very funny beucase the release is calling Masterpiece(haha) when you hear this release you will think the same like me ;).This release have very very good sound very good lyrics.I hope you will like this Masterpiece.

1.The narrow path
2.Clouds or cancer


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Project X -Straight Edge Revenge EP 1987

Project X was a short-lived hardcore punk/youth crew band from New York City, and also the name of their only release, being a five-track EP. The band consisted of members of other prominent NYC hardcore bands Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Side by Side and Judge.Band only played few shows and did with Youth of Today a litlle tour.The band did however write one song that was only performed live, "Can't Keep Me Down." Later the lyrics were changed, and it became the Youth Of Today song "Live Free" on the band's We're Not In This Alone album.I hope you will liked them.

1.Straight Edge Revenge
3.Cross Me
4.Dance Floor Justice
5.Where It Ends


petak, 4. veljače 2011.

Lets Grow- Years Between Gatherings 2003

Lets grow was GREAT hardcore punk from Serbia for me one of the best hardcore bands on Balkans beucase all of Lets grow songs are fucking good.This was first release of Let's grow came out as a 7-inch EP on US label 625 Thrashcore.On this release they record 4 great songs and best song is for me What is your advantage.You can heare that they got lot of influence of 80's great American bands but they little remind me on band from Netherlands called Vitamin X.Download this fucking good shit i recommended 100 %.I hope you will like this guys.

01.Useless prayer
04.Eyes wide open
05.What is your advantage


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Hard Stance (Rare)

Hard Stance was straight edge hardcore punk featuring Zack De La Rocha on guitar before he sang for Inside Out.I don't know very much band i think they didn't exist much but very great band you can here very of influence NYHC youth crew.I don't know is that release i am posting EP "Face Reality" or "Hard Stance" can't find anything about them.On the release you can find 11 great straight edge and very fucking hardcore and very fucking good.The sound of release is very great they reminds me early crossover band like Cro-Mags,Suicidal Tendencies,DRI,Agnostic Front and great more bands and straight band like Youth Of Today.When they broke up Zack de la rocha formed a band Inside Out and when they broke up Zack formed Rage against the machine.I hope you will like them.

01.Is This The End/Torn Apart
02.Strength Through Strife
03.Face Reality
05.Clash Of Views
06.No One To Blame/Enemies
07.Quick To Judge
08.Our Turn


Dishumanity-Radijacija 2010

Dishumanity are true D-beat from Serbia.Yeah finally i am posting this guys,very great record.This was released in 2010 for me one of the best released records on Balkans in 2010.Let's see the release got 12 great authors song and 1 great cover song.Support this guys on MYSPACE , FACEBOOK and i 100 % recommended to download this fucking great shit.I hope you will like this great d-beat band and this record.

02.Kraljevstvo Tame
04.Vetar Apokalipse
06.Mracna sudbina
07.Nije vas briga
09.Topovsko meso
10.Atomski rat
11.Policijska represija
12.1 metak,1 zrtva
13.Rat(Distress cover)


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T.H.G.Z.(Teška Hladovina Grada Zagreba) are hardcore punk from Zagreb,Croatia.They play little bit crusty and hardcore punk with one ska song( I am'not very fan of ska music only band for me who good mixes hardcore with ska is band called The Restarts).Band is fresh i new for me never heard them before but they are good, for few years they will be great band on Croatia scene.On the demo you can find 5 hardcore song and 1 ska song and demo has good sound recording.Download this demo,SUPPORT the band and i hope you will like this demo

1.Lažni Osmijeh
2.Običan Dan
3.Policajci Milicajci
6.Zrokan Sam