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Crude SS

This band comes from a town called Norberg(Sweden) the band was formed in 82 by Ebbe and Pelle.This ss on bands name isnt nazi it stands for "society system".
They had realy big shit about that with the police,and some people.But never mind that i need to say that they had problems with people who came to their gigs because they would say to them that they are a nazi band and other shit like that but they would not give a crap about that.Things have changed when came a new singer(Sven) and drummer(Hocke) then they recorded a demo "100 dead cops"and after that they recorded a album in studio called "Who Will Survive".
They splited up in 85.



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One Way System

The band is formed in 79 in Blackpool, One Way System had an initial line-up of Craig Halliday (guitar), Gavin Whyte (vocals), Tez Mcdonald (drums) and Gaz Buckley (bass). A demo of the song, 'Jerusalem' appeared on the A Country Fit For Heroes compilation album, released in January 1982 - Catalogue number Oi3 reaching #4 in the UK Indie Charts. Shortly after this Beat The System Records, from Blackpool released the, Stab The Judge EP and after some early personnel changes (Tez Mcdonald joined The Fits) the band settled down as Gavin Whyte on vocals, David Ross guitar, Gaz Buckley bass & Tom Couch on drums.

In 1983, One Way System became the first signing on Cherry Red's Anagram Records with the release of their All Systems Go LP after the single, 'Give Us A Future' did well in the indie charts. The band stayed signed to Anagram until they broke up in early 1986 after an American West Coast tour along side Circle Jerks in 1984 was cancelled because Keith Morris broke his neck. However, they did manage to play one date with Suicidal Tendencies. In 1985 Gavin Whyte was replaced by Andy Gibson of The Genocides on vocals and enough songs were written for a third album but it was never released.

The band was resurrected in 1995 with Gavin Whyte returning after Captain Oi! re-released All Systems Go and Writing On The Wall in CD format. Gaz Buckley left the band to be replaced by Dave Brown for a ten date European Tour who was soon replaced by Andy Wilkinson and in 1996, Cleopatra issued a, 'Best Of' collection. In 1996 Whilst working on a new album, Gavin Whyte left the band and was replaced by long time roadie, Lee Havok. It was this line-up that undertook a tour of Japan. A new CD, Waiting For Zero was released through GMM in 1998 and Cherry Red released a, 'singles collection' in 2003. More recently, Lee Havok was replaced by ukNige (ex-Pink Torpedoes, now of Sick 56) on vocals and he himself was replaced by Jay Susel. Recording for a new album is already underway.



* All Systems go (LP, Anagram 1983) #11
* Writing On The Wall (LP, Anagram Records 1983) #6
* Waiting For Zero (CD, GMM 1998)


* "Stab The Judge" (EP, Beat The System 1982)
* "Just Another Hero" (Anagram, 1982) #28
* "Jerusalem" (EP, Anagram 1982) #22
* "Cum On Feel The Noize" (EP, Anagram 1983) #11
* "This Is The Age" (EP, Anagram 1983) #21
* "Visions Of Angels" (12" EP, Anagram 1984) #39
* "Believe Yourself" (EP, Bricks 1997)
* "Leave Me Alone" (CDEP, Cleopatra 1997)


* A Country Fit For Heroes (compilation album Jerusalem (No Future Records) - 1982
* All Systems Go (Video, live in Manchester (Jettisoundz) - 1983
* Best Of... (CD, Anagram 1995)
* Forgotten Generation (CD, Cleopatra 1996)
* Return To Breizh (live, Visionary Records 1997)
* Singles Collection (CD, Cherry Red 2003)
* The Ugly Truth About Blackpool (compilation album Jerusalem)(Just Say No To Government Music) - 2005
* The Ugly Truth About Blackpool, Vol.2 (compilation album It Could Be You (unreleased) (Just Say No To Government Music) - 2006


Tom Couch
David Ross
Andy Wilkinson
Jay Susel


Keith Halliday
Craig Halliday
Tez Mcdonald
Gavin Whyte
Andy Gibson
Gaz Buckley
Lee Havok
Dave Brown



1-Ain't No Answers
2-Give Us a Future
4-Me and You
5-No Return
6-Waste Away
7-One Way System
9-Breakin In
10-Forgotten Generation
13-Your Ready Now
14-Stab the Judge
15-Riot Torn City
16-Me and You
17-Just Another Hero
18-Jackie Was a Junkie
19-Jerusalem [Demo]
20-1980's [Demo]
21-Spokesmen for the Teenagers [Demo]
22-All You Kids [Demo].mp3

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The Squats

The Squats are probably one of the most controversial bands Nijmegen has ever known. The kind of teenagers you better could not have living next door to you. It seemed that they ruined more or less everything that came along their way, conform the Punks most used term in that time: DESTROY!
An unbelievable 23 years ago (1978) three guys aged 14 till 17 years old from the "Grootstal" district in South Nijmegen watched the Dutch variant of 'Top of the Pops' (TopPop) on the TV and saw Iggy Pop shaking the nation up side down with his performance of "Lust for Live". The boys used to listen to stations like "VPRO"' and John Peel on the BBC on an old tube radio and they were heavily bored. But one thing was sure:They not just wanted to listen to punk, they wanted to play it. First thing the trio did before even owing any instrument was to chalk the whole of Nijmegen with the (future) band name: The Bored.

In the fall of 1979, the three were able to buy a bass guitar and drumkit, changed the name into "The Squats" and placed an add in the local news paper for a guitarist. Only one reaction, but the right man! So, on the 1st of September ( with an average age of 16) they rehearsed for the first time in a greenhouse on the other side of the river, and on the 21st of September the band had their first gig in café "het Haantje" in Nijmegen. From then on things went fast.

In the months following, the band had their first appearance in the local venue"Doornroosje", shocked a school in Nijmegen during a highschool band festival, and did another gig at "Doornroosje". News spread fast and they got an invitation to play on the 1st punk festival in The Netherlands, 'Rock Against Religion' on Christmas day. The festival was recorded for both, radio and TV and was broadcasted nation wide.
After a short 3 months time they went from "never played an instrument before" to watching themselves on TV and listening to their own band on the radio! All with not much more than a 10 song set list, consisting of a couple of own songs added up with covers of the Sex Pistols, Sham69 and the Cockney Rejects. And it sounded like a runaway train that couldn't be stopped.

1980 / 1981 have been the most productive years. The band started to play nationwide and hopped over the border to Belgium several times. Many times supporting English punk bands, frequently touring the continent at that time, in the Netherlands. And that was one of the most astonishing things they ever had experienced. Suddenly they met with The Buzzcocks, got drunk with The Ruts, friends with the UK Subs, and got in a fight with Anti Pasti, all bands from which they learned to play music from by listening to their records over and over again.

In that same time they also started recording in the studio. The first recordings were made in the beginning of 1980 at "Huize Schoonderloo" in Rotterdam. A 15 song live recorded, 2 track, no overdubs, demo resulted from this called "The First, The Best, The Last?" which was released on their own "Nep en Bedrog (Fake and Fraude) Records" Label. (N&B001)
The second and last time they went into the studio was in mid 1981. They won a contest in Belgium, which had to result in studio recordings. But it never happened. Nijmegen was full of riots at the time (Chaos in Nijmegen) they had some good new material, the time was right and didn't want to wait any longer. They decided to do it on their own. Borrowed all the money, found a studio close to town, smacked down 5 songs on 8 tracks in a couple of hours and the 'Noise Overdose" EP was a fact. 500 copies were pressed, and again released on their own label (N&B002), and sold out in 2 months. Gary Bushel gave a rave review in Sounds, and they heard a lyrical John Peel playing the record several times on that same old tube radio. What could go wrong?


From gig one on the Squats have been notorious for violence at their gigs, and the obnoxious and rude behavior of the band and part of their following. Many times they have even been accused of being right wing followers. For those who knew the band well, it was clear this was not the case, and their best denial to these accuses have always been their lyrics.
In the beginning of 1982 they decided to call it a day. Fed up with the violence problem, being kicked out of their rehearsal studio, and the usual personal problems you find in bands did it all. At the end of 1982 they tried it again for another six months, but the damage was done and the spirit was gone……

For sure, notorious they were, obnoxious and rude as well, call them arrogant, irritant, and ignorant but what else should you expect from 17 year old teenagers on speed, on the dole, in the early 1980's playing in a punkband from Nijmegen? That's how teenagers should behave. And after all, musically, it was a great punkband!



YEARS ACTIVE:1979-1982












Doom were an English crust punk band from Birmingham, which were together from 1987 to 1990. Despite its short existence, the band is considered pivotal in the rise of crust punk, a style within the punk rock subgenre that fuses extreme metal with anarcho-punk. They recorded for Peaceville Records and are cited as an early precursor to the grindcore style of heavy metal music. Doom were also a favorite of BBC Radio DJ John Peel.
Doom began as The Subverters with Jon Pickering (bass/vocals), Brian Talbot (guitar) and Jason Hodges (drums). After Jason was replaced by new drummer, Mick Harris, the band changed its name to Doom.

This line up played one or two gigs, playing in a crossover metal style. Talbot and Pickering decided this wasn't the direction they wanted the band to move in. Consequently they left Harris and the metal style of music, and decided to go in a Discharge-influenced crossover thrash-style that Doom became known for. Pickering dropped bass to concentrate on vocals and Pete Nash joined as bass player. Harris left for Napalm Death so new drummer Tony 'Stick' Dickens, recently made bandless, joined after a drunken meeting at the infamous Mermaid Pub, this was when the 'real' Doom was formed. The band started rehearsing with this line-up in mid 1987.

About this time a small label called Peaceville Records was starting up. They heard about Doom through word of mouth and asked if they were interested in contributing songs to the first peaceville compilation A Vile Peace. Doom went to into the studio to record their first demo on 28 August 1987. Nash unfortunately broke his wrist just before Doom's recording debut, so bass player Jim Whitley (of Napalm Death and Ripcord fame) filled in on the recording. Three songs were recorded (two of which appeared on A Vile Peace).

On the strength of this first recording Peaceville asked Doom if they would record a full LP for them, which they agreed to do. The War is Big Business demo was recorded on 27 November 1987, which the band sold as a cassette at gigs. In February 1988, Doom went into "Rich Bitch" studios and recorded 21 songs for their debut album War Crimes (Inhuman Beings). All this time the band gigged constantly in the UK building up a following on the way. Another demo Domesday was also produced.

At the end of 1988, due to personal commitments Talbot announced that he would be leaving the band. He stayed long enough to record the split LP Bury the Debt - Not the Dead (with Swedish band No Security) on the Peaceville label. The Police Bastard EP (on discarded records) was also recorded at the same session. Doom were also invited to record two sessions for Radio One's John Peel show around this point. Talbot left the band in April 1989 after completing a lengthy European tour.

Doom continued with different guitarists, most notably with Dave Talbot who co-founded UK doom metal band Solstice with Sore Throat's vocalist Rich Walker, but did not settle with four members for long playing numerous gigs as a three piece, as Pickering turned to vocal and guitar duties. This line up continued until a final split in August 1990. Following the group's demise Pickering formed Cain, then Police Bastard, whilst drummer Stick and bassist Nash joined Extreme Noise Terror. Stick then joined DIRT and Nash joined Filthkick and Cain.

The band reformed in 1992 with the earlier line up of Talbot, Pickering, Nash and Stick. They toured Japan and recorded a 12" of new songs released on the label Vinyl Japan. This proved to be the last recording with this line up. About this point the band almost split up but Talbot and Stick decided to continue with two new members. These being Tom Croft from Genital Deformities on vocals and Paul "Mall" Mallen on bass guitar. This line up recorded the split album with Selfish and a split 7" EP with Hiatus. Mall left shortly afterwards (an amicable parting). He was replaced by bassist Scoot from Largactyl.


* War is Big Business Demo Tape (1987 Discarded Tapes)
* Police Bastard 7" (1989 Profane Existence) (More than 20,000 copies sold. Second best selling crust 7", after Aus-Rotten's "Fuck Nazi Sympathy")
* Live in Japan 7" (1992 Ecocentric Records)
* Lost the Fight 7" (1993 Flat Earth/Nabate)
* Doomed to Extinction split 7" w/ Extinction of Mankind (1994 Ecocentric Records)
* Hail to Sweden 7" (1995 Pandora's Box)
* Pissed Robbed & Twatted - Live in Slovenia 7" (1996 Nuclear Sun Punk)
* Monarchy Zoo 7" (1996 Vinyl Japan)
* split 10" w/ Cress (1998 Flat Earth)

* War Crimes (Inhuman Beings) LP (1988 Peaceville Records)
* Bury the Debt - Not the Dead split LP w/ No Security (1989 Peaceville Records)
* Total Doom CD (1989 Peaceville Records)Jon Pickering (vocals); Bri Talbot (guitar); Peter Nash (bass guitar); Stick (drums).
* Doomed from the Start LP/CD (1992 Vinyl Japan)
* The Greatest Invention LP/CD (1992 Vinyl Japan)
* Pro-Life Control split LP/CD w/ Selfish (1994 Ecocentric Records)
* Fuck Peaceville 2xLP/CD (1995 Profane Existence)
* Monarchy Zoo CD (1996 Vinyl Japan)
* Rush Hour of the Gods LP/CD (1996 Flat Earth)
* World of Shit LP/CD (2001 Vinyl Japan)

* Peel Sessions CD (1996 Vinyl Japan)
* Back & Gone Double Live CD & DVD Live video (2006 MCR)
* A Vile Peace LP (1987 Peaceville Records)
* Hardcore Holocaust (The 87-88 Peel Sessions) LP (1988 Strange Fruit Records)
* Spleurk! LP (1988 Meantime Records)
* Volnitza: The Worst of the 1 in 12 Club Vol. 6/7 2xLP (1989 1 in 12 Records)
* Hardcore Holocaust II LP/tape (1990 Strange Fruit Records)
* Vile Vibes CD - (1990 Peaceville Records)
* Hardcore Resistance Tape - (1991 Heed the Ball!)
* Endless Struggle: The Worst of the 1 in 12 Club vol.
* Gay Pride 7" (1995 Rugger Bugger Records)
* Aftermath LP/CD (1999 Aftermath Records)


* Brian "Bri Doom " Talbot
* Denis Boardman
* Dave Talbot


* Jon Pickering
* Pete Nash
* Jim Whitley
* Paul "Mall" Mallen
* Scoot
* Denis Boardman
* Chris Gascoigne
* Andy Irving


* Jason Hodges
* Mick Harris
* Tony "Stick" Dickens


* Jon Pickering
* Tom Croft
* Wayne Southworth
* Karl Willets(Bolt Thrower)on Peel Session



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Descendents(early years)

LOCATION:Hermosa Beach, California,United States

MEMBERS: Milo Aukerman
Stephen Egerton
Karl Alvarez
Bill Stevenson

Years active:1978–1983





02.i wanna be a bear
03.i'm not a loser
05.tony age
07.i'm not a punk
09.suburban home
10.statue of liberty
11.kabuki girl
15.jean is dead

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The kings of chaos in Sweden. Ferocious speed thrash that continually displays that disorderly early Discharge attack, but is smashed forth much faster. Hardcore guitar soloing whines generate electric volts, as Anti Cimex spew out an intense onslaught of clamorous nitro-laced aggression. Jonsson´s vocals get rawer with each release. This is one of the most legendary Swedish kängcore bands. They started in 1981, inspired by bands like Discharge, Varukers, Germs, Black Sabbath, Disorder and others. The line-up was Johnsson (bass), Nillen (vocals), Charlie (drums), Jocke (guitar). The quickly released the EP "Anarkist Attack". In 1982 the linup changed, with Johnsson on vocals and Conrad on bass. They recorded the EP "Raped Ass", and in 1984 they released the classic EP "Victims Of A Bombraid", with yet another bassist. In 1986 they recorded the minialbum "Criminal Trap" (with Conrad back on bass). They split up in the end 1986, when Jocke got tired and quit. Then they regrouped in 1990, now with Cliff from Black Uniforms on guitar. They quickly wrote and recorded the album "Absolute Country of Sweden", a very good comeback IMHO (tho' I haven't heard the earlier stuff...). In 1993 a live album called "Made in Sweden" (Recorded in 1991) came out. It was supposed to be a video release, but something (money, or rather lack of it) got in the way. Then, the long-awaited "Scandinavian Jawbreaker" came out, and shortly after, the band split up. Awww... Nowadays, Cliff (guitarist) is involved with the band Driller Killer and seems to continue in roughly the same way, only more hateful. Jonsson played for a while with the band Wolfpack.The drummer, Charlie, plays in a number of bands, for example Troublemakers, Psychotic Youth and Not Enough Hate. When it comes to the other members did Nillen go to D.N.A after he was kicked from Cimex. Bonni was only in the band a short while and left for Asta Kask. Sixten plays in GBG Punx. Jean-Louis Huhta played in Cortex.



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Započeli su 1980.god.Dolaze iz Neuwiedu,Njemačka.Bend je činio 3 člana u to vrijeme Harry,Wally i Steffan.Prvo su htjeli svirati iz zajebancija al nakon nekog vremena su se prihvatili posla i izdali svoj prvi demo album pod nazivom "Toxoplasma".Nakon izdavanja demo albuma Sviraju sa Dead Kennedysima i Bad brains-ima.1983 se mjenja ekipa dolazi Mitchel na bas,ali ni ta postava nije izdrzala dugo.Raspadaju se koncertom u linzu (1986) nakon par godina opet sviraju na festivalu "Chaostage".Raspadaju se ponovno 1998 ali 2003 su opet krenuli u akciju!

MEMBERS:Wally - Vocals,Boris - Guit.,Stefan - Bass,Hermann - Drums






3.Schnauze Voll
4.Gruene Pest
5.Ordinaere Liebe
10.Pass Dich An
12.Teenage Frust
13.Heile Welt
16.Wir Warten Auf Dich


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Crucifix was an American hardcore punk band from Berkeley, California, active from 1980 to 1984. They were among the most popular acts of the San Francisco hardcore scene of the early 1980s[citation needed]. They were unusual among American punk bands for their strong D-beat and anarcho-punk characteristics, and their 1983 LP Dehumanization is considered a classic of the hardcore subgenre.

Crucifix was preceded by the short-lived band Subsidize Mess, featuring Sothira on bass, Matt Borusso on guitar, and Christopher Douglas on vocals.

Crucifix was founded in 1980 and fronted by Cambodian-born singer Sothira Pheng, whose family had fled the country when the brutal Khmer Rouge seized power. The band's self-titled EP debuted on Universal Records of Berkeley in '81 and was followed by the "1984" single distributed on Freak Records in '82. The band's debut full-length "Dehumanization" on Southern Records (an offshoot of Crass Records) which showcased their extremely fast and overdriven sound, reminiscent of early Discharge, is widely considered to be their definitive work and a cornerstone of political punk. Jake Smith played guitar on this ep. Later Drew Bernstein (founder of Lip Service Clothing) formerly of America's Hardcore replaced Smith on guitar. The band split up after a lengthy tour of US/Canada/Europe on July 13 1984. A posthumous compilation album of singles and live tracks entitled "Exhibit A" was released on Kustomized Records in 1997.

Matt Borruso and Christopher Douglas later reemerged in Loudspeaker, a New York-based noise rock group. The band included guitarist Kurt Wolf (of Pussy Galore) and bassist Jens Jürgensen (of Boss Hog). They released several recordings between 1990 and 1996.

Sothira Pheng (bass and vocals) and Jimmy Crucifix (guitar) now play with Proudflesh, a San Francisco-based "Hard Punk Rock 'n' Roll" band with drummer Erik Lannon (Mordred/The Bay City Rollers). Proudflesh released their first album in March 2006 on Wired Gnome Records.

Samples from the opening track of Dehumanization, "Annihilation" was used by Orbital on the song "Choice" and was recorded in 2004 by A Perfect Circle for the Emotive album. Sepultura covered it as well as a bonus track on the album Nation (2001).

* Sothira Pheng (Vocals)
* Jimmy Crucifix (Guitar)
* Bryce Kanights (Bass on Self-titled EP)
* Matt Borruso (Bass)
* Christopher Douglas (Drums)
* Drew Bernstein (Guitar)
* Jake Smith (Guitar)

* 1981: Crucifix (EP, Universal)
* 1982: Nineteen Eighty-Four (single, Freak)
* 1983: Dehumanization (album, Corpus Christi)
o CD released in 1995 by Southern Lord
* 1992: Split with Patareni (Psycho Mania Records)
* 1997: Exhibit A (compilation, Kustomized Records)

Rat Music for Rat People, Vol. 2 (CD Presents, 1984)


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Bend je nastao u Varšavi '80 a ekipa koja je svirala u njemu je bila iz bendova "Kryzys","Formit",i "Atak",Ime "Deuter" su dali po kemikaliji koja se upotrebljavala u bombama.Bend je počel ozbilljnije lupat tek kad je došo još 1 član Ataka.Poslje tog su dobili priliku snimit nešto u studiju i bend "Exodus" im je pomogao s opremom.1982. su svirali na poznatom "Rock Galica" festivalu i snimili taj koncert.Malo slabija snimka al je ok.Poslje tog su imali hrpu koncerata koji je dobro prošao,al su se raspali 1983 i bend se podijelil na 2,"Izrael" koji je sviro reggae i "Tilt" koji je bio punkrock.Sredinom '84 su se ponovo okupili s novom postavom i opet tamburali okolo,pa '85 išli snimit nekaj al su se dost manuli od punka i nekaj zabrijali na funk i takve pizdarije.1988. je izašo album,a zadnji koncert su imali na "Jarocin" festivalu.


01-Jeden Świat
02-Nigdy I W Nic
03-Piosenka O Mojej Generacji
04-Hitlers In the Charts Again
05-Usmiechniete Twarze
06-Dla Mnie Tutaj
07-Martyr Song
09-40 Lat
10-Mlodym Hipokrytom
11-Szara Masa
12-Jak Długo
13-Droga Wojownika


Live Rock Galicja (1982)

01-Usmiechniete Twarze
02-Dla Mnie Tutaj NIe Ma Nic
04-Anormalny Swiat
07-Jeden Swiat
08-Hitler's In The Chart Again

Live Brege(1984)

02.totalna destrukcja
04.40 litrow wody
05.nie ma ciszy w bloku
06.jeden świat
07.nigdy nie zaznasz spokoju
08.martyr song
09.ostrzega się
11.pieniądze i przemoc
13.młodym hipokrytom
14.szzara masa
15.piosenka o mojej generacji
16.cały świat w naszych rękach

Live Warszawa Stodo(1984)

02.Totalna destrukcja
04.40 litrow wody
05.Nie ma ciszy w bloku
06.Jeden swiat
07.Nigdy nie zaznasz spokoju
08.Martyr song
09.Ostrzega sie
12.Sex i przemoc
13.Mlodym Hipokrytom
14.Szara masa

Live Chodzierz(1986)

01.Deuter-Martyr song
03.Deuter-Cały świat
04.Deuter-Od 40-stu lat
05.Deuter-Totalna destrukcja
06.Deuter-Piosenka o mojej generacji
07.Deuter-Nigdy w nic
08.Deuter-Nie ma ciszy w bloku


DEUTER-LIVE(piosenka o mojej generacji)

DEZERTER-COVER/piosenka o mojej generacji)

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Dogsflesh are an English street punk band, formed in May 1982 by guitarist Rob Moore. Dogsflesh were early pioneers of English hardcore punk, often nicknamed "UK82", and were heavily influenced by The Exploited, GBH, Discharge, and Broken Bones.

Their initial line-up consisted of Rob on guitar, Perky on Drums, Jim on bass, and Marty on vocals. This line-up played only a handful of gigs together around the Teesside area, the most namely of which was a support slot to GBH at Middlesbrough’s Rock Garden. The band also recorded a three track demo in November 1982, with tracks called Never Give In, Mad Dog & Destroy. Perky was replaced on the drums by John Lavender in January 1983 and the band played the Swan Hotel Ballroom supporting the UK Subs in March of that year. The line-up changed again when Rob moved to Stockton and replaced Jim and Marty with Tim Whitfield on Bass and John McQuade on vocals.

In June 1984, Dogsflesh contributed two tracks, Soldier Boy and Fight the System, on the Teesbeat label for a compilation album called the ‘New Bowery’. In September 1984, Dogsflesh recruited Nigel Johnson (Nigsy), formerly of Teesside-based punk band The Filth, as lead guitarist. During this time, Dogsflesh continued to write new material and playing gigs locally and to new audiences supporting bands like The Angelic Upstarts in Newcastle, The Anti Nowhere League at the Taboo Club in Scarborough, GBH & Discharge at the Trent Bridge Rowing Club in Nottingham, English Dogs at Adam and Eve’s in Leeds and The Exploited at the City Hall in Carlisle.

Dogsflesh recorded a four track demo at Offbeat Studios in Leeds in February 1985 with tracks called Fast Living Boy, Out My Head, Bloody Road to Death, and their anthem, Mad Punks And Psycho Skins. A gig in support of The Exploited at The Beer Keller in Leeds led to Wattie Buchan inviting the band to play on the remaining fourteen gigs of the Exploited's tour. Additional support tours followed during the summer of 1985 where Dogsflesh did a twelve date tour with Broken Bones and a ten date tour with GBH. Soon after, Nigsy and John Lavender quit the band.

In 2005, Dogsflesh reformed with past members Rob Moore, Tim Whitfield, John McQuade, and John Lavender. Since reforming, Dogsflesh have toured extensively, to include playing shows in the UK, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria. John Lavender departed the band due to family commitments and was replaced by Richie in April 2006. In August 2007 they headlined the B Stage of the Antifest Festival in the Czech Republic and in September 2007 the band embarked on their first U.S. tour. Richie was replaced in May 2008 by Greg. In 2009, Dogsflesh are continuing to play throughout the UK and Europe and are planning a second U.S. tour.

Dogsflesh re-released the Bloody Road to Death EP in May 2005 and recorded a live album, Live At Wakefield 2005, which was released in October 2005. In October 2006, Dogsflesh released a 4-track EP, The Threat Remains, and in 2007 their full-length album, Vision Of Hell, was released on Rock Garden Music in the UK.In 2008, Vision Of Hell was re-pressed and released in North America on Unrepentant Records. Dogsflesh contributed their track, Fuck All, to Kids Union Records in China for inclusion on a compilation album due out in Spring 2009.

Never Give In" - 1982
"Mad Dog" - 1982
"Destroy" - 1982
"Fast Living Boy" - 1985
"Out My Head" - 1985
"Bloody Road to Death" - 1985
"Mad Punks And Psycho Skins" - 1985

Live at Wakefield - Rock Garden Music - 2005

Bloody Road to Death - Rock Garden Music (Re-release) - 2005
The Threat Remains - Rock Garden Music - 2006

"New Bowery" - Teesbeat - 1984
"Kids Union Records Comp" - 2009

Download-Demo/Live 2005

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Miscast were formed around September 1983 by people in and around Olten, at a time when American hardcore swept into Switzerland. Back then I was working with Felix Fischer at Jamming Distribution and we were probably the first in Switzerland who were trying to sell stuff like This is Boston Not L.A. and Flex Your Head comps, 7"ers and 12"ers by SS Decontrol, Negative Approach, Minutemen, White Cross, Minor Threat and the like.

Miscast played somewhere around 13 shows in Switzerland, among them one supporting Toxie Reasons and another playing after Toten Hosen. There were several smaller gigs too, one of them we did along with Haine Brigade at an anarchist meeting in Lamastre (France) on July 13th, 1984. It was a time bereft of enthusiasm (the "Youth Movements" had been crushed*), various gangs of fascist skins kept attacking gigs, punks beat up on each other, and so forth. There wasn't very much happening in the way of bands either, most of them were musically and ideologically still rooted in '77, except for a few... GKH for example, from Baden, who were very young (average age: 15) and therefore had quite a devil-may-care approach (meaning guitars with strings missing etc.). Still, they managed to get one song on the second Flipside compilation LP. One of them also published the first Swiss hardcore fanzine before he changed sides and became a nazi-skin (with all but the drummer and their later bassplayer doing likewise... The drummer is now in Jaywalker). Brutal Menekken, Decontrol, Attax and Kosili too were early, moderate (and tame!) attempts at hardcore.

None of them, however, were quite as fast, original and hard as Miscast. But sometime in Autumn 1984 the story had already come to an end, about half a year after the Miscast demotape was released on Stechapfel-vertrieb.



2.Die Norm
4.John Wayne
7.Miri's Song
9.Say No

Some pictures of band:


Discharge is a British hardcore punk band formed in 1977 by Terry "Tezz" Roberts and Roy "Rainy" Wainwright. They are often considered among one of the very first bands to play hardcore punk, and mixing punk with metal. While the band had substantial lineup changes over its history, the core members over the early 1980s, when the band produced its key recordings, were Kelvin "Cal" Morris (vocals), Tony "Bones" Roberts (guitar), Roy Wainwright (bass), and Terry Roberts (drums).

The band's music is characterized by a heavy, distorted, and grinding guitar-driven sound and rawly shouted vocals, with lyrics on anarchist and pacifist themes. The band's first album in 1982, Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, went to number two on the UK Indie charts and number 40 in the UK Album Chart. In the early 1980s, the group had a number of singles and EPs place in the top 10 of the UK indie charts, including the 1981 EP Why? and the 1982 single State Violence State Control.

After 1982, the addition of guitarist Peter "Pooch" Purtill brought significant thrash metal crossover elements to the band. In the 1990s, the band released several metal-influenced albums, which alienated some of the original fan base. In the early 2000s, the original line up was reunited and they released a self-titled album using the 1980s musical style.

Discharge's music influenced hardcore punk, thrash metal, crust punk, grindcore and various extreme metal subgenres. The most well-known metal bands covering Discharge songs include Metallica, Anthrax,Napalm Death and Sepultura.

* State Violence State Control (1982)
* The Price of Silence (1983)
* The More I See (1984)
* Ignorance (1985)

* Realities of War (1980)
* Fight Back (1980)
* Decontrol (1980)
* Why (1981)
* Never Again (indie #3, UK Singles Chart
* Warning: Her Majesty's Government Can Seriously Damage Your Health (1983)
* Beginning of the End (2006)

* Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (1982)
* Why? (1982)
* Grave New World (1986)
* Massacre Divine (1991)
* Shootin' Up the World (1993)
* Discharge (2002)
* Disensitise (2009)

* Never Again (1984)
* 1980–1986 (1986)
* Protest and Survive (1992)
* Vision of War (1997)
* The Clay Punk Singles Collection (1995)
* Hardcore Hits (1999)
* Society's Victims (2004)

Splits and other:
* Demo recording from 1977
* Limited edition live cassette: Live at the Lyceum (1981) - CHAOS Cassettes LIVE 001, recorded 24 May 1981
* Live album: Live at the City Gardens, New Jersey (1989)
* Live album: Live: The Nightmare Continues... (1990) recorded at Tunstall Town Hall, Stoke-on-Trent in 1983
* Tribute album: Discharged (1992)
* Tribute album: In Defence Of Our Future: A Tribute To Discharge (1999)
* Split EP with MG15 (2006)


* Tony Rat* 2006-present
* Terry "Tezz" Roberts (1977)
* Kelvin "Cal" Morris (1977–1987, 1991–1995, 1997–2003)
* Rob "Rocky Shades" Berkley (1987)

* Roy "Rainy" Wainwright (1977)
* Tony "Bones" Roberts
* Andy Green (1991–1995)
* Stephen "Fish" Brooks (1986–1987)
* Les "The Mole" Hunt (1984–1986)
* Peter "Pooch" Pyrtle (1983–1984)
* Labanthorsen "The Torn" Ekeroth (1995–1999)

* Roy "Rainy" Wainwright
* Anthony "Jake" Morgan (1991–1995)
* Nick Bushell
* Nigel Bamford

* Dave "Proper" Caution (2006–present)
* Terry "Tezz" Roberts (1977–1981, 1997–2006)
* Micky Gibson (1984–1986)
* Garry Maloney (1981–1984, 1986–1987, 1991–1995)
* Dave 'Bambi' Ellesmere (1981)
* Tony "Akko" Atkinson (1977–1979)
* Keith Haynes (1981)
* Mika "Gas Lipstick" Karppinen (1991)


The intense Motörhead- and Buzzcocks-influenced drum beat used by Discharge early in their career is referred to as D-beat. It became a subgenre of hardcore punk, especially in Japanese, Brazilian, and Scandinavian hardcore and punk scenes.

Many bands that followed Discharge's stylistic approach, primarily in Sweden, began using the "Dis-" prefix and "-charge" suffix in their names, and even began using "Des-" words with "Dis-" in its place as a parody. Examples include Disfear, Disclose, Discard, Recharge, Disarm, and Distraught. The bands who followed this naming trend also imitated Discharge's logo.

I uploaded 3 recordings from them they are:


2-Never again 7"

3-State violence state control 7"



2-DOWNLOAD- Never again 7"

3-Download- State violence state control 7"

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Disorder formed in 1980 in Bristol.The original line-up was Steve Curtis (vocals), Steve Allen (guitar), Nick Peters (bass guitar), and Virus (drums), although Steve Robertson soon replaced Peters, and this line-up recorded the first two EP's by the band.The band sent a demo tape to local punk label Riot City Records, but the label opted not to sign them, and instead they formed their own Disorder Records label along with Riot City boss Simon Edwards.A series of events led to line-up changes: Robertson split up with girlfriend Beki Bondage (of Vice Squad) and began glue-sniffing. Virus got into trouble with the police over the ownership of his new drumkit, and Dean also left, later to be employed as a toilet cleaner in Taunton. He was replaced by Taf (Phil Lovering, formerly of X-Certs Review), who took over bass guitar duties.Taf would be the only constant member of the band in the years that followed, which saw an ever-changing line-up.[1] Disorder were part of the "protest punk" movement, and were one of the bands that spearheaded the Bristol punk scene in the early 1980s.The BBC DJ John Peel described their early singles as sounding like "shit".

The band's debut album, Under the Scalpel Blade, was released in 1984. The band relocated to Norway in the mid-1980s, where they recorded a split album with Kafka Prosess.

The band became popular across Europe, the United States, and Japan.Re-issues of the band's back-catalogue led to renewed interest from fans, and the band issued a new album in 2005, Kamikaze, considered by allmusic's Stewart Mason "as brash and invigorating as any of Disorder's earlier releases".

The longest standing member of the band Taf (bassist/guitarist) normally assembles other musicians to record albums or go on tour. Recent tours have seen the band perform with the line-up consisting of Taffy and 3 former members of Oi Polloi (Goz Hayter, Yaga Crawford and Chris Willsher) performing Disorder and Dolly Parton songs.

Nick Ellis

LOCATION:Bristol, England

Years Acitve:1980-present


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This is one D-beat band from Hannover(Germany) they started in 1992 under big influence of Discharge.
Their music is about war, society, and their music to me is not classic D-beat its much more aggresive and faster, so download and see it for your self!
They split up in 1998 after the tour in Japan.

MEMBERS: Eric(vocal), Paul(guitar), Jens(guitar), Armin(bass), Bjorn(drums).


I uploaded 3 albums in 1 file they are:

1.HAMBURG 42 LP"95




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S.O.R.(Sistem Organizirane Represije)

Sistem Organizirane Represije is oldschool hardcore punk and comes from Slovenia,Ldrija.They started in 1985 and split up 1986. S.O.R. have one demo album, and one live album!



1. dobro je meso človeških sinov
2. protekcija živali
3. manipulacija
4. začetek po koncu
5. otrok smrti
6. upanje
7. pofukan vojak



1.Dobro je meso človeških sinov-Hc verzija(live)
2.Dobro je meso človeških sinov(Live)
3.Dons Bost Začel(Demo)
4.Dons Bost Začel(live)
5.Intro Novi Rock(Live)
11.Protekcija Živali(Live)
12.S Svojo Glavo(Demo)
15.Track 13(Live)
16.Track 18(live)
17.Track 28(live)
21.Verbalni Delikt(Demo)
22.Začetek Po Koncu(Live)


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This is an antoher EX YU HC band who come from Slovenia, it is veary interesting that they are all female.They had their best gig in Belgrades Academy and also in Solun.They released one EP7 and they are on a hardcore compilation called "Ljubljana Hardcore" you have it on my blog.

Band members where:Lidija,Marsa,Krischka.


3-Ti (you)
4-Lutke (puppets)