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Chaos U.K.

Chaos UK are an English hardcore punk band formed in 1979 in Portishead,near Bristol. They played fast sloppy hardcore punk rock initially. Consisting of Simon on vocals Andy on guitar Kaos on bass and Potts on drums (although they have been through many different line ups over the years with Kaos and Gabba as the only consistent members). Their lyrics deal with topics such as unemployment, economic recession, drinking, killing babies, distrust of government, the police, and authority in general.

In their 20 year career Chaos UK toured the world (including a Japanese tour which produced the Live in Japan album) played with bands such as Napalm Death, Corrupted Ideals, Final Conflict, Extreme Noise Terror, Oi Polloi, The Exploited, Swinging Utters, Misery, and many others. They also released over 20 LPs, EPs, Singles, Splits, and live albums.

MEMBERS:Vocals - Simon, Kaos, Mower

Guitar - Andy, Gabba, Vic

Bass - Kaos, Nige, Beki, J., Marvin, Steve

Drums - Potts, Spot, Chuck, Devilman, Phil Thudd


LOCATION:UNITED KINGDOM,Portishead,near Bristol

YEARS ACTIVE:1979-present


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  1. Excellent, almost can't find where to find them.
    Anyone can help me with 'The Beast', old usa band with songs like 'enemy ace', and i'm needing other stuffs. Thanx.
    Luis-core (Medellin-Colombia)