petak, 5. lipnja 2009.

Gewapend Beton-Until We Die

Gewapend Beton started out in 2003 as four 13 year old kids and released their first demo CD-r ''embryo punk'' the same year. We recorded 7 songs in 2004 but it took almost a year before the split LP "nederpunk gaat door" with the Bakfietsboys came out on the defunct labels pogopunx, dp-or-not-dp and Attack records. After lots of cool shows we hit the studio again in 2007 to record our first Full length LP/CD ''17 until we die''. It was released by Dirty Faces, La Familia and Attack records. From then on we started to do a lot of touring. We recently recorded 6 new tracks at studio 195 for a 12 inch EP / CD ''Empty Batteries'', released by Crucial Attack records and La Familia records.


LOCATION:Amsterdam, Noord Holland,Netherlands


01 Alles In De Fik
02 Once I Believed
03 Ruining Punkrock
04 King Of Fools
05 Disaster
06 The World Is Two Buckets Of Shit
07 Bon Apathy
08 Jd
09 17 Until We Die
10 Your Policy Kills
11 De Teef Part Iii Jesus Christ Superteef
12 Terug Bij Af
13 Jenever Holocaust
14 Rita Jeugd
15 Don't Need Your Shit


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