subota, 5. svibnja 2012.

RIP Adam Yauch

Rock in paradise and whole crew Pankerijada will never forget what you did for scene and music. Thnx for everything !!! 

Some old pictures with cro mags

petak, 23. ožujka 2012.

Read this please !!!

Cheers crowd from us i didnt be here for like 3 months beucase we have problem with upload i don't know why and that's why we didnt do a post like 6 months.I saw again that people are leaving rude comments and now you read.WE HAVE NEVER OFFENDED ANYONE ON RACIST,POLITICAL,RELIGION,OR ANYBODY'S BLOG THIS IS FOR 4 TIME THAT SOMEONE WHO HAS NO LIFE COMMETING ON OTHER BLOG AND PUT'S IN THE NICKNAME "PANKERIJADA" WE LOVE OTHER BLOG AND PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT PUNK SCENE I AM SORRY REALLY BUT THAT IT'S NOT OUR FAULT BEUCASE IS SOMEONE CALLED IN NICKNAME PANKERIJADA.

Cheers from Pankerijada