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MEMBERS:arne - bass + vocals
jaeque - drums
joris - lead guitar
bart - guitar + vocals




MY LIFE(1999)

A: Do You Remember / All Wrong / Stuck In your Views / Let's Get Drunk / 15 in '77 / Fuck Politics / Too Late / Rat Race / Automatically / This Is Me
B: Fuck You / I Don't Care / Punkrock For Sale / Waste Of Time / Live Fast Die Old / Senseless Violence / Money / My Life / Let's Get Back To Punk / I Like You


GO POGO(2000)

A: State Money / Punkrocker / Go Pogo! / No Nazis In Punk /De Blauwe / What You Want Me To Do
B: I don't like you / Out of control / How can we live tomorrow / Unite Not Fight / Nietsnut / Come Along

CD has a multimediasection with 3 videos (I Don't Care, Out of Control and Identity/We Don't Wanna Know) and pictures.



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"Nula" nastaje 1991.g. ,ali onaj istinski početak datira od Veljače 93..,dok je zadnja postava formirana te iste godine.Nula je inače bio Šibenski Anarcho punk koji svoje pjesme bazira na problemima današnjeg društva,Korumpiranoj državi,ratu itd..Nula je izdala 94..kazetu "Pobjedimo Laž" na kojoj se nalaze 34 po meni genijalne pjesme.Poslije je također objavila pun kurac stvari uljucujuci split LP s bendon"Bijes Zdravog Razuma",Split s "Baggerom" iz Švicarske itd...

MEMBERS:-Frua-Vokal -Vlado-Vokal -Jorde-Bas -Roša-Gitara -Kiki-Vokal(Na Par Pjesama) -Meniga-Bubanj





1.Agonija gladnih
4.Dajte nam to što želimo
6.Ljubava pjesma '92
7.Monte Paradiso
10.Nazi ragazzi - SCUM
11.Nismo s vama
12.Nula & mi smo nula
14.Pamet u glavu
15.Pandurska idila
16.Pobjedimo laž i kurvini sinovi
17.Religija za HRD
22.Tvoja doza mržnje
23.U vinu je spas
25.Varijacija na istu temu

Some pictures and text from demo tape "Pobijedimo Laž"

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Kurac Od Ovce

Jedan od kutinskih bendova koji također više ne djeluje. Osnovan je 1993. godine i mijenjao je postavu nekoliko puta. Jako puno stvari je ostalo zaboravljeno, ali nekolicina je i snimljena na tri izdanja koja su ostavili za sobom.

MEMBERS:Prva Postava: Dač - Bas, Pavle (Razlog Za) - Bubnjevi, Bobo - Gitara, Patuljak - Vokal, + Cuc (bubnjevi) + Igor (bubnjevi) + Nik (druga gitara)





1. Balkanska Filharmonija
2. Poljubi djevojku
3. Odrastanje
4. Proklet bio R'n'R
5. Nada
6. Kolaps
7. Pogled u ništa
8. Za kamiličare II


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The Partisans were a punk rock band formed in Bridgend, in South Wales in early 1978, when all four members were in their early teens. They continued until 1984, having several hits on the UK Indie Chart. The band re-formed in the late 1990s.
The band formed in early 1978, with an original line-up of Phil Stanton (vocals), Rob "Spike" Harrington (guitar and vocals), Andy Lealand (guitar), Mark "Shark" Harris (drums), and Mark "Savage" Parsons (bass guitar). Parsons and Stanton left in 1979, with Spike moving to lead vocals, and Lealand's girlfriend Louise Wright joining on bass.

Influenced by the likes of the Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Ramones, the band started off covering punk rock hits and soon started to compose their own material. They were the second band signed to Chris Berry's No Future Records label, and their debut release, the double A-sided Police story/Killing machine was released September 28, 1981. It reached #5 on the UK Indie Chart, on the back of a tour with label-mates Blitz, and with strong support from Sounds writer Garry Bushell.Following the success of this single, The Partisans were included on the third volume of Bushell's Oi! compilation series Carry On Oi!, which reached #60 on the UK Album Chart, and won the band gig slots with Blitz, Peter and the Test Tube Babies and The Ejected, as well as a 'No Future' night at London's Zig Zag Club with Red Alert, The Lombardos, and Peter and the Test Tube Babies.

The band released its second single, 17 Years of Hell, on May 27, 1982, peaking at #2 on the Indie Charts. This was followed by their self-titled debut LP, released in February 1983. It hit #5 in the Indie Chart and #1 in the Punk Chart, amid considerable critical acclaim from the national press and the underground fanzine culture.

After the departure of Louise Wright, the remaining members relocated to Bayswater in West London, with new bassist Dave Parsons to relaunch the band. Their next release was the three-track "Blind Ambition" EP on Cloak & Dagger Records, which peaked at #23 on the Indie Chart, and got played on Prime Time Radio 1. The LP, Time Was Right, followed in 1984, described as "The Professionals meets The Clash," and reaching #20 in the Indie Chart. The album featured live recordings from a gig at the Brixton Ace, at which The Partisans supported Anthrax, Lost Cherrees, Conflict and others.

The band split up in 1984. Dave Parsons later found chart success with Transvision Vamp and, even later, Bush. Rob moved to Scandinavia. The latter two recorded one more session in late 1989 for Link Records under the name Agent Orange.[1] In the late 1990s Lealand and Harrington reformed the band along with two of Lealand's Swedish friends, Magnus Neundorff and Mikael "Gustav" Gustavsson. The band signed to American label TKO who issued the "So Neat" single in 2001, followed by a new full-length CD in 2004 (Idiot Nation). Currently the band are writing and recording new material.


* "Police Story" (1981) No Future (#5)
* "17 Years of Hell" (1982) No Future (#2)
* "Blind Ambition" (1983) Link/Cloak and Dagger (#23)
* "So Neat" (2001) TKO

* The Partisans (1983) No Future (#5)
* Time Was Right (1984) Link/Cloak and Dagger (#20)
* The Best of The Partisans Captain Oi!
* Idiot Nation (2004) Dr. Strange



1-Police Story
2-Killing Machine
3-Arms Race
4-No U Turns
5-17 Years Of Hell
6-Bastards In Blue
7-Power And The Greed
8-Mindless Violence
9-Don't Blame Us
10-I Don t Give A Fuck
12-Blind Ambition
14-Come Clean
15-I Never Needed You
16-The Time Was Right
17-Anger And Fear
18-Only 21
19-Run To Grab
20-Eyes Shut

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Toxic Reasons

The band was formed in 79 in Dayton, the forming members of the band were-Bruce Stuckey(bass/vocals), Joel Agne(guitar/vocals), Ed Pittman(lead vocals), Mark Patterson(drums).In 1980 Agne left the band and then he was replaced by Greg Stout on bass and Bruce Stuckey was placed on the lead guiar.
But soon after that the band was in a another problem because Mark Patterson left the band and was replaced with J.J Pearson on drums.
When they released the LP-Independence Ed Pittman left the band.
I dont know when did they split up but one more thing that i forgot they played faster punk rock.

Download-Ghost Town EP 1981

1-Ghost Town
3-Noise Boys

Download-Bullets For You

1-Tomorrow Night
2-Were The Revolution
3-Get Out The Gun
4-Never Give In
5-Its A Lie
6-Killing The Future
7-Breaking Down The War Machine
8-Too Late
9-Gotta Believe
10-Partys Over

Download-Kill By Remote Control

1-Stuck In A Rut
3-Jr,S Friends
6-God Bless America
7-No Pity
8-Limited Nuclear War
9-Looking At The World
10-Break The Bank
12-Cant Get Away

Download-Within These Walls

1-Then Came The Rain
2-It's So Silly
3-Party's Over
4-Guns Of September
6-Too Late
7-Sons Of Freedom
8-All Known Confusion

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Peter And Test Tube Babies

Peter and the Test Tube Babies are a punk rock/Oi! band formed from a small town Peacehaven, England in 1978 by Del Strangefish and Peter Bywaters. Due to their humorous tongue-in-cheek lyrics, they have been considered part of the Punk Pathetique subgenre. Peter and the Test Tube Babies were first featured in Sounds magazine in July 1980, and after a John Peel Radio One session, made their vinyl debut on the Brighton compilation album Vaultage 78. They also had two songs on the seminal Oi! compilation Oi! the Album in that same year. They favoured absurd lyrics and strange titles, such as "The Queen Gives Good Blow Jobs." In 1982, they covered the chart-topping Gary Glitter hit "I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)" on their album Pissed and Proud. They have continued to perform in the 2000s. Their polished, professional live show is in contrast to the non-serious nature of their lyrics.


* Pissed and Proud, 1982
* Mating Sounds of South American Frogs, 1983
* The Loud Blaring Punk Rock Album, 1984
* Journey to the Centre of Johnny Clarke's Head, 1984
* Soberphobia, 1986
* Live and Loud!! - More Chin Shouting, 1990
* The $hit Factory, 1990
* Cringe, 1991
* Supermodels, 1995
* Schwein Lake Live, 1996
* Alien Pubduction, 1998
* A Foot Full of Bullets, 2005


* Banned From The Pubs, 1982
* Run Like Hell, 1982
* 3 x 45, 1983
* The Jinx, 1983
* Zombie Creeping Flesh, 1983
* Pressed for Ca$h EP, 1984
* Rotting in the Fart Sack EP, 1985
* Key To The City, 1986
* Fuck The Millennium, 2000


* The Best of Peter and the Test Tube Babies, 1988
* Test Tube Trash, 1994
* The Punk Singles Collection, 1995
* Punk and Disorderly, 1982

1-Banned From The Pubs
2-Moped Lads
3-Run Like Hell
4-Up Yer Bum
5-Elvis Is Dead
7-Zombie Creeping Flesh
8-September Part 2
11-Blown Out Again
12-Keys To The City
13-Louise Wouldn't Like It
14-Every Second Counts


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The band was formed in 1978 as the Band with no name,then they recorded a demo wich they sold in only 4 copies hehe!After that the band changed their drummer Martin.So then Baron and Stig got Norman to play the synth for them.
In 1981 they moved to Bristol where they met Disorder and live with them in a squat.
Virus(Disorder s drummer) started to drum for Amebix and in 1983 left Disorder to drum for Amebix.They recorded "Who is the enemy" EP, "Winter 7", "No Sanctuary 12" EP,in 1985 "Arise" was recorded and in 1987 "Monolith".Amebix fell appart in 1987 and their last gig was in Sarajevo(Bosnia).

Download-No Sanctuary


1-Battery Humans
5-The Church Is For Sinners
6-Sunshine Ward
7-Moscow Madness
9-Beginning Of The End
13-No Gods No Masters

Download-Demo 1979


2-Faded Heaven
3-University Challenged
5-Disco Slags



2-Beginning Of The End

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Vitamin X

The band comes from Netherlands(Amsterdam) and they play fucking aggresive and fast hc/punk on some songs they remind me of Minor Threat because they are also Straight Edge.
This year they play on Monte Paradiso(hc/punk festival in Pula-Croatia) with Avskum and Rattus! ! !




1-See through their lies
2-Not me
3-Beg for more
4-Ripped of its past
5-One more time
6-Better world
7-Annihilate war
8-Reach out
10-Pack of wolves
11-Keep it alive
12-Verbal abuse
13-Who is gonna gain
14-I"am a kid
15-Your life
16-Point of no return

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Anti Nowhere League

Their first gig was at the Tunbridge Wells annual carnival, at which they got arrested. This led to their first press coverage with the local newspaper describing their gig as a 'cacophony of noise'[citation needed]. In 1981, Gooky (who left the same year), Hopper and Clive "Winston" Blake came in on lead guitar, drums and bass respectively, although Hopper was quickly replaced with PJ ('Persian John') (real name Djahanshah Aghssa). They managed to get a slot in The Exploited's Apocalypse tour, along with Chron Gen and Anti Pasti. This led to them signing to John Curd's record label WXYZ, with Curd and Chris Gabrin co-managing the band.

Later that year, they also opened for The Damned on a short tour round the north of England and Scotland. November 1981 saw the release of their first single, a cover version of Ralph McTell's "Streets of London". This single later became the group's anthem, "So What" on the B-side.

In 1982, they took part in the 'So What Tour' in the company of such groups as Chelsea, Chron Gen and The Defects, and the release of their debut album We Are...The League. However, the Obscene Publications Squad seized all copies of their records, which were removed from retailers and they were banned from TV and radio. In addition, they were removed from the Top Of The Pops studio because Animal was carrying a 3ft axe around with him[citation needed]. The year finished with the 'Hardcore Storms America' tour with the UK Subs.

Gilly (real name Mark Gilham) joined the band in 1983 as an extra guitarist, which according to the band's website,[1], was because Magoo was drinking heavily and was often unable to carry out his commitments as guitarist. The band went to Yugoslavia to record a live album, called Live In Yugoslavia, but this was dogged by problems with the authorities insisting that references that Animal had made about the recently deceased president Tito be removed from the master tapes, and any language which they deemed to be offensive be bleeped.

By 1984 PJ got fired, unable to cope with the pressures of the drugs and alcohol lifestyle the band were now leading, and they became musically inactive. 1985 saw Michael Bettell join on drums, followed in 1986 by JB (Jonathan Birch). During this time they signed for GWR Records, and recorded the The Perfect Crime album. However, once again there were problems. GWR refused to put up the money to finish the album once they heard its rough cut, and it was released unfinished to try to get back some of the money already invested.

This was the final straw, and in 1987 ANWL disbanded. There was a farewell show in 1989, which can be heard on their live album Live Animals.

Michael Bettell died aged 41, from a brain tumour

In 1992, and Animal was told by JB, that Metallica wanted him to guest at Wembley Arena, when they did their cover version of "So What". Animal put it thus on ANWL's website. "As I waited on the edge of the stage waiting to go on it suddenly dawned on me I was just about to stand in front of 10,000 punters who didn’t know me from Adam and sing a song that I couldn’t fucking remember; all that kept running through my head was RUN you silly old fucker!". However, after the show, the bug had bitten again. Mark joined that year on lead guitar, and 1993 - 1995 was spent playing gigs in the small venues the band had started out in. In 1996, they signed up with Impact Records and recorded their next EP Pig Iron. Beef also joined the band after Mark's departure.

1997 saw another personnel change when Winston left the band to be replaced by Jon Jon (JJ Kaos), and the recording of the album Scum.

Danny joined on drums in 1998, and the album Out of Control was released a year later in 1999. In 2001 Magoo quit playing live shows.

Jon Jon (JJ Kaos), Beef and Danny all left, to be replaced by PJ (original drummer), Jez on guitar, and Shady on bass. This line-up released the band's fifth studio album, Kings and Queens in 2005, which was released on the Captain Oi label. There were however fierce behind the scenes arguments and rows over the omission of two songs from that album, namely The Day The World Turned Gay and The Adventures Of Peter Vile (slang for paedophile). Lawyers for Captain Oi refused to sanction the release of these two songs because of fear of litigation so Nick (Animal) eventually relented and let the album be released with the two offending songs omitted. In 2006, the band set up their own independent record label, Nowhere Records – with Pig Iron - The Album being the first release in August 2006.[2] The album includes the two songs omitted from the Kings and Queens album as well as "Landlord", taken from the Out Of Control album.

In 2006, Anti-Nowhere League undertook a 29-date UK tour, and PJ left the band after the Glasgow gig in October 2006. His replacement is Dave Hazlewood (Nato), also from Tunbridge Wells, who has filled in before on tours or dates with the League. On November 8, 2006, the ANWL began a three week tour of Australia and New Zealand. Anti-Nowhere League are supporting Rancid on their Leeds gig on Nov 8 2008. In December 2008 Jez was replaced on lead guitar by Johhny Skullknuckles. The League continued to tour and record, and have now started to promote their new songs with videos. After a mini European tour in late spring 2009, they embarked on an American tour in June/July 2009 before departing back to star in the infamous Punk Rebellion festival in Blackpool.

YEARS ACTIVE:1980 - 1989, 1992 - present





01. We're The League
02. Animal
03. Woman
04. Can't Stand Rock'n'Roll
05. (WeWill Not) Remember You
06. Snowman
07. Streets Of London
08. I Hate...People (remix)
09. 'Reck a Nowhere
10. World War III
11. Nowhere Man
12. Let's Break The Wall (remix)

2001 release bonus tracks:

13. So What
14. I Hate...People (single version)
15. Let's Break The Law (single version)
16. Woman (single version)
17. Rocker (sinlge version)
18. For You (single version)
19. Ballad Of J.J. Decay



01.Let`s break the law
02.Streets of London
03.Let the country feed you
04.We will survive
05.I hate people
07.For you
08.Going down
10.Can`t stand Rock `n` Roll
11.So what
12.Wreck a nowhere
13.Paint it black
14.We are the league



1. good as it gets
2. short, sharp, shock
3. unwanted
4. never drink alone
5. mother... you're a liar
6. turn to shit
7. bitter and twisted
8. time is runnin' out
9. run
10. beware of the madman
11. big yellow moon
12. my god's bigger than yours
13. medication
14. self harm
15. the end of the day
16. rampton