utorak, 29. ožujka 2011.

Isocracy-Bedtime for Isocracy EP 1988

Isocracy was short-lived hardcore/punk rock band comming from USA.They released just one EP in their short carrere.This killer EP conatins 10 great songs.Its very trashy lyrics and song are very good recorded.Drummer of Isocracy (when they break up) went to play in today world famous band called Green Day.I hope you will like this very old but goldie release.Cheers!!

1.Zimbabwean Hell Rock (Slight Return)
3.Hippie Man
4.Two Blocks Away
6.Amilyplympt Three
7.Funky Brakewire
8.Ten Seconds Of Anarchy
9.Swisher Sweets
10.Sgalf Etaredefnoc


nedjelja, 20. ožujka 2011.

Me As Well-No Progress

Me As Well are hardcore/punk rock band comming from Karlovac,Croatia.They started in 2006.This release contains 7 great songs but i very liked 2 songs on this release "Progress" and "Epic".This release got very good sound and they sound like new hardcore bands especially like new American hardcore bands.I forgot to say they have very good female and male vocals.I totally recommended you to download this great release.I hope you will like this.Cheers!!!

03.Where Do We Go
04.Can't You See
05.Tell Me Why
07.Be Yourself


srijeda, 16. ožujka 2011.

Brutal Knights-Total Rebellion 2009

Brutal Knights are hardcore punk from Canada.This band i heard first time long ago but i was very lazy to listening them.3 months before i heard first time their songs and i was regretted that beucase i was i must say again lazy bastard to hear a very fucking great band.This killer release contains 8 great songs.On this killer release i very liked song called "Fight you in my mind".Their influence are i think they are Black Flag and Bad Brains they really reminds me expecly on Bad Brains.I really recommended you to download this killer release.I hope you will like this.Cheers!!!

02.Fight you in my mind
03.Gonna stay in
04.Shit happens you deal
05.Total rebellion
06.Why the beard
07.Were not young
08.Any of me


D.R.I.-Violent Pacification 1984 EP

Another killer and legendary release from Dirty Rotten Imbecils.This killer EP contains 4 legendary songs.Sound are very good on release very fast and furios.For new listeners who never heard DRI you will like this shit.I hope you will like this killer EP.Cheers!!!

01.Violent Pacification
02.Running Around
03.Couch Slouch
04.To Open Closed Doors


utorak, 15. ožujka 2011.

We Got Power II - Party Animal 1985

Yeah i forgot about this great hardcore comp.This compilation contains trashy bands and trashy sounds.42 bands are here if you didn't know today famous band The Offspring before they called Manic Subsidal they only recorded this one song before they changed name in to The Offspring.Here are many styles and many influence bands.I totally recommended you to download this shit and i hope you will like this great comp.Cheers!!!

1.Ill Repute - Party Animal
2.Don't No - Time
3.Stukas Over Bedrock - Car God
4.Incest Cattle - Lung Cheese
5.Scared Straight - School
6.Hated Principles - Cops From Hell
7.Juvenile Behavior - Your Toy
8.Mox Nix - No Lies
9.Manic Subsidal - Hopeless
10.Sado-Nation - Front Row Chaos
11.VOA - Popularity
12.2nd Thoughts - Skate For Fun
13.AFU - My Scene
14.Habeas Corpus - Last Dream
15.NOS - Without You
16.Critical Attitude - Ventalation
17.Crankshaft - Crankrock
18.No-FX - Ant Attack
19.Penis Brigade - Penis Youth
20.New Regime - Be A Man, Go To War
21.Fatal Error - No Clone
22.America's Hardcore - A.H.C.
23.Justice League - Attitude
24.Sacred Cows - Wasteland
25.The O.D.'s - Feel The Power
26.The Micronotz - Born To Kick Ass
27.The Shemps - Achtung Hoosier
28.Sluggo - What Happens Next
30.No Control - How Do You Want To Die
31.The Holly - Planet Hell
32.ASH - We Got Power
33.White Wreckage - Beaten To The Ground
34.Serure - Jackie
35.Subterfuge - Mercury
36.Half Life - Yeah I Hate
37.ONS - Girls, Girls, Girls
38.Cancerous Growth - Corporation Vegetable
39.Seismic Waves - IRS
40.Caustic Cause - Our Back Yard
41.The GRIM - Suicide
42.Swa - 100 Bottles Of Beer



petak, 11. ožujka 2011.

Bones Brigade-Endless Bummer (2006)

Yeah another killer release.This guys fucking rulz with their release.Otherwise they played hardcore/trashcore punk.Their lyrics are about 100% skating.Their name Bones Brigade coming from famous skate video which called BONES BRIGADE i remeber when i watched this first i was amazed fucking Old school skating many famous skater's are here like Steve Caballero,Tony Hawk,Rodney Mullen....This release got 13 songs and i very liked song "Meltdown".I really recommended you to download you will not regret.I hope you will like this release.Cheers!!!

01.Fun Sponge
02.Dr. Destroyer
04.Have You Seen Him?
06.Rock To Fakie
07.Endless Bummer
08.While You Were Sleeping
09.Enten War
10.Grey Zone
11.Surrounded By Assholes
12.Cancion De Patinar / Instrumental
13.Love Affair


četvrtak, 10. ožujka 2011.

OFF! -First Four EPs

OFF! are Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks), Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides), Steven McDonald (Redd Kross), and Mario Rubalcaba (Earthless/Hot Snakes/Rocket From the Crypt).They played hardcore punk like Black Flag with Ketih Morris and Circle Jerks but their are more like Circle Jerks to me.They started in 2009 and they are fucking great like Keith Morris never gets old fucking great singing and music.This four ep contains 16 fucking brutal songs ( I don't mean on brutal music).If you are fan Circle Jerks and Black Flag you will not regret.I hope you will like this fucking great superb band :).

01.Black Thoughts
03.I Don't Belong
04.Upside Down
05.Poison City
06.Now I'm Pissed
07.Killing Away
08.Jeffrey Lee Pierce
09.Panic Attack
12.Rat Trap
13.Fuck People
14.Full of Shit
16.Peace in Hermosa


Rites Of Spring-End On End 1991

Rites Of Spring was emotional post-hardcore band from Washington, D.C.They are known for their energetic live performances.The band only performed 15 concerts. Vocalist/guitarist Guy Picciotto and drummer Brendan Canty went on to play in the influential post-hardcore band Fugazi in the late 1980s.They consider first emo band on the planet.I can write bunch of things for Rites of Spring but i wanna say something about release.This is the only one album they recorded + EP.The sound on the release is very good very formiliar with Fugazi.Release got 17 great songs i can't decide witch one is better but if i must choose i will say Drink Deep(song Drink Deep you can find on 20 years of dischord records).I hope you will like this fucking great release.

01.All There Is
02.All Through A Life
03.By Design
04.Deeper Than Inside
05.Drink Deep
06.End On End
07.For Want Of
08.Hain's Point
09.Hidden Wheel
10.In Silence-Words Away
12.Other Way Around
14.Persistent Vision


srijeda, 9. ožujka 2011.

Betercore - Youth Crust Discography

Betercore was crust/youth crew/powerviolence band from Netherland.They started in Amsterdam, from 1997 until the winter of 2003.This release got very good sound.Their lyrics are about straight edge,peace,veganism and etc.This release contains 30 great songs.I hope you will like them.Cheers!!!

01.SXE, But Not An Asshole!
02.Multi Dood Ko Operatie
04.Read Between The Li(n)es
05.Betercore Vs. Right Wing Jock
06.Where Do I Fit In
08.Man You Suck!
09.Punk Is Verzet!
10.Fuck Your Pride!
13.Count Us Out And Pro Choice!
14.Hooded Sweather
15.Stand Up And Speak
16.Vlees Is Vies!
17.For The Sake Of Independence
20.Pvvda And Bill Gates Society
21.Reclaim The Crown
22.Wa Marchiert Geen Woning, Geen Koning
23.Geen Woning, Geen Koning
26.50% Vol
28.Practice What You Preach
29.Punk Is Resistance
30.Count Us Out


Surf Nazis Must Die - Anti Everything

Surf Nazis Must Die was hardcore/powerviolence band from Germany.This release contains 8 great song on this release i very liked "I am angry", "Jimmy".The sound of the release is very good. They broke up, reasons cited:
“euro tour cancelled since julian´s mum was afraid her son would´nt be in bed by ten regulary. people asked for more, the band, already suffering under the strong influences of alcohol, girls, fame and exegerrated straight edge pride, decided to call it quits in order to break every little thrashers heart. check usual message boards for further information.” - myspace.com/mustdie , their myspace page.If you didn't know they formed from the ash of Adolf Hitler Klan.Members of Surf Nazis Must Die are now playing in Herpes & Nihil Baxter.I hope you will like this angry release.Cheers!!

01. I am Angry
02. Emo Kids blown to Shit
03. Jimmy
04. No one likes me
05. Theme Song
06. I'm not anti Girls, Girls are anti me
07. Worthless Sunday Urgh
08. The Clan (part 2)


utorak, 8. ožujka 2011.

Youth Brigade-Possible EP

Youth brigade was very fucking short-lived hardcoe band from Washington DC.Possible EP was the only release in their short lived carrere.Band started in 1981 and break up in 1981.Nathan Strejcek (ex-Teen Idles) and Danny Ingram formed Youth Brigade. After playing with a couple different bassists and guitarists, they settled on Bert Quieroz (The Untouchables, Double O) and Tom Clinton on guitar.Although Youth Brigade existed as a band for less than a year, they are still considered an important part of the DC hardcore punk scene, influencing many other bands and bandmembers (most notably Bert Queiroz), and forming other bands such as Double-O and the highly influential post-hardcore band, Rain.The title of their only release, the Possible E.P., came from Ian MacKaye stating that "there might be a possible EP by Youth Brigade release" on his Dischord Records.This release have 8 great song but i wanna say that this is not Youth Brigade from LA.I recommended this such a great release to download.Cheers!!

01.It's About Time That We Had A Change
02.Full Speed Ahead
03.Point OF View
04.Barbed Wire
05.Pay No Attention
06.Wrong Decision
07.No Song
08.No Song II


Nofx-Maximum Rocknroll 1992

This release is one of my favourite Nofx release.It was released in 1992 by Mystic Records without the band's consent they taken from early recorded songs from one EP one demo.Fat Mike claims that this release never had been released he accidently founded in one store he claims "If you want to hear a totally crappy fucked album then this is the one for you. Don't say I didn't warn you" but i dont agree with Fat Mike beucase they better here than today.Trust me download this fucking shit you will not be disappointed.Cheers!

1. Live Your Life
2. My Friends
3. Six Pack Girls
4. Bang Gang
5. Hit It Hold It Back
6. Id Listen
7. Cops and Donuts
8. Iron Man
9. Shitting Bricks
10. Mom's Rules
11. On My Mind
12. White Bread
13. Lager in the Dark
14. Too Mixed Up
15. Drain Bramaged
16. Bob Turkee
17. No Problems
18. Memories
19. Beast Within
20. Instrumental
21. Ant Attack


utorak, 1. ožujka 2011.

Straight Ahead-Discography 1985-1987

Straight Ahead was straight edge hardcore punk formed in 1986 coming from NYC.Some of fans consider that this is best hardcore release ever but i disagree with that i can't say anything wrong and against but there are more better bands.This discography contains 18 songs + 18 live song and interview.If you love straight edge bands you will like this great release.

01.On Parade
02.We Stand
03.Stand United
04.Who's To Blame
05.Spirit Of Youth
06.Straight Ahead
07.Point Of View
08.Unnecessary Violence
09.My Problem
10.Nothing Song
11.No Authority
13.Not Afraid
15.We Stand
16.Right Idea
17.Straight Ahead
18.Spirit Of Youth
19.Not Afraid (Live)
20.Spirit Of Youth (Live)
21.Breakaway (Live)
22.We Stand (Live)
23.Straight Ahead (Live)
24.Who's To Blame (Live)
25.Amount To Nothing (Live)
26.On Parade (Live)
27.Take Control (Live)
28.Point Of View (Live)
29.Knockdown (Live)
30.Your Mind (Live)
31.Right Idea (Live)
32.Unity (Live)
33.My Problem (Live)
34.The More Important (Live)
35.Friend Or Foe (Live)
36.Unnecessary Violence (Live)
37.WNYU Interview