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We Got Power II - Party Animal 1985

Yeah i forgot about this great hardcore comp.This compilation contains trashy bands and trashy sounds.42 bands are here if you didn't know today famous band The Offspring before they called Manic Subsidal they only recorded this one song before they changed name in to The Offspring.Here are many styles and many influence bands.I totally recommended you to download this shit and i hope you will like this great comp.Cheers!!!

1.Ill Repute - Party Animal
2.Don't No - Time
3.Stukas Over Bedrock - Car God
4.Incest Cattle - Lung Cheese
5.Scared Straight - School
6.Hated Principles - Cops From Hell
7.Juvenile Behavior - Your Toy
8.Mox Nix - No Lies
9.Manic Subsidal - Hopeless
10.Sado-Nation - Front Row Chaos
11.VOA - Popularity
12.2nd Thoughts - Skate For Fun
13.AFU - My Scene
14.Habeas Corpus - Last Dream
15.NOS - Without You
16.Critical Attitude - Ventalation
17.Crankshaft - Crankrock
18.No-FX - Ant Attack
19.Penis Brigade - Penis Youth
20.New Regime - Be A Man, Go To War
21.Fatal Error - No Clone
22.America's Hardcore - A.H.C.
23.Justice League - Attitude
24.Sacred Cows - Wasteland
25.The O.D.'s - Feel The Power
26.The Micronotz - Born To Kick Ass
27.The Shemps - Achtung Hoosier
28.Sluggo - What Happens Next
30.No Control - How Do You Want To Die
31.The Holly - Planet Hell
32.ASH - We Got Power
33.White Wreckage - Beaten To The Ground
34.Serure - Jackie
35.Subterfuge - Mercury
36.Half Life - Yeah I Hate
37.ONS - Girls, Girls, Girls
38.Cancerous Growth - Corporation Vegetable
39.Seismic Waves - IRS
40.Caustic Cause - Our Back Yard
41.The GRIM - Suicide
42.Swa - 100 Bottles Of Beer



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