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The legendary Swedish hardcore band were made by Lasse Skit(vocals), Jonsson(bass), Jimmy(guitar), Bob(drums) in 1981 in Goteborg.They recorded only one EP "7" for Malign Massacre and that was that legendary album Cracked cop skulls.
That EP is so full of chaotic power and it is weary aggresive it sounds to me that they been drunk like shit.They had gigs with Exploited, Discharge... and they made a legendary mark on Swedish hardcore.
They broke up in 1982 only year later,from the band members only was active Jonsson who in that time sing for Anti-Cimex and later he started to sing for Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade.

2-Armed Revolution
3-Sprackta Snutskular
4-Leader Of The Fucking Assholes

Download-Cracked Cop Skulls

2-Desperate Screams From The Heat
3-The Night Of The Holocaust
4-No System Works


The Bristles

The band was formed in 1983 in Landskrona(Sweden).After their first EP from 83 they camed to the scene with a new vocal.Old singer left the band after the release of the first EP and was replaced by Puma.After that they released their third EP at the end of the 80s that record was punk rock and then they changed their name to Bristles D.C.

1-1984 Reality Today
2-Boys Will Be Boys
3-Never Give Up
4-The Last Survivors


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The band was formed in 1981 and they played OI/punk, they formed a band because two million people in UK was not working and they were 4 of that 2 million people so they decided to form a band.
They were influenced by Clash, Damned..., at the time they had some problems in pubs because they thought they were right wing from NF(national-front) so they did not let them pass.
In 84 band split up because they found jobs and made a shit on some gig so they were arrested and after their releases the time was to go to work so they decided to not play anymore.

1-Backstreet Boys
2-Your Choice
3-New Punks
4-Screw You

Download-Made In England

I uploaded Made In England and Practice 83(that has no names of the songs so if you have them please send)

Download-Practice 83

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Crasso De Odio






01-Blokada razuma
03-Generacija mrznje i rata
04-Tvornica kompleksa
05-Demonstracija moci
06-Eksplotacija naivnih
08-Dio vas
09-Preko iluzija


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Buka I Urlik-Tape



1-Vreme Bombi (Time Of Bombs)
2-Krv I Zemlja (Blood And Earth)
3-Žive Mete (Live Targets)
4-Mentalna Pustinja (Mental Desert)
5-Danas (Today)
6-Socijalne Razlike (Social Differences)
7-Pobednik (Winner)
8-Vreme Suza (Time For Tears)
9-Krv I Zemlja (2)
10-Manijak (Maniac)
11-Žive Mete (2)
12-Mentalna Pustinja (2)
13-Danas (2)
14-Kontrola (Control)

Herpes Distress (Distress)-alredy have them on my blog "Put U Ray" EP

1-Mozak (Brain)
2-Sranje (Shit)
3-Rat (War)
4-Propaganda (Propaganda)
5-Kraj (End)

Solunski Front:

2-Generacija (Generation)
3-Mali Svet (Little World)
4-Bez Uvrede (No Offense)
5-U Mom Gradu (In My Town)
6-Zrno Časti (Grain Of Honor)
8-Groblje Ptica (Bird Cemetary)


Punks Not Dread LP 91


1-Chaos UK-For Adolfs Only
2-Chaos UK-Bone Idol
3-Chaos UK-Brain Bomb
4-Raw Noise-Defiant Pose
5-Raw Noise-G.L.C.
6-Red Flag 77-No One
7-Extreme Noise Terror-Borstal Breakout
8-Extreme Noise Terror-Johnny Won't Get To Heaven
9-Filthkick (Legless)-Naive
10-Filthkick (Legless)- Sonic Reducer
11-Red Flag 77-Sad So Sad
12-Poison Idea-New Rose


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7 Seconds

1. "Here's Your Warning" - 1:18
2. "Definite Choice" - 0:55
3. "Not Just Boys Fun" - 1:29
4. "This Is The Angry, Pt. 2" - 1:09
5. "Straight On" - 0:24
6. "You Lose" - 0:36
7. "What If There's a War In America" - 0:42
8. "The Crew" - 0:51
9. "Clenched Fists, Black Eyes" - 1:30
10. "Colourblind" - 1:42
11. "Aim to Please" - 1:14
12. "Boss" - 0:45
13. "Young 'Til I Die" - 2:01
14. "Red and Black" - 0:37
15. "Die Hard" - 0:57
16. "I Have a Dream" - 1:00
17. "Bully" - 1:05
18. "Trust" - 2:13
19. "Here's Your Warning" (Live) - 1:35
20. "Spread" (Live) - 1:21
21. "I Have a Dream" (Live) - 0:58
22. "Young 'Til I Die" (Live) - 1:51
23. "Not Just Boys Fun" (Live) - 1:26
24. "Rock Together" (Live) - 2:12


Gang Green-Another Wasted Night

1. 19th Hole
2. Alcohol
3. Another Wasted Night
4. Voices Carry
5. Protect And Serve
6. Eight Ball
7. Evil
8. Last Chance
9. Fuck In A
10. Tonight We Rock
11. Sold Out Alabama
12. Have Fun
13. Crocadile Rock
14. Hate
15. Skate To Hell
16. Voices Scary
17. Untitled


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This is a Hc/punk band that comes from Sweden, on this record you have 52 chaotic hardcore songs with a vocal that is rare to hear.
Songs are sorted first by Demo from 1980, after that from album "How Could Hardcore Get Any Worse" from 1982, and after that come two 7"(Det Bittra Slutet EP, Religion Sucks EP) these two 7" are great from vocal to chaotic play.

Download-Total Asocial

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Extreme Noise Terror-Ep(Punker Than Punk) 7

1. Borstal breakout (Sham 69)
2. Johnny won't get to heaven (The Killjoys)
3. You take part in creating this system (Discharge)
4. I'm a bloody fool (Cockney Rejects)
5. No TV sketch (Discharge)
6. Religion instigates (Discharge)


American Hardcore 2006

01 - Blag Flag
02 - Minor Threat
03 - Bad Brains
04 - MDC
05 - SSD
06 - DOA
07 - DRI
08 - The Adolescents
09 - 7 Seconds
10 - Misfits
11 - Dead Kennedy's










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Dezerter (deserter in Polish), founded as SS-20 in 1981 in Warsaw, Poland, is one of the most popular punk bands from Poland. They had to change their original name to Dezerter because of the reaction of the Communist authorities (SS-20 was a Soviet rocket and this name was regarded too provocative by the government).

Dezerter debuted during the Mokotów Musical Autumn Festival, in November 1981. In 1982, together with other Polish punk rock bands (TZN Xenna and Deuter) it went on a tour across the country, also playing in the 1982 Jarocin Festival). In 1983 Dezerter recorded a four-song 7″ EP, Ku przyszlosci. The record was issued by the state label Tonpress and it was very warmly welcomed by fans, with 50,000 copies sold. With fast guitar riffs and intelligent lyrics written by Grabowski, Dezerter's concerts have drawn thousands of fans and its LPs were very popular, especially in the late '80s and early '90s.

The most famous Dezerter's live appearance took place during the 1984 Jarocin Festival in Jarocin, Poland and it was attended by some 20,000 people. The concert was recorded and later parts of it were released on the LP Underground Out of Poland. The LP was produced by Joey Shithead, vocalist of a Canadian band D.O.A.

Dezerter however is not widely known in other countries perhaps because the band refrains from singing in the English language. However, the band played in several European countries and Japan. Currently it consists of three members: Matera, Grabowski, and bassist Jacek Chrzanowski.



1.Ku Przyszoeci
2.Spytaj Milicjanta
3.Szara Rzeczywisto
4.Wojna Gupcow
6.Nie Ma Zagroenia
10.Zatrute Powietrze
13.Polska Zota Modzie
14.Urodziem Sie 20 Lat Po Wojnie
16.Xxi Wiek


Fight Back

This is their "discography" CD, released by Mamma Records from Serbia. CD name is "Sva vlast narodu" (Eng. Power to the people). I introduced Fight Back to you long time ago, but I'll repeat some thing. Fight Back was Croatian hardcore punk band from Požega, which was active in 90s. They had two phases: 1st was crust phase (1st Demo), and 2nd was more hardcore phase (2nd Demo, Live Labin, "Proba"). They used to have 2 vocals, male and female. Most of their lyrics were in anarchist thematics, but some were about punk scene. On this CD you have their 1st and 2nd Demo, Live from Labin and rehersal. 2nd Demo has best sound quality and it's actually what made them a legends. "Proba" is something I haven't heard before and on that they play their, lyrically, best song "Radnička pravda" (Eng. Workers justice). Download this for sure.

Copyed From KaaosJaVapaus

Track list:
(1st Demo) - crusty one, with different singer (influenced by Doom)
01) No to Nazis
02) Fuck the fashion
03) Multinationals fuck off
04) Nightmare just begun
05) Bullets for the rich
06) Broken icon
07) Working class attack
08) Corporate wasteland
(2nd Demo)
09) No to Nazis
10) Corporate wasteland
11) Punk punkerima
12) Look at tomorrow (Discharge's cover)
13) System song
(Live at Labin)
14) Nightmare just begun (live)
15) Fuck the fashion (live)
16) Multinationals fuck off (live)
17) System song (live)
18) Corporate wasteland (live)
19) Icon of fear (live)
20) Multinationals fuck off
21) System song
22) Punk punkerima
23) Broken icon
24) Radnička pravda
25) Icon of fear
26) Nightmare just begun
27) No to Nazis
28) Corporate wasteland




The Good, The Bad & The 4-Skins

01. Plastic Gangsters
02. Jealousy
03. Yesterdays Heroes
04. Justice
05. Jack The Lad
06. Rememberance Day
07. Manifesto
08. Wonderful World
09. Sorry
10. Evil
11. I Don't Wanna Be
12. A.C.H.B
13. Chaos
14. One Law For Them


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Minor Threat&Youth Briagde DEMO

01 - Minor Threat
02 - Filler
03 - I'm Seeing Red
04 - I Don't Wanna Hear It
05 - Small Man Big Mouth
06 - Straight Edge
07 - Guilty Of Being White
08 - In My Eyes

09 - I Object
10 - Full Speed Ahead
11 - Last Word
12 - Waste Of Time
13 - Youth Brigade
14 - Bouncer
15 - Snow Job
16 - Moral Majority


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Aus Rotten

Aus-Rotten was an American hardcore punk band, from 1992 to 2001. Formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the band was and continues to be widely popular in the underground DIY crust punk and hardcore punk subcultures, and its members practiced and espoused a philosophy of anarchism and grassroots politics.

The band included lead vocalist Dave Trenga, vocalist/guitarist Eric Good, bassist Corey Lyons, and drummer Matt Garabedian. Spitboy singer Adrienne Droogas would often join the band in their later material, particularly on songs discussing gender issues and sexism.

2-Have Another
3-Perverted Patriotism
5-Two Years And One Song Later
6-The Battlefield's Still Red (2)
7-Media Blackout (Live)
8-From Protest To Resistance (Live)
9-Swastika Ratss (Live)
10-Tube Disasters (Live)
11-30 Years (Live)

Download-We Are Denied... They Deny It! (1992)

2-The System Works For Them
3-The Battlefield's Still Red
4-When You Support These Fucking Bastards
5-American Ethic
6-No Justice, No Peace
7-Too Little, Too Late
8-Poison Corporations
11-The Crucifix and The Flag
12-The Flags Will Cover Coffins
13-No Change, No Future, We're Lost
14-They Ignore Peaceful Protest
15-This Is Brainwash
16-Secret Police, Secret Army
19-Have Another
20-Tuesday, May 18, 1993
21-Vietnam Is Back
22-Fuck Nazi Sympathy
24-Do You Know Where Their Children Are?
25-Perverted Patriotism
27-Two Years And One Song Later
28-The Battlefield's Still Red
29-Prejudice (Crucifix)
30-Capital Punishment (live)
31-Media Blackout (live)
32-From Protest To Resistance (live) (Conflict)
33-Swastika Rats (live) (Upright Citizens)
34-Tube Disasters (live) (Flux of Pink Indians)
35-Rock And Roles[30 Years](live) (Chumbawamba)

Download-Not One Single Fucking Hit (1997)

1-No Change, No Future, We're Lost
2-They Ignore Peaceful Protest
3-This Is Brainwash
4-Secret Police Secret Army

Download-Anti Imperialist

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Band made by disband of two Thrash metal bands from Osijek ( Addiction To Chaos and Defiler ). In 2007 five friends decided to continue creating music that we love and try to raise the Thrash metal scene in the city of Osijek,mostly dominated by Black and Death metal bands ,so we started a new project.Band had a numerous appearances and gigs and now we are working on our own songs. In 2008 after several member changes , this VORTEX line-up remains to this days.................In 2009 we have recorded our first demo album named "THRASH IS ALIVE" which was recorded in Studio Armageddon in Osijek by Mr.Eldar Ibrahimović. !!!!!!!!! Listen to this demo as loud as you can !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!LET'S GET THRASHED!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! VORTEX !!!!!!!!!!!



GENRE:Old School THrash/Metal




1.Death Trap
2.Between The Lines
3.Thrash Is Alive
5.No Way Out
6.Thrash Metal Holocaust
7.Running Killing
8.Arise On The Streets



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Kataklizma Zvuka-Kreacija Buke 1999

Kataklizma zvuka je srpski hardcore punk bend iz Novog Sada koji je djelovao 1990-ih.

1.there no was life
2.moždani okovi
3.moja stvar
7.oko u prstetu
8.guram dalje
9.vlado,vrati se !
11.k`o ludi
12.pijana družina
15.kreacija buk


Pijana Druzina

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Provokacija svira od 1990. godine. Moze se reci da smo bend iz skolske klupe. Prve demo snimke smo uradili pocetkom 1992. kada smo snimili dve pesme "Zrtva Sistema" i "Zaboravi". Godinu dana kasnije, tacnije Septembra 1993.snimamo u istom studiu "Ambijent 94" pesme "Moderna Omladina", "Slava" i "Ne Gledaj Me Tako - Ex Vilica". Postava se nesto menjala tako da je od 1994.godine Keca preuzeo bubnjarske palice. Tada prvi put snimamo materijal za album u studiju "Matrix" 1994 i 1995god. Kada je nastao prvi album pod nazivom "NOVOSADSKA VERZIJA" i jedva ga nekako nezavisno objavili 1997. godine jer smo sve radili samostalno. Posle snimanja ovog albuma bend napusta Buca basista, a na njegovo mesto dolazi Moma koji je do tada sa Letom svirao prvu gitaru. Sav posao na gitari je bio prepusten Leti koji se vise nego dobro uklopio u celu pricu. Nismo zeleli nikoga sa strane jer smo bend dozivljavali kao malu porodicu i niko sem nas nije mogao da gura svoje prste u isti. 2000.godine smo snimili materijal koji do sada nije objavljen ali je bez problema podeljen masi jer za nas punk nije bio posao vec dozivljaj stvarnosti, jadne, mizerne i teske bez tracka nade u bolju buducnost. Posle duze pauze smo se ponovo aktivirali, imamo u planu da radimo dalje, snimamo i objavljujemo nove pesme i albume. Trenutna postava je objavljena na nasoj stranici. Toliko u najkracim crtama o novosadskom bandu PROVOKACIJA koji je sve proziveo sto i sva masa u ovoj zemlji Srbiji. Tesko je ali glavu gore i "NEVER SURRENDER" ZIVITE OVAJ ZIVOT STO CESTITIJE I BOLJE. Sami sebi krojimo zivote kao i neminovnu i neizvesnu buducnost. Neko ko misli da zna ... PROVOKACIJA 10.06.2008.

MEMBERS:Vlada - Vocal .... Leta - Guitar .... Buda - Guitar.... Buca - Bass .... Simcel - Drums .... EX - Moma...Boki...Keca...




01 Intro
02 Moderna Omladina
03 Pogled Kroz Mrak
04 Stab
05 Bela Oluja
06 Poverenje Je Imaginacija
07 Boce
08 Promene
09 Zasto
10 Hteo Bi Da Znam
11 Outro
12 Intro Riki
13 Novi Sad Via Novi Sad
14 Siptar
15 Keva
16 To Si Ti
17 Komarcev Let
18 Stara Skola
19 Arrivederci
20 Lick My Neck - MTV Hit
21 Novi Sad Via Novi Sad - Live Chamelot 2000
22 Dzogasov Osmeh
23 Outro Riki
24 Zrtva Sistema
25 Zaboravi
26 Moderna Omladina
27 Slava
28 Ne Gledaj Me Tako (ex Vilica)




One of my favorite bands started in 1980 in a small town in called Tornio(Finland).
When Laja formed a Discharge influenced hardcore band with few friends.
Terveet Kadet means "healthy hands" the first band line up was:Laja(vocals), Tiimo(guitar), Piasky(bass) and Peedro(drums).
Peedro left Terveet Kadet in 1983 and was replaced by Walde who in 1984 died in an accident.Some classics from that era are the "Halloween" and "Black God" LP, both where later released in Germany and the "Black God" LP also in Brasil.
After Waldes tragic death, Tilli took his place, at the end of 80s Tiimo and Piasky decided to leave the band and then Terveet Kadet had their softest period in the history of the band.Laja and Tilli moved to Oulu in the "noisiest" city in the Finland, around year 1990 they found new members Maike(guitar) and Kahmy(bass), who only one year later was replaced by Lene who was an old friend from Tornio.With this new line up:Laja(vocals), Tilli(drums), Maike(guitar) and Lene(bass) the music sounded a bit more metal and lyrics where replaced from Finnish to English.At the end of 1998 Lene(bass) moved to the US and a couple months later he was replaced by a new guy Puksu.
The 2000 year passed with rehersals and demoing new material in the classic SM studio where they made one of the best recordings of all time.
Before the album was finnished Lene moved back to Finland where he immediately rejoined the band.Later Tilli(drums) stop playing in the band because of personal reasons and then camed the replacement Luttinen.Peedro came back on the drums and a new guy Ilari on guitar Lene moved to bass again, Terveet Kadet recorded new 9 tunes in Tornio in 2007, and more gigs are just coming up!!!

1-Anno Domini
2-Sokea Johtaa Sokeaa
3-Loppuu Happi
4-Ota Pommi Ja Räjähdä
5-Maasta Sinä Olet Tullut

Download-Anno Domini


Download-Rock Laahausta Vastaan EP 1980