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Fight Back

This is their "discography" CD, released by Mamma Records from Serbia. CD name is "Sva vlast narodu" (Eng. Power to the people). I introduced Fight Back to you long time ago, but I'll repeat some thing. Fight Back was Croatian hardcore punk band from Požega, which was active in 90s. They had two phases: 1st was crust phase (1st Demo), and 2nd was more hardcore phase (2nd Demo, Live Labin, "Proba"). They used to have 2 vocals, male and female. Most of their lyrics were in anarchist thematics, but some were about punk scene. On this CD you have their 1st and 2nd Demo, Live from Labin and rehersal. 2nd Demo has best sound quality and it's actually what made them a legends. "Proba" is something I haven't heard before and on that they play their, lyrically, best song "Radnička pravda" (Eng. Workers justice). Download this for sure.

Copyed From KaaosJaVapaus

Track list:
(1st Demo) - crusty one, with different singer (influenced by Doom)
01) No to Nazis
02) Fuck the fashion
03) Multinationals fuck off
04) Nightmare just begun
05) Bullets for the rich
06) Broken icon
07) Working class attack
08) Corporate wasteland
(2nd Demo)
09) No to Nazis
10) Corporate wasteland
11) Punk punkerima
12) Look at tomorrow (Discharge's cover)
13) System song
(Live at Labin)
14) Nightmare just begun (live)
15) Fuck the fashion (live)
16) Multinationals fuck off (live)
17) System song (live)
18) Corporate wasteland (live)
19) Icon of fear (live)
20) Multinationals fuck off
21) System song
22) Punk punkerima
23) Broken icon
24) Radnička pravda
25) Icon of fear
26) Nightmare just begun
27) No to Nazis
28) Corporate wasteland



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