petak, 29. travnja 2011.

Stalag 13-Demo/In Control

Stalag 13 was a hardcore punk band.They were in nardcore scene if you dont know what is nardcore just CLICK HERE.They were very in skateboarding and playing great music.Bass player from RKL Rickye played and helped to form Stalag 13.They sound like mostly like nardcore bands.Here i am zipped just for you Demo and In control releases.Two this releases are very good i must be honest i never listen this very much i listend this first time i think 1 year ago i don't know why i didn't listen them so much beucase they rule.But i know why i have tons of music on my shit who will remember so many bands on computer and all of this bands :).I was pleasantly surprised with the this two releases and i really recommended you to download this two great releases.Cheers&Peace!!

PS:Not to be confused i puted just one download in one zip you have DEMO and IN CONTROL.


01.It's Not the Same
03.Don't Call
04.I Don't Need It
06.Assassin Squad
07.Standing United
11.Can't Take Much More


2.No Excuse
3.Black Stix/Silver Badge
5.Clean Up Your Act
6.Black and Grey
7.What Are You Looking For
8.The Choice is Yours
9.In Control


This is Boston not L.A.

This Is Boston, Not a hardcore punk compilation album released in 1982. It is considered the definitive album from the Boston hardcore scene, as several of the bands that were prominent in that scene appear on the album. On the cover is Gang Green playing at Streets nightclub in Boston.The compilation was mentioned by the punk rock band NOFX on their song "We Got Two Jealous Agains". The lyric reads "But when I saw Christ on Parade, and This is Boston, Not LA, I knew you were the one".This was one of the best compilation ever released in hardcore scene.This compilation contains 30 great songs and 7 legendary bands.I hope you will like this legendary compilaton.Cheers !!!

01.Jerry's Kids - Straight Jacket
02.Jerry's Kids - Uncontrollable
03.Jerry's Kids - Wired
04.Jerry's Kids - Desperate
05.Jerry's Kids - Pressure
06.Jerry's Kids - I Don't Wanna
07.The Proletariat - Options
08.The Proletariat - Religion is the Opium of the Masses
09.The Proletariat - Allegiance
10.Groinoiods - Angel
11.The F.U.'s - Preskool Dropouts
12.The F.U.'s - Radio Unix USA
13.The F.U.'s - Green Beret
14.The F.U.'s - Time is Money
15.Gang Green - Snob
16.Gang Green - Lie Lie
17.Gang Green - I Don't Care
18.Gang Green - Rabies
19.Gang Green - Narrow Mind
20.Gang Green - Kill a Commie
21.Gang Green - Have Fun
22.Decadence - Slam
23.The Freeze - Broken Bones
24.The Freeze - Idiots at Happy Hour
25.The Freeze - Now or Never
26.The Freeze - Sacrifice Not Suicide
27.The Freeze - It's only Alcohol
28.The Freeze - Trouble if You Hide
29.The Freeze - Time Bomb
30.The Freeze - Boston Not L.A.


četvrtak, 28. travnja 2011.

Deep Wound-American Style Demo 1982

Deep Wound was a hardcore punk band formed in 1982 in Westfield, MA. They released one self-titled 7" and contributed two songs to the compilation LP, Bands That Could Be God, both of which are sought after by fans and record collectors alike.This release has very fucking good music and i hope that you will like this hardcore legends.Cheers!!

02.Training Ground
03.Deep Wound
04.You're False
05.Your Head Is In Your Crotch
08.Never Let You In
10.Don't Need
11.Video Prick


srijeda, 27. travnja 2011.

D.I.-Ancient Artifacts 1985

DI was formed in the shadows of The Adolescents back in 1983 in a studio behind a pawn shop. The Adolescents, Social Distortion, Agent Orange and several other local early Punk rock pioneers were the breeding ground from which DI was born. DI branded their own form of Punk rock that complimented the Orange County Punk scene in sound and attitude. DI was thrown to the forefront after the band performed “Richard Hung Himself” with the original line up that recorded the bands first EP in the 1984 movie, “Suburbia”, directed by Penelope Spheeris who’s previous production was “Decline of Western Civilization.This release i was sayed inspired by Adolescents,Agent Orange,Social Distortion and 7 seconds great release with 9 great songs.I hope you will like this good shit.Cheers!!

01.OC Life
02.Purgatory II
03.Stand Up
05.(I Hate) Surfin' in HB
06.Falling Out
07.Hang Ten in East Berlin
08.Wounds from Within
09.Spiritual Law



Yeap past days was Pankerijada 2th anniversary when we started this shit.I remember me and dino was chiling outside and i told him dino why dont we start something with which we help grow punk scene and support bands.At first we planned to do a concert with bands that are never heard like war of bands and band who is the best on the gig that band will be gave a award but for few days we changed our minds and in that time dino was runing he's own blog and i got idea to do blog where will be writing about bands puting their demo's,sites,etc etc.And we create this blogspot shit then myspace and facebook.First of all we were thinking puting especially Croatian band but past few months we gave up because few of the bands from Croatia were grateful that they put on the blog.And now we are doing world-wide scene you can see on our blog from Europe,Asia,America and etc.We hope that this idea will not We hope that this idea will be dissolved as it is unusual for us here in Croatia.We hope for many years of good music,memories.Cheers&Peace

PS:We want thnx all our fans who support us from the first day and in the future and i hope that you will support us .

III Repute-Oxnard, Land Of No Toilets

III Repute was hardcore punk comming from Oxnard, California USA.They are noted for popularizing the "Nardcore" sound in the mid-1980s hardcore punk scene, and recorded for Mystic Records.Mystic Records released back days very underground bands who are now very popular in world like Nofx.They where in Nardcore.The name is a reference to the Oxnard, California hardcore punk scene. This suburban community, sixty miles north of Los Angeles, California, was the spawning ground for many hardcore punk bands of the early '80s and became a hotbed for punk and skate bands collectively, their sound became known as "Nardcore." Nardcore tends to have a lot of the same characteristics as skate punk, but has a sound closer to traditional hardcore punk than skate punk. The nardcore symbol (a common design feature in logos on record covers and tattoos) was scribbled in a notebook years ago by Ismael Hernandez of Dr. Know.(Wiki)This release got 8 fast&skate&furious songs.I really liked this release and i hope you will like this good shit.Cheers

1.Fuck With My Head
2.In Society
3.Who Cares
4.Bad Rep
6.We'll Get Back At Them
8.I Won't Kill For You


utorak, 26. travnja 2011.

Descendents-Ride The Wild - It's A Hectic World 7''

This was first single of Descendents released in 1979.I was thinking about posting something else but my friend reminded me today on facefuck about this great release.I didn't hear this two songs for ago's.This release is not like other release of Descendent.Here there are more punk/rock 77 then hardcore but very good two songs.I really recommended you to download this classic shit.Cheers&Peace

01.Ride The Wild
02.It's A Hectic World


ponedjeljak, 25. travnja 2011.

RKL-R&R Nightmare

Yeah this release kill's your mother father brother and sister.This release are classic hardcore punk edition.I will not write so much about this release i have no words to write everything is good lyrics,music and etc etc.You will not regret if you download this very fucking good shit.Cheers !!!

01.Scab On My Brain
04.Catch Your Breath
05.Seein' You
06.Lay Your Weapons Down
07.Coming Home
09.Break The Camels Back
10.Blocked Out
11.Tribute To The Jester
12.Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare
13.Alone Inside
14.One Light, One Mind
15.Find A Way


NOFX & Drowning Roses Split 7''

This great split was released in 1988 before Nofx released album "S&M Airlines".Nofx in 1988 whent on tour in Europe touring with Drowning Roses.When they finished tour with Nofx, Drowning roses asked them to record split with them and they recorded the split and selled in 500 copy.Just one more information Drowning roses few years later i think 91/92 they splited up.Split contains two songs but i liked more song
"Paradise" beucase SM airlines is sound here sounding like shit i preffere much on album version.I hope you will like this rare split.Cheers :)

01.Drowning Roses - Paradise
02.NOFX - S&M Airlines


subota, 23. travnja 2011.

Youth of Today - We're not in this Alone

Yeah this killer EP.I remmeber when i first time hear this great release.Release contains 13 songs and best to me is song called "No more".I think this album was the last one before they split up.I know that they release one more called "Youth Of Today EP " but this was the last one before they break up.Sound on release is the same like on "Break Down the Walls" , "Can't Close My Eyes" you will not be disappointed.I hope you will like this killer release.Cheers!!

01.Flame Still Burns
02.Slow Down
03.Choose to be
04.Put it Aside
05.Wake up and Live
06.No More
07.What goes Around
08.Potential Friends
09.Time we'll Remember
10.Live Free
13.Keep it Up


In My Eyes - The Difference Between (1998)

In My Eyes were a Boston Hardcore band that helped lead the late 90’s Youth Crew & Straight Edge revivals in the States.The band and its members were a part of the hot bed that was the Boston music scene in the late 90's and early 2000s. Members of the band also played in The Explosion, Fastbreak, and Panic. In My Eyes played their last show in October 2000, commemorating the second . The band was named after the Minor Threat song.Ok lets talk about a release :).This release is so fucking good fucking good lyrics fucking good vox fucking good music i really liked them so much.Band reminds me on Youth Of Today,Ten Yards Fight,Battery,Better Than a Thousand and etc. etc.I really recommended you to download this such a great release.I hope you will like this great release :).Peace !!

01.The Way It Was Left
02.The K.O.S.T.
03.Advice Taken
04.Lasting Values
05.Through The Motions
06.Actions Fall Short
07.Difference Between
08.In(My Eyes)tro This Is Our Time
09.My Reply
10.A Little Too Late
11.Courage To Care
13.Conversation Drifts


petak, 22. travnja 2011.

Wasted Youth-Reagan's In

Wasted Youth was a band in early 80s from Los Angeles, California, who played classic hardcore punk. The band followed in the footsteps of Black Flag and the Circle Jerks, and were a prominent and popular act amongst the Los Angeles punk underground of the early 1980’s.This release is better to me than "Get out of my yard".Release contains 10 great songs and very good recorded.I hope you will like this release.Cheers&Peace!!!

1.Fuck Authority
2.You're A Jerk
3.We Were On Heroin
4.Punk For A Day
5.Flush The Bouncers
6.Reagan's In
7.Problem Child
8.Teenage Nark
9.High Beefrag
10.Born Deprived


Verbal Assault - Volume One- The Masses & Learn

Verbal Assault was hardcore punk band hat started in Newport, Rhode Island.I dont' know many about this band i first they saw on one T-Shirt where drummer from NOFX Erik Sandin a.k.a. "Smelly" wears that t-shirt and i was very interested to find this hardcore band but there was problem to find this band beucase is to very hard to find and i must thnx to Dario from band called Let's Grow(very great hardcore band from Serbia) who helped me to find this great band check them out.This release are fucking good.This release contains 18 great songs and zipped two releases in here "The Masses and Learn ".Very great release i really recommended you to download.I hope you will like this great release.Cheers&Peace !!

2.Real Life
3.Pearsonal Edge
4.No Choice
5.I Don't Know
6.The Masses-Shaboo Shaboo
7.Shallow Graves
8.Look At You
9.The Pain
10.What Do You Do ?
12.When I Think
14.The Pain
16.Complain, Complain
17.The Price We Pay


četvrtak, 21. travnja 2011.

The F.U.'s-Do We Really Want to Hurt You

The F.U.'s are one of earliest boston hardcore bands in their time. Their first exposure was on the This is Boston, Not L.A. compilation along with fellow bands Jerry’s Kids and Gang Green but i wanna talk about this release.This release contains 13 great song but for me best song on this shit are song called "Do We Really Want to Hurt You" like a title of release.Its very fast&furios and great sound recording.I recommended this shit to download.I hope you will like this such a great release.Cheers!!

02.Rock the Nation
03.Pennies from Heaven
04.Ode to Larry Joe
05.Lick my Shiny Boots
06.Walking Tall
07.The Beast Within
08.Young, Fast, Iranians
09.Promised Land
12.Beast in my Bed
13.Do we Really want to Hurt you?


srijeda, 20. travnja 2011.

Nofx-Ten Years of Fuckin' Up 2003

Before anything saying i wanna apologise to all our fans.I know i was lazy bastard for one month not wrtinig and i promise i will do often post's.I wanna thnx again to 100 suscribers on blog fans i very appreciate this beucase you are staying true to the scene.And this is lets go on the post.I was searching for this shit for years beucase youtube is whole crap and shit and block fucking videos.I was hardly trying to find on internet this documentary but all uploads are on fucking rapidshare i hate fucking rapdishare i was downloading this shit for 2 fucking days beucase of fucking rapdishare.This documentary movie is made by band Nofx.In this documentary contains 1983 to 1993.This what i am posting this is version of 2003 re-released becuase you have bonus commentary of whole documentary.This documentary contains music videos and interviews very great documentary film i really recommended you to download.I hope you will like this great movie.Cheers

1.Stickin In My Eye
2.Johnny B. Goode
3.Green Corn
4.Shut Up Already
5.Shower Days
7.Straight Edge
8.S/M Airlines
9.Six Pack Girls
10.The Longest Line
11.Buggley Eyes
12.Beer Bong
13.Leave It Alone
14.Jaundiced Eye
15.Johnny Appleseed
16.Moron Brothers
17.Iron Man
19.Kill All The White Man