petak, 29. travnja 2011.

This is Boston not L.A.

This Is Boston, Not a hardcore punk compilation album released in 1982. It is considered the definitive album from the Boston hardcore scene, as several of the bands that were prominent in that scene appear on the album. On the cover is Gang Green playing at Streets nightclub in Boston.The compilation was mentioned by the punk rock band NOFX on their song "We Got Two Jealous Agains". The lyric reads "But when I saw Christ on Parade, and This is Boston, Not LA, I knew you were the one".This was one of the best compilation ever released in hardcore scene.This compilation contains 30 great songs and 7 legendary bands.I hope you will like this legendary compilaton.Cheers !!!

01.Jerry's Kids - Straight Jacket
02.Jerry's Kids - Uncontrollable
03.Jerry's Kids - Wired
04.Jerry's Kids - Desperate
05.Jerry's Kids - Pressure
06.Jerry's Kids - I Don't Wanna
07.The Proletariat - Options
08.The Proletariat - Religion is the Opium of the Masses
09.The Proletariat - Allegiance
10.Groinoiods - Angel
11.The F.U.'s - Preskool Dropouts
12.The F.U.'s - Radio Unix USA
13.The F.U.'s - Green Beret
14.The F.U.'s - Time is Money
15.Gang Green - Snob
16.Gang Green - Lie Lie
17.Gang Green - I Don't Care
18.Gang Green - Rabies
19.Gang Green - Narrow Mind
20.Gang Green - Kill a Commie
21.Gang Green - Have Fun
22.Decadence - Slam
23.The Freeze - Broken Bones
24.The Freeze - Idiots at Happy Hour
25.The Freeze - Now or Never
26.The Freeze - Sacrifice Not Suicide
27.The Freeze - It's only Alcohol
28.The Freeze - Trouble if You Hide
29.The Freeze - Time Bomb
30.The Freeze - Boston Not L.A.


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  1. **THANK YOU!!** this is fantastic and makes me proud of my Boston heritage!
    CHEERS and Good Luck!!8-)