srijeda, 27. travnja 2011.


Yeap past days was Pankerijada 2th anniversary when we started this shit.I remember me and dino was chiling outside and i told him dino why dont we start something with which we help grow punk scene and support bands.At first we planned to do a concert with bands that are never heard like war of bands and band who is the best on the gig that band will be gave a award but for few days we changed our minds and in that time dino was runing he's own blog and i got idea to do blog where will be writing about bands puting their demo's,sites,etc etc.And we create this blogspot shit then myspace and facebook.First of all we were thinking puting especially Croatian band but past few months we gave up because few of the bands from Croatia were grateful that they put on the blog.And now we are doing world-wide scene you can see on our blog from Europe,Asia,America and etc.We hope that this idea will not We hope that this idea will be dissolved as it is unusual for us here in Croatia.We hope for many years of good music,memories.Cheers&Peace

PS:We want thnx all our fans who support us from the first day and in the future and i hope that you will support us .

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  1. Happy birhtday to you, Pankerijada Staff! Power to the craotian punx and skins!

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