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In My Eyes - The Difference Between (1998)

In My Eyes were a Boston Hardcore band that helped lead the late 90’s Youth Crew & Straight Edge revivals in the States.The band and its members were a part of the hot bed that was the Boston music scene in the late 90's and early 2000s. Members of the band also played in The Explosion, Fastbreak, and Panic. In My Eyes played their last show in October 2000, commemorating the second . The band was named after the Minor Threat song.Ok lets talk about a release :).This release is so fucking good fucking good lyrics fucking good vox fucking good music i really liked them so much.Band reminds me on Youth Of Today,Ten Yards Fight,Battery,Better Than a Thousand and etc. etc.I really recommended you to download this such a great release.I hope you will like this great release :).Peace !!

01.The Way It Was Left
02.The K.O.S.T.
03.Advice Taken
04.Lasting Values
05.Through The Motions
06.Actions Fall Short
07.Difference Between
08.In(My Eyes)tro This Is Our Time
09.My Reply
10.A Little Too Late
11.Courage To Care
13.Conversation Drifts


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