srijeda, 27. travnja 2011.

III Repute-Oxnard, Land Of No Toilets

III Repute was hardcore punk comming from Oxnard, California USA.They are noted for popularizing the "Nardcore" sound in the mid-1980s hardcore punk scene, and recorded for Mystic Records.Mystic Records released back days very underground bands who are now very popular in world like Nofx.They where in Nardcore.The name is a reference to the Oxnard, California hardcore punk scene. This suburban community, sixty miles north of Los Angeles, California, was the spawning ground for many hardcore punk bands of the early '80s and became a hotbed for punk and skate bands collectively, their sound became known as "Nardcore." Nardcore tends to have a lot of the same characteristics as skate punk, but has a sound closer to traditional hardcore punk than skate punk. The nardcore symbol (a common design feature in logos on record covers and tattoos) was scribbled in a notebook years ago by Ismael Hernandez of Dr. Know.(Wiki)This release got 8 fast&skate&furious songs.I really liked this release and i hope you will like this good shit.Cheers

1.Fuck With My Head
2.In Society
3.Who Cares
4.Bad Rep
6.We'll Get Back At Them
8.I Won't Kill For You


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