petak, 22. travnja 2011.

Wasted Youth-Reagan's In

Wasted Youth was a band in early 80s from Los Angeles, California, who played classic hardcore punk. The band followed in the footsteps of Black Flag and the Circle Jerks, and were a prominent and popular act amongst the Los Angeles punk underground of the early 1980’s.This release is better to me than "Get out of my yard".Release contains 10 great songs and very good recorded.I hope you will like this release.Cheers&Peace!!!

1.Fuck Authority
2.You're A Jerk
3.We Were On Heroin
4.Punk For A Day
5.Flush The Bouncers
6.Reagan's In
7.Problem Child
8.Teenage Nark
9.High Beefrag
10.Born Deprived


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