petak, 22. travnja 2011.

Verbal Assault - Volume One- The Masses & Learn

Verbal Assault was hardcore punk band hat started in Newport, Rhode Island.I dont' know many about this band i first they saw on one T-Shirt where drummer from NOFX Erik Sandin a.k.a. "Smelly" wears that t-shirt and i was very interested to find this hardcore band but there was problem to find this band beucase is to very hard to find and i must thnx to Dario from band called Let's Grow(very great hardcore band from Serbia) who helped me to find this great band check them out.This release are fucking good.This release contains 18 great songs and zipped two releases in here "The Masses and Learn ".Very great release i really recommended you to download.I hope you will like this great release.Cheers&Peace !!

2.Real Life
3.Pearsonal Edge
4.No Choice
5.I Don't Know
6.The Masses-Shaboo Shaboo
7.Shallow Graves
8.Look At You
9.The Pain
10.What Do You Do ?
12.When I Think
14.The Pain
16.Complain, Complain
17.The Price We Pay


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