ponedjeljak, 25. travnja 2011.

NOFX & Drowning Roses Split 7''

This great split was released in 1988 before Nofx released album "S&M Airlines".Nofx in 1988 whent on tour in Europe touring with Drowning Roses.When they finished tour with Nofx, Drowning roses asked them to record split with them and they recorded the split and selled in 500 copy.Just one more information Drowning roses few years later i think 91/92 they splited up.Split contains two songs but i liked more song
"Paradise" beucase SM airlines is sound here sounding like shit i preffere much on album version.I hope you will like this rare split.Cheers :)

01.Drowning Roses - Paradise
02.NOFX - S&M Airlines


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