nedjelja, 5. srpnja 2009.

Va-Riot City Records-Punk Singles Collection

This is a UK 82 punk compilation the bands on the record are:
Vice Squad(2 songs)
The Insane(1 song)
Abrasive Wheels(3 songs)
Court Martial(3 songs)
Chaos UK(2 songs)
The Undead(2 songs)
The Expelled(2 songs)
Chaotic Dischord(3 songs)
Mayhem(2 songs)
Ejected(3 songs)
Resistance 77(1 song)
No Choice(1 song)
Emergency(1 song)
Sex Aids(1 song)
The Underdogs(1 song)
The Varukers(2 songs)

Download-Part 1

Download-Part 2

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