nedjelja, 22. studenoga 2009.

American 80's Hardcore Punk Compilation D.I.Y. Part 2.

1.7 seconds- Young 'til I Die
2.Adolescents- Wrecking Crew
3.Articles Of Faith - bad attitude
4.Bad Brains-Attitude
5.Battery- until the end
6.Black Flag - Rise Above
7.Circle Jerks-Red Tape
8.D.O.A. - The Prisoner
9.Descendents-I wanna be a bear
10.Fear- I Love Livin' In The City
11.Gang Green-protect and serve
12.Government Issue-Anarchy Is Dead
13.Minor Threat-stand up
15.Negative Approach - Why Be Something That You'Re Not
16.Negative Fx - nuclear fear
17.Nofx- bob turkee
18.Poison Idea- Ugly American
19.Reagan Youth-USA For Anarchy
21.SS Decontrol- No Reply
22.State Of Alert - Lost In Space
23.Teen Idles- Commie Song
24.The Germs - Circle One
25.Toxic Reasons- Riot squad
26.Youth Brigade - Violence


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  1. Give 'em hell my friend and don't stop. Pankerijada has been my friend for over a year and this post above has all my favorite bands. Who has time these days to do thatTHanks.
    VIacomclosedmedown on youtube and DU blog/ning

  2. Pankerijada is fantastic, I like this blog!