petak, 23. ožujka 2012.

Read this please !!!

Cheers crowd from us i didnt be here for like 3 months beucase we have problem with upload i don't know why and that's why we didnt do a post like 6 months.I saw again that people are leaving rude comments and now you read.WE HAVE NEVER OFFENDED ANYONE ON RACIST,POLITICAL,RELIGION,OR ANYBODY'S BLOG THIS IS FOR 4 TIME THAT SOMEONE WHO HAS NO LIFE COMMETING ON OTHER BLOG AND PUT'S IN THE NICKNAME "PANKERIJADA" WE LOVE OTHER BLOG AND PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT PUNK SCENE I AM SORRY REALLY BUT THAT IT'S NOT OUR FAULT BEUCASE IS SOMEONE CALLED IN NICKNAME PANKERIJADA.

Cheers from Pankerijada