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Framtid/Disclose-Split 7"


1-Disclose - Atomic Biological Chemical
2-Disclose - The Holocaust Of War
3-Disclose - Once The War Started
4-Framtid - Mind And Action
5-Framtid - Life Control
6-Framtid - Punishment


subota, 27. veljače 2010.

Agent Orange-Living In Darkness

01. Bloodstains (Orginal Version)
02. Too Young to Die
03. Everything Turns Grey
04. Miserlou
05. The Last Goodbye
06. No such Things
07. Cry for Help
08. Bloodstains
09. Living in Darkness
10. Pipeline
11. Breakdown
12. Mr. Moto
13. America
14. Bored of You
15. El Dorado
16. Agent Orange Interview 1981(Audio)


četvrtak, 25. veljače 2010.

Hellkrusher - Fields Of Blood EP 7"


1-Fields Of Blood
3-On And On
4-An End In View


Adolescents-Complete Demo 1980-1986

1. we can't change the world
2. black sheep
3. growing up today
4. we rule and you don't
5. i hate children
6. no friends
7. who is who
8. wrecking crew
9. wrecking crew 2
10. creatures
11. amoeba
12. self destruct
13. do the eddie
14. richard hung himself
15. liar
16. peasant song


srijeda, 24. veljače 2010.

Moskwa Demo 1

This band is legendary also with Siekiera, Dezerter, Deuter... they play hardcore punk with great noise vocals.The band was formed in 83 by Pavel(guitar/vocal), Piotr(bass/vocal), Tomek(drums).
The band is really worth of listening as i also said that they are legends in Poland and one great band to me.

And here you go their biography from myspace:

1983 - in a dirty, covered with smoke of the factory chimneys Polish town Lodz, the band Moskwa (Moscow) was formed - a big legend of Polish underground, one of the most original and charismatic bands of the Eastern-Europe punkrock scene. From the very beginning the most important role in the band played Pawel "Guma" Gumola - guitarist , singer, and author of almost all songs and lyrics, who soon became a symbol of the new movement. Already a couple of months after being formed, Moskwa attends successfully some local band-competitions, instantly raising great interest of the audience. Next year, Moskwa plays - as a newcomer - at the Rock Music Festival Jarocin (the biggest festival in Poland at that time). The band had an enthusiastic welcome and overnight became an insider tip in the Polish independent scene. The success at the festival made it possible to record four songs for the radio, which were later released on their first MC "Nigdy!" (Never!). The album soon gained "cult" status and showed that Moskwa successfully mixed aggressive and "gutsy" sound - inspired by bands like GBH (for whom they played support some years later) or Discharge - with their nihilistic, rooted in the reality of communist Poland lyrics. Next year the band toured extensively, playing innumerable concerts and festivals (among others "Rock Arena '85" in Poznan, Rock FAMA'85 in Swinoujscie, III Grand Festival Robrege, and Jarocin Rock Musik Festival '85 - this time as a headliner ). The band keeps on touring and plays also at the "1 Zlocie Mlodziezy Cynicznej Ery Atomowej - Nowa Scena" (1st Meeting of the Youth of the Cynical Atom Era) in Gdynia. Jarocin Festival '86 was very important in Moskwa's history due to the interest of British Television, which resulted in their appearence on the BBC's film about the Polish rock-scene: "My Blood, Your Blood". The film was broadcasted in seven countries (among others U.K, U.S.A, Sweden) and came - strongly censored - in polish cinemas next year. Because of the communist censorship, Polish official media refused to call the band - Moskwa, choosing less "dangerous" names of "M-kwa", or the like. Of course the fans knew who was meant by this, and the band themselves never changed their name. In 1986/87 Moskwa appears in three more films: "Fala" (The wave) directed by P. Lazarkiewicz, "Opowiesc Harleya" (Harleys Tale) directed by W. Helak and "Wiecej bluesa" (More blues) directed by P. Lazarkiewicz) - a record of the concert in the Penitentiary Nr. 1 in Strzelce Opolskie. Because of the miserable equipment Guma recites the text before each song to the sentenced to 20-25 years, perforcely seated audience. The prisoners had built a drum set to welcome the band, but during the gig they were not supposed to even stand up (not to talk of pogo) The band changes quite often its line up, but always the constant element stays the leader- Guma. 1987: The band plays among others at the "IV Rock... Dla Spragnionych Muzyki - Nowa Scena" in Sopot , "Rock Music Festival Jarocin'87" and "V Grand Festival Robrege" March 1989- two years after being recorded - their first LP comes out - at last! Self titled album ("Moskwa"- LP Pronit) was recorded with the Warsaw-line up: Darek "Maleo" Malejonek on the bass, on drums - Gogo Szultz and Piotr Stopa Zyzelewicz (Izrael, Kultura, Armia, Voo Voo, T.Love and 2Tm2,3). The first edition of 20.000 copies was sold out immediately and got big praises from the music-critics. Concerts across the country and Rock Music Festival Jarocin'89 August 1990: Moskwa supports the grandiose "Killing Joke" at the "VII Grand Festival Robrege". In the Autumn - club concerts in Germany and a recording session for the new LP "Zycie Niezwykle" (Extraordinary Life) which comes out at the end of the year. 1991: The band practically ceases to exist...soon, influenced by the inner changes of the leader and his interest in meditation and eastern religions a new mystically-musical project "5000 Lat" is called into life, but that is another story. 1994 - A CD reedition of the LP "Nigdy!" is released. Summer 1998: The magazine "Pop Noise" releases a sample-CD mit HC/Punk and New Wave Bands - "Porzucona Generacja". June 2001: The release of "Moskwa - 1984 Koncert". It is the recording of the concert from the 15th of May 1984 in "Siodemki", Lodz. September 2001: Reactivation of the band with: Guma - guitar, vocal, Tomasz "Mech" Wojciechowski - guitar (ex- Blitzkrieg, Jezabell Jazz, Closterkeller), Krzysztof Grudzinski - bass, Jacek "Spinio" Cynkier - drums; in November first concerts since a long time in Lodz, Wroclaw i Poznan. June 2002: Concerts in Germany (Hamburg, Berlin), more and more concerts in Poland, among others - a phenomenal gig in Rock-Café Gdansk. December 2002: Re-release of the first LP "Moskwa" on the CD. Apart from the material from the debut album, as a bonus, it also contains rarieties from the early recording sessions in Radio Lodz and live-versions from (among others) Rock Music Festival Jarocin'84, Rock FAMA'85, Riwiera-Remont'87, as well as, little known videoclips and live material. August 2005: The band plays a furious concert for more than 300 000 people at the Woodstock Festival in Poland as a co-headliner with "Die Toten Hosen". The concert had been filmed by the TV Kreciola and was broadcasted on the Polish television. A DVD is in preparation. In Winter - guest performances with "Armia" - three songs appear on "Armia's 20th anniversary" DVD. 2006: On the road again with "Armia" and "2Tm2,3".




1-Deras Krig
2-Regerings Stdda Mord
3-Dagen Efter


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Faith&Void -Split Album

This record is nothing short of amazing, teaming two of the best hardcore bands from the early Washington DC scene. Void is unlike anything else before or after - totally spastic and disjointed punk rock that often seems like it's about to fall apart into noisy chaos only to go blasting back into anthemnic hardcore. Jon Weiffenbach's shrieked vocals are almost as over the top as the music. Bubba Dupree stands out as a DC guitar player who experimented with feedback and atonal solos in the same mind as Greg Ginn or Hendrix but with a weirdness that only Void could accomplish. These songs range from the more normal hardcore anthems like "My Rules" to total freakouts like the lead track "Who Are You" which combines a Sabbath-like riff with all out thrash and stops only for a break that consists of guitar feedback and random bass notes. "Organized Sports" also destroys all expectations with the most bizarre back-up vocals ever recorded. The only band that comes close to this insanity is Deep Wound.

On the Faith side you get a similarly diverse, if more standard set of DC hardcore. These guys are so underappreciated it's sad. Minor Threat's influence is still obvious in tracks like "Face to Face," but Faith definately had their own thing going on. For one thing, Alec's voice is totally spiteful, and the slow songs really have a darkness that no other DC band came near to. At times, "You're X'd" being one, Faith almost sound like they should have been from Boston. I think the "Subject to Change" LP is where this band really left their mark, but these tracks show why people have called them the heart of harDCore. This split captures Void at their peak, just before they fell apart into bad metal and non-songs, and Faith before they added the melodic element that would change the whole DC sound.



1. It's Time
2. Face to Face
3. Trapped
4. In Control
5. Another Victim
6. What's Wrong With Me
7. What You Think
8. Confusion
9. You're X'd
10. Nightmare
11. Don't Tell Me
12. In the Black



1. Who Are You
2. Time to Die
3. Condensed Flesh
4. Ignorant People
5. Change Places
6. Ask Them Why
7. Organized Sports
8. My Rules
9. Self Defense
10. War Hero
11. Think
12. Explode


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AK 47-Gdje Umire Autoritet Rađa Se Sloboda

01. Crno crvene brigade
02. Zavjera
03. Vijeèna borba
04. O sestrama brate
05. Barikade
06. Realnost
07. HRT
08. Akcija
09. Milijuni godisne
10. Mc Donalds
11. Profiti
12. Teroristi(ZRM)



I uploaded one live from Hanley (11.3.83), and their practice from 80-s nice stuff download.


1-Sick Boy
4-Time Bomb
7-I Am The Haunted
9-Catch 23
10-Give Me Fire
11-City Baby Attacked By Rats
12-No Survivors



2-She's A Killer
3-Wall of Sound
6-Prospective Convicted
7-Parisian Dictator
8-Drug's Party
9-Vietnam Blues
10-Sick Boy
13-Time Bomb
16-I Am The Haunted
18-Catch 23
19-Give Me Fire
20-City Baby Attacked By Rats
21-No Survivors
23-Bell End Bop


Reagan Youth - Live And Rare


1-It s A Beautiful Day
3-Go Nowhere
4-New Aryans
5-No Class
6-Urban Savages
7-Brave New World
8-Acid Rain
10-Are You Happy
12-I Hate Hate
13-In Dog We Trust
14-Reagan Youth
16-I Hate Hate


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Ungovernable Resistance(DIY RADIO)

Ungovernable Resistance: Wednesday's 7-10pm UK/8-11pm Euro/2-5pm EST (North America)/3-6pm South America (Bra) & Saturday's: 6pm-9pm UK/ 7pm-10pm European time/ & 1pm-4pm EST (North America)/ South America 3-6pm (Bra).

Music featured: D-Beat, Crust, Punk, Hardcore, and Crossover, Crust Grind, Political Grind, Non Corp Grind, Stench, & Power Violence. Craziness is also part of this show. Anti establishment radio or whatever I feel like with a soundtrack to match.






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Bend je počeo sa probama krajem 4 mjeseca 2009 godine, prva postava je bila Krista-bubnjevi, Andrej-gitara, Oroz-vokal, falio nam je bass pa nam je nekih mjesec dana svirao Danijel.Ali nakon neslaganja u bendu,Andrej odlazi i ostajemo nas 2,nakon toga mjenja se postava bobo preuzima bubnjeve , ali nam je ostao bass problem pa smo nakon par probi ubacili Tivu da svira . Sviramo žestoki Hc/punk utjecajem Americke i Skandinavske hc punk scene.Snimili smo demo sa 6 stvari(2009).

2.Lazne nade
5.Wasted(Circle Jerks)
6.Victims Of Politics



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Ungovernable Resistance(DIY RADIO)

Please Support This Radio every Wednesday and Saturday The Best DIY underground radio i ever heard




Like A Texas Murder-Demo 2010

1.Mundo Imundo
2.Povo de Merda
4.Bloody Wars
5.Veja Bem
6.Patrao Comediao
7.Musica de Merda
8.Texas BBQ of Doom
9.Vamos Todos Comemorar
10.Nota Fiscal Paulista
11.Homem de Preto



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Ungovernable Resistance(DIY RADIO)




Massive shout out & thanks to the bands so far who want to help us & are submitting music for the album.

So again the DEADLINE IS FRIDAY 12TH FEB (1 WEEK TODAY). After that i will chase up any loose ends an make sure we have everything to develop the next stage.
Bands included so far are:

Down To Kill (UK), Black Skull Squadron (UK), Fucks Sake (UK), Diskent (Sweden), Ruggine (Italy), Oiz II Men (UK), Henry Fonda (Ger), Zora (Italy), subside (Croatia), Haroldshitman (UK), Parapsychotic (Canada), Slaktrens (Sweden), Scooter Trash (USA), Union Strike (USA), Freedom is Lie (Hungary), Wages Of Fear (USA), Diskelma (Finland), Sub Alert (Sweden), Plakkaggio (Italy), Social Chaos (Brazil), Filthy Charity (France), Burnt Cross (UK), Mental Killing Spree (Ger), The Washingtonians (France), Global Parasite (UK), For Fucksake (USA), Campus Stermnii (Italy), Trauma (Italy), I Know (Belarus), Il Disasgio (Italy), Mass Obliteration (Italy), P.F.A (Hungary), Maniakatz (col), Imminent Chaos (Brazil), Quarto Potere (Italy), Tacheless (Germany), Psychotic Sufferance (Malaysia), Orchard of The Living (USA), The Horror (Spain), Kalazaar (Greece), Per Capita (Ger), Carlos Dunga (Italy), Gallery (USA), Deportation (Belguim), Dead Subverts (UK), Poster ITI (Turkey), Raw Power (Italy), Germ Bombs (Sweden), Miseria (Italy), Greed Killing (Germany), Temple of Dagon (USA), Miseria (Italy), Krasskepala (Indonesia), Active Slaughter (UK), Deadfuck (USA), Defekt (Macedonia), Iszonyat (Hungary), The Bristles (Sweden), Audio Kollaps (Ger), Testament (Anarchist Hip Hop, Canada), Fuser (Italy), Punk Virus (Italy), Distanásia (Brazil), Totalickers (Spain), Zudas Krust (Indonesia), Shit With Cornflakes (Bra).

We have a distro on board (screaming from the gutter) and would like to develop digital copies. - john (ruggine) runs the screaming from the gutter site is making some cds for us -25-50 hard copies as that's all I can afford. If I can get more hard copies done which I will try, but I have to be realistic. others distros that have offered to help with getting this out include: Scullcrusher Distro (, & Schizofrehn Distro (, Punk As Fuck/Blogg As Fuck (, Active Rebellion (UK) have also kindly offered to help with distroing the cd.

digital versions will be hosted on screaming from the gutter and wherever else will be willing to host the compilation. looking at mp3 format so we can get everyone on the cd.

screaming from the gutter is looking at an organisation called 'doctors without borders' ( that will ensure that all funds raised will go haiti and not some fat cunt cat in a suit. if anyone knows of any other organisations that could help then please message me.
More info on -

Distros so far: Screaming From The (DIY Collective) - We have plans to make CD copies of the album which will be available through Screaming From The Gutter & any distros willing to be involved. Digital copies will also be available.

This is a DIY album developed by Ungovernable Resistance with help & participation from Screaming From The Gutter DIY Collective.

Get in touch & get involved!

Genres for Fuck Corporate Wank
D-Beat, Crust, Stench, Punk (non pop - anarcho, hc, etc), Hardcore, Power Violence, Crossover, Grindcore (non corp), Crust Grind, Thrash Grind, Political Grind, Anarcho Death Metal, Anarchist Political Hip Hop.

Strictly must match the show & the above.


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Schleim Keim - Demo


1-Sieh Dort
2-Scheiß Norm
4-Spione Im Cafe
8-Schwarz Rot Gold
10-Vor Vielen Tausend Jahren
11-Nein Nein Nein
13-In Der Kneipe Zur Trockenen Kehle
14-Kriege Machen Menschen
15-Ich Liebte Sie Die Ganze Nacht
16-Werkzeug Der Macht
20-Haben Haben Haben
21-Schläger Bedrohen Unser Leben
22-Mein Garten
23-Mein Weg
24-Mit Dem Knüppel In Der Hand


utorak, 2. veljače 2010.

Nonsense-Red i Rad

Recorded by Gera - guitars, Dena - drums, and Kktz - vocals. Special thanx to File Studio Depth for help.

Songs Tko je tvoj neprijatelj? and Sada are new versions by Dena, Kktz and Gera, of songs made by Gera and Kktz as Nonsense in early 90's. Nacija, new version by Dena, Kktz and Gera, with lyrics translated and partly remade, of the song Stupid Nation that Kktz wrote and played with Antitude in early 90's. Zivim kao pseto, new version by Dena, Kktz and Gera, with lyrics translated and partly remade, of the song Living like a dog that Kktz wrote while playing with Dislike in mid/late 90's. U.B.R. is the cover song of same named Slovenian / former Yugoslavian 80's hardcore band. Vidim Krv is the cover song of Bosnia and Herzegovina / former Yugoslavian 80's hardcore band Zenevski Dekret. It's no t.v sketch is Discharge cover song.

"Red i Rad" is about bringing back the anger and approach of traditional former Yugoslavian and worldwide hardcore trash. We are not "retro" or "old school", this sound is what we think is missing today, and for Nonsense it perfectly fits the harsh subjects that we are dealing with; life at Balkans, wars, corruption, ideological hipocrisy, and social decay. No preaching here, just the real life disillusion and despair. We follow no "scene" or any other rules for what we should think or play, this demo is our answer to all of that.

1) zivim kao pseto
2) sada
3) nacija
4) tko je tvoj neprijatelj?
5) u.b.r.
6) vidim krv
7) it's no t.v. sketch(Discharge)