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Cockney Rejects

The Cockney Rejects formed in 1979, in London's East End, the band came from a working class background. Formed by Micky Geggus and Jeff "tinky" Turner with Vince Riordan and Andy Scott completing the line up for their 1st recording, The Flares and Slippers E. P on the independent label Small Wonder. The success of the E. P. and the bands rapidly increasing following led to interest from E.M.I, who was quick to sign the band to their label. Releasing their 1st single I Am Not A Fool in December 1979, the single reached number 65 in the charts firmly announcing the bands arrival.

They followed this up quickly with Bad Man also reaching number 65. Then the band hit the top 30 with there 3rd single the Greatest Cockney Rip Off, which reached number 21 and spent 7 weeks in the charts leading to their 1st appearance on Top Of The Pops.

The next single the West Ham anthem I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles reached number 35 and following singles We Can Do Anything and We Are The Firm, both also charted. All these songs came from their 1st album Greatest Hits Vol 1. By the time of their second album Greatest Hits Vol 2 there had been a change in line up with Nigel Woolf replacing Andrew Scott, but the album saw the band firmly establish themselves as the leading street punk band, with a large skins and punk following all over britain and europe, but always attracting a large East End following even on the road, this and the bands explosive stage presence sometimes led to bits of trouble in the crowd, but the rejects are at their best live and to this day still in demand all over the world to perform at gigs and festivals. Their song OI OI OI from the 2nd album even led to the street punk scene being referred to as oi music such was the bands influence among there peers.

There was another change in drummer by the time of their 3rd album Greatest Hits Vol 3 with Keith"Sticks"Warrington taking over the role. This album was recorded live in the studio in front of a specially invited audience. Their 4th album The Power And The Glory saw the band change to a more rock sound, and even though it was probably better musically and lyrically not all of their previous fans appreciated it. But it proved they was no 1 trick ponies. They entered further into the rock territory with the Wild Ones album produced by U.FO'S Pete Way, the band also released Quiet Storm and Unheard Rejects before disbanding in 1985, only to briefly return in 1990 and release the album Lethal.

Years later bored and eager to return to action the band reformed with Jeff"Stinky"Turner and Micky Geggus recruiting Tony Van Frater and Lees Cobb, recording Greatest Hits Vol 4 and Out For The Gutter, also playing live all over the world.

The Rejects have always stayed loyal to there fans and East End roots and in 2004 played somewhat of a home coming gig, at the West Ham working men's club, with tickets changing hands for over £100 a piece.

The band have since signed to their current label G&R London and enjoyed a triumphant return to form with their latest album Unforgiven with new drummer Andrew Lang. The album is full of edgy lyrics with an updated sound is oi for the 21st century. Also with the release of there first DVD Cockney Rejects East End to the West End they continue to go from strength to strength, and with a busy touring schedule they show no signs of slowing down proving the Cockney Rejects Really Can Do Anything!!!




1.Power and the glory
2.Because I'm in love
3.On the run
6.Teenage fantasy
7.It's over
8.On the streets again
10.Greatest story ever told the
12.Beginning of the end


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