ponedjeljak, 25. srpnja 2011.

You Suck!-And You Know It's True

You Suck! are hardcore punk band comming from Italy (Dont' mix with powerviolence straight edge band from UK).Yes yes and yes this release rocking fucking great i have not words for this great release but i will wrote something about this.This release very reminds me on band from Netherland called Vitamin X i think that You Suck! have lot of influence of Vitamin X.This great release contains 10 songs but i think this release is not longer than 11 mins.Very fast and furios release i recommended you to download this great release.I hope you will like this great release.Cheers&Peace !!

1.Live Fast, Die Fun!
3.Tired Of You
4.Tribute My Ass
5.Curling Oppression
6.Trash Your Life
7.Dive Or Die !
8.Long Lyric Up Your Ass
9.Push It Fast!
10.State Of Mind


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