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Negative Approach

Negative Approach was formed in August 1981 in Detroit, Michigan by John Brannon and Pete Zelewski, supposedly after seeing a Black Flag/Necros show. The first NA lineup consisted of Brannon on vocals, Rob McCulloch on guitar, Pete Zelewski on bass and Zuheir on drums. Not long after, Zelewski left the band to form the Allied and was replaced by Rob McCulloch's brother Graham.[1] Zuheir was later replaced by Chris "Opie" Moore. The lineup of Brannon/McCulloch/McCulloch/Moore would remain unchanged until NA disbanded.

NA's first gig was in the basement of Necros drummer Todd Swalla's mother's home. Soon after, they recorded a demo, and followed that up with an appearance on the Process of Elimination compilation 7” EP, released on Meatmen frontman Tesco Vee's fledgling Touch & Go label, named after his fanzine of the same name. The comp also featured the Necros and the Meatmen, among others. NA, the Necros and the Meatmen then embarked on the Process of Elimination tour. Though this “tour” consisted of a mere three shows (Boston, New York City and Washington, DC), it is cited as being a key event in the early spread of hardcore.

The first proper Negative Approach studio release came in 1982 with their self-titled 7” EP, also on Touch & Go. It contained some now-legendary songs such as “Can't Tell No One,” “Ready To Fight” and “Nothing,” which is considered by many to be the quintessential NA song.The quality of the recording is quite poor, but the performances themselves are powerful, and the record is now held in nearly universal high regard by hardcore fans.

The following year saw the release of the Tied Down LP, also venerated as a hardcore classic. While it mostly contains more of the same ultra-fast, angry music as the 7”, the band also branched out somewhat and included a plodding dirge (“Evacuate”) and a (relatively) mid-tempo rocker (“Dead Stop”) on the album.

The classic line-up fell apart in 1983. Rob McCulloch claims that the band had grown weary of the group's reputation for writing negative lyrics but that John Brannon was not comfortable writing differently . Also, Rob has stated that John's involvement with Larissa Stolarchuk from L-Seven was another source of tension for the group. The band re-grouped long enough to record the Tied Down LP, then split for good.

Afterwards, Brannon assembled a new line-up with members Kelly Dermody (guitar), Dave (bass) and Mike (drums). This version of Negative Approach played a series of live shows throughout 1984 which featured some new songs, such as "Obsession," "Tunnel Vision," "Kiss Me Kill Me" and a cover of "I Got A Right" by the Stooges. This line-up can be heard on the Live at the Newtown Theater bootleg 7" and some live tracks recorded at Boston's Paradise club that appear on the Total Recall. discography CD. The new line-up of the band split during the first week of their tour in support of Tied Down, playing their last show in Memphis.


Years active:1981–1983,2006–Present



1. Lost Cause
2. Can't Tell No One
3. Sick Of Talk
4. Pressure
5. Why Be Something That You're Not
6. Nothing
7. Fair Warning
8. Ready To Fight
9. Lead Song
10. Whatever I Do
11. Negative Approach
12. Tied Down
13. Hypocrite
14. Evacuate
15. Said And Done
16. Nothing
17. Your Mistake
18. Live Your Life
19. Friend Or Foe
20. Dead Stop
21. I'll Survive
22. Can't Tell No One [live]
23. What Ever I Do [live]
24. Ready To Fight [live]
25. Chaos [live]
26. Pressure - Fair Warning [live]
27. Lost Cause [live]
28. Genocide - Nothing [live]
29. Never Surrender [live]
30. D.A.B.F. [live]
31. Said And Done [live]
32. Sick Of Talk - N.A. [live]
33. Your Mistake [demo]
34. Tied Down [demo]
35. I'll Survive [demo]
36. Kiss Me Kill Me [live]
37. I Got A Right [live]
38. Tunnel Vision [live]

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