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Peter and the test tube babies-interview

Pankerijada presents you the legends Peter and the test tube babies ,and the interview with them, which goes like this:

1.Here goes the first question,tell me who are you,what do you play in the band and write something short about the band?

I'm Del, the guitar player and songwriter. We are a punk band from Brighton in England. We have been playing together for 31 years.

2.How did you first get the idea of starting a band and why the name Peter and the test tube babies?

When we first started we never really had a name we used to make something up on the night. Peter and the Pints of Beer, Peter and the
Packets of Peanuts etc... Then, in 1978 we were walking down the street and we saw a news paper headline 'WORLDS FIRST TEST TUBE BABY BORN'
and that one just stuck.

3.Who are you biggest role models,and with who would you like to play the most?

Funny words "role model" and "heroes", not sure I approve of their use. Been influenced by a lot of people,
well everyone you meet in your life influences you, good or bad, but i'm not sure if I want to think of them as heroes or role models.
I wouldn't want to be thought of as hero or role model. If I had to choose, I would choose people that lived life to the full
like Oliver Reed, Keith Moon or Charles Darwin!!

4.Who writes most of your lyrics,and where do you get the inspiration and motivation for writing them?

Peter used to write the the lyrics and I (the music). But in the second half of the season
I have been writing and producing everything with Peter throwing me the occasional scrap to decypher, cut and paste!!

5.About what do you write your lyrics?

Just strange stuff that happens around me. Alternative ways to look at life and experiences. Turning normality upside down!

6.Which one of your published albums are your favorite?

The next one.

7.What is your most memorable gig ever?

Can't remember many. Mainly remember tours as a sort of long enjoyable blur or a long unenjoyable blur. Best tour was
probably the Dead Kennedys 'Plastic Surgery Disasters tour'. Most talked about gig was our headline at the Olympic auditorium
in Los Angeles in 1983, Suicidal Tendancies, JFA, TSOL and the Adicts were also on the bill wihk 4000 young LA punks there.
It was Tony Hawks first ever punk show. We were too out of it and played shit and the PA was crap but no-one seemed to care,
certainley not us, It was all about the occasion.

8.What do you think about todays punk scene,and the one back in the 80-es?

Punk is Punk.
It's a lifestyle and an attitude, not an immigration form to fill in for the fashion police! , It's not a scene or a time or a
place of birth. It's about making your own rules and respecting people that deserve it. It doesn't matter if you can play good music or not.
It's about how you interact with other people on this planet. Wether you're Sparticus or Cool Hand Luke, It's about rebelling against greedy
people, ripping them off and having fun! and never giving in!!

9.Do you have any plans for the future, like a new album or tours around Europe?

We're getting some new songs together at the moment. Going to start recording this year. we continuing with festivals around Europe and our
usual Christmas tour has been scheduled for Christmas.

10.How did you like playing in Croatia,Pula and Zagreb?How do you like the croatian audience and punk scene?

We love Pula and Zagreb. We always have a great time here!


11.What do you do apart from playing in peter and the test tube babies

I tour manage other bands and give them the benefit of my long experience

12.And the last question, tell us briefly where will you play your next gigs,and we hope to see
you play in Osijek,Croatia someday,it"s been a pleasure talking to you,cheers!

Up coming shows are listed below,
Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!
Hope to see you soon in Osijek, Croatia!
4 Jul 2009 Festival Del Oeste - Caceres - Spain
18 Jul 2009 Back to the Future Festival - Dessau - Germany
7 Aug 2009 Rebellion Festival - Wintergardens - Blackpool - UK
12 Sep 2009 Sarsted Open Air - Sarsted - Germany
2 Oct 2009 The Stockroom - Sheffield - UK
3 Oct 2009 The Flapper - Birmingham - UK
9 Oct 2009 The Furnace - Swindon - UK
17 Oct 2009 Mondo Bizarro - Rennes - France
18 Oct 2009 Holidays in the Rain 5 - Pena Festayre - Paris - France
30 Oct 2009 Elm Street Rock Cafe - Oslo - Norway
31 Oct 2009 Studenten - Steinkjer - Norway
21 Nov 2009 Milkweg - Amsterdam - Holland

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