utorak, 2. studenoga 2010.

Negative FX-Government war plans 2003

Negative Fx is hardcore straight edge band from Boston formed in 1981.Negative Fx was part of early Boston hardcore along with mates in DYS and SSD bands.They played i think 5-6 six gigs.Their style is fast and angry and have two releases. It is interesting that they influenced many bands in 80's with one record and with few gigs for me that's fucking great,like Nofx took words fx from Negative fx band.This demo was released 2003.If you like fast and angry music this demo is just for you.

01. Government war plans
02. I.D.N.T.F.S.
03. Feel like a man
04. Negative fx
05. V.F.W.
06. Protester
07. Nuclear fear
08. I can’t take it anymore


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