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Xtract - Insanity Living Demo 1981

The band was formed in 79 in Bolton but they really started to play in 1980 when Harvi(vocal) camed to the band, in that year they had much gigs around London.
Band was singed to the Pax records, in 83 Karl left Xtract and started to play with Exploited and then Xtract split-up.But in 85 Harvi was not satisfied what happened to the band so he decided to call the former band members to play again but nobody wanted to play but he found 3 new guys.
Barney(guitar), Dylan(drums), Jon Kitson(bass), soon after that Karl left Exploited and he moved back to Bolton then Harvi asked him to get back to the band and he accepted in that year they had great gigs as the support band that tour with main bands like G.B.H, UK Subs, Broken Bones.
They splited up in 85 when Karl left the band to play the second guitar with Broken Bones, they are playing again hope to see them somewhere.


1-Insanity Living
2-Land Of Hope And Glory
3-Troops Of Fear
4-Aftermath Demo Version


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