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Versaute Stiefkinder

The german punk band "Versaute Stiefkinder" formed together in may 1993 in the east part of Germany.The members played in some other punk bands befor,such as "Umsturz im Kinderzimmer","Coka Coma" and "Atonal".The meaning of Versaute Stiefkinder in english language is something like "Messed up Stepchildren".At first they just formed the band because they were bored of all the bad punk bands and wanted to make something better.So they started to record 2 tapes which are named "Neue entsetzliche Enthüllungen" and "Bunkerchaoten".After playing alot of shows they released their singles "Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm" and "Verlierer" in 1994 and also put a few songs on sampler cds with friends such as Barbarenmusi or HöhnieRecords.Two years later in 1996 the first full lenght LP/CD got released."Die Demokratie muß gelegentlich in Blut gebadet werden"(The Democracy must be bathed in Blood") started a big controverse because of its political statements and lyrics.The line-up at that time was Murks-drums,E-Hans-git.,O.L.-git.,Reni-bass,Babsi-vox and Liesel-vox.All lyrics throughout the years were written by Liesel.Again two years later in 1998 the second album got released at Nasty Vinyl records.The LP/CD is called "Die Zeichen stehn auf Krieg"(The Signs indicate war) and this time the style of the music and lyrics was even more rough.This album is on of the most agressive punk releases in Germany till this day.The line-up changed and now Ronny played the drums and Olli th guitar.Reni still played bass,O.L. his guitar and Liesel is and always was the throat of the band.By now the original line-up doesn't exist anymore and no more releases followed after their second LP.After many shows with german punk legends such as "Schleim Keim,"L'Attentat","Razzia","Korrupt","Rawsie","Rasta Knast" or "The Annoyed",the band built their name in the scene and is one of the most important german punk bands ever.In 2008 Benni from "SS-Kaliert" asked the original singer Liesel for playing shows as "Versaute Stiefkinder" and at the Höhnie-Party 2009 was the unforgettable show with the line-up of Benni-git.,A.G.-git.,Nils-bass,Fab-drums and still Liesel-vox.Today the two LP/CDs are still available at several labels and Liesel and SS-Kaliert keep playing Vesaut Stiefkinder songs on their shows...




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