četvrtak, 21. travnja 2011.

The F.U.'s-Do We Really Want to Hurt You

The F.U.'s are one of earliest boston hardcore bands in their time. Their first exposure was on the This is Boston, Not L.A. compilation along with fellow bands Jerry’s Kids and Gang Green but i wanna talk about this release.This release contains 13 great song but for me best song on this shit are song called "Do We Really Want to Hurt You" like a title of release.Its very fast&furios and great sound recording.I recommended this shit to download.I hope you will like this such a great release.Cheers!!

02.Rock the Nation
03.Pennies from Heaven
04.Ode to Larry Joe
05.Lick my Shiny Boots
06.Walking Tall
07.The Beast Within
08.Young, Fast, Iranians
09.Promised Land
12.Beast in my Bed
13.Do we Really want to Hurt you?


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