subota, 23. travnja 2011.

Youth of Today - We're not in this Alone

Yeah this killer EP.I remmeber when i first time hear this great release.Release contains 13 songs and best to me is song called "No more".I think this album was the last one before they split up.I know that they release one more called "Youth Of Today EP " but this was the last one before they break up.Sound on release is the same like on "Break Down the Walls" , "Can't Close My Eyes" you will not be disappointed.I hope you will like this killer release.Cheers!!

01.Flame Still Burns
02.Slow Down
03.Choose to be
04.Put it Aside
05.Wake up and Live
06.No More
07.What goes Around
08.Potential Friends
09.Time we'll Remember
10.Live Free
13.Keep it Up


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