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Together with Solunski Front and Necrophilia,Distress belonged to the first wave of Belgrade hc punk bands during the '80's.It was founded in 1981. and was primarily called Herpes Distress(whose few songs you can find on the Buka i Urlik comp.tape from 1983) in order to change it in 1982. into just Distress.They were greatly influenced by Finnish bands such as Rattus,Kaaos and Bastards.In the year 1984 they enter the studio and record songs for the legendary Put u raj 7'',which was released on vinyl 12 years after,in 1996. in 200 copies.This band was and still is one of the greatest bands of ex Yugoslav scene.


1-Izdaja Ljudskih Prava
4-Put U Raj


Slipa(vocal), Milence(guitar/back vocal), Ilija(rhythm guitar), Rade(bass), Ale(drmus)

Download-Distress Put U Raj 7" (Trip To Heaven)

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