utorak, 15. prosinca 2009.

Bad Brains-Bad Brains 1982

They are an a American hardcore punk band that was formed in Washington D.C in 1977 they were one of the first to play hardcore punk, we call them pioneers of hardcore.
They were formed originally as a jazz band under the name of Mind Power, they were also an reggae band and they splited up and reformed several times (1977-1984, 1986-1995 etc)


1-Saillin On
2-Dont Need It
4-The Regulator
5-Banned In D.C
6-Jah Calling
7-Supertouch Shitfit
8-Leaving Babylon
9-Fearless Vampire Killers
11-Big Take Over
12-Pay To Cum
13-Right Brigade
14-I Luv I Jah
16-Jah Calling Dub (Bonus Track)


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