četvrtak, 10. prosinca 2009.

Anarcho Punk Vol 4 - Anti Capitalism


1-Conflict - Mighty And Superior
2-Living Legends - Island Wars
3-Crass - What Do You Want
4-Atomic Filth - Atomic Filth
5-Anarka and Poppy - If It Dies We Die
6-D-V - Wake Up
7-Cold War - The Machinist
8-Legion Of Parasites - Massacre
9-The Epileptics - What Have You Got To Smile About
10-Rudimentary Peni - Teenage Time Killer
11-Tears Of Destruction - Death Of A Nation
12-Danbert Nobacon - A Million Wat Tylers
13-Kulturkampf - We Need No More
14-Dominant Patri - Death Of Thomas
15-The Cravats - XMP
16-Slaughter Of The Innocent - A New Dark Age
17-Freeborn - I Want My Life To Begin
18-Culture Shock - Ten Per Cent Off
19-Anathema - Your Ulster
20-Committee - Ring The Bell
21-Nick Toczek - Road Crash
22-Hex - Decide
23-Antisect - Heresy


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