utorak, 1. prosinca 2009.


Don t know much about the band only that they are from Hungary and i think that they started in 83, in that time in Hungary was time of communism so they had much shit with the police and i think that they have been exiled from the country because they charged them that their name means "Battalion For Killing Gypsis".
Band is good and i recommend you to download they have 2 songs from "Pekinska Patka" that they remaked and one more thing the band is very rare i doubt you can download them somewhere CHEERS!!!


1-Hosszúhajú gyerekek
2-Hard rock már nem él
3-Pekinska patka
4-Mindenki tetü az MNK-ban
5-Báb vagy
6-Mindennek te vagy az oka
8-Áll egy ifjú élmunkás a téren
9-Primitív bunkó
10-Mindent megeszünk
11-Erdős Péter


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