nedjelja, 27. prosinca 2009.

Restarts-Actively Seeking Work

The Restarts are: Kieran bass/vocals, Robin guitar/vocal and Bram drums. The Restarts formed back in 1995, in Hackney, London's East End. We are a socially aware, three piece punk band. For the last 12 years we have been gigging in and around the UK and Europe, playing squat gigs and pubs mostly. We have been to the USA an Canada twice, and hopefully again at some point in 2008. We consider ourselves part of a large world wide network of DIY Punk Rock, we are punks first, musicians second. We feel the social importance of Punk Rock takes priority over the "marketability" of a rehashed trend. We stand by our words and have NEVER stopped liking the music we listen to, live by and make (even when it wasn't popular) Please get in contact, get involved and help the punk scene grow independently of the music industry giants


LOCATION:London and South East,United Kingdom




Frustration EP - Delirium Tremens
Frustration EP - Frustration
Frustration EP - Fuck The Lottery
Frustration EP - New Way
Just Gets Worse EP - No Confidence
Just Gets Worse EP - Disconnected
Just Gets Worse EP - Just Gets Worse
Just Gets Worse EP - Mind Yer Own Business
Job Club Demo - Dysfunction
Job Club Demo - Boozin
Job Club Demo - Gang Mentality
Job Club Demo - Hate You
Job Club Demo - Victimization
Job Club Demo - Contempt
Job Club Demo - Exterminate
State Rape Split LP - State Rape
State Rape Split LP - Divide And Rule
State Rape Split LP - Fare Evasion
State Rape Split LP - The Ladder
State Rape Split LP - Drunken Voices
State Rape Split LP - Tinpot Hitler
State Rape Split LP - Parasite Monarchy
State Rape Split LP - Times Hard


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