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The band was formed in 1981 and they played OI/punk, they formed a band because two million people in UK was not working and they were 4 of that 2 million people so they decided to form a band.
They were influenced by Clash, Damned..., at the time they had some problems in pubs because they thought they were right wing from NF(national-front) so they did not let them pass.
In 84 band split up because they found jobs and made a shit on some gig so they were arrested and after their releases the time was to go to work so they decided to not play anymore.

1-Backstreet Boys
2-Your Choice
3-New Punks
4-Screw You

Download-Made In England

I uploaded Made In England and Practice 83(that has no names of the songs so if you have them please send)

Download-Practice 83

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