srijeda, 16. ožujka 2011.

Brutal Knights-Total Rebellion 2009

Brutal Knights are hardcore punk from Canada.This band i heard first time long ago but i was very lazy to listening them.3 months before i heard first time their songs and i was regretted that beucase i was i must say again lazy bastard to hear a very fucking great band.This killer release contains 8 great songs.On this killer release i very liked song called "Fight you in my mind".Their influence are i think they are Black Flag and Bad Brains they really reminds me expecly on Bad Brains.I really recommended you to download this killer release.I hope you will like this.Cheers!!!

02.Fight you in my mind
03.Gonna stay in
04.Shit happens you deal
05.Total rebellion
06.Why the beard
07.Were not young
08.Any of me


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