utorak, 29. ožujka 2011.

Isocracy-Bedtime for Isocracy EP 1988

Isocracy was short-lived hardcore/punk rock band comming from USA.They released just one EP in their short carrere.This killer EP conatins 10 great songs.Its very trashy lyrics and song are very good recorded.Drummer of Isocracy (when they break up) went to play in today world famous band called Green Day.I hope you will like this very old but goldie release.Cheers!!

1.Zimbabwean Hell Rock (Slight Return)
3.Hippie Man
4.Two Blocks Away
6.Amilyplympt Three
7.Funky Brakewire
8.Ten Seconds Of Anarchy
9.Swisher Sweets
10.Sgalf Etaredefnoc


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