petak, 11. ožujka 2011.

Bones Brigade-Endless Bummer (2006)

Yeah another killer release.This guys fucking rulz with their release.Otherwise they played hardcore/trashcore punk.Their lyrics are about 100% skating.Their name Bones Brigade coming from famous skate video which called BONES BRIGADE i remeber when i watched this first i was amazed fucking Old school skating many famous skater's are here like Steve Caballero,Tony Hawk,Rodney Mullen....This release got 13 songs and i very liked song "Meltdown".I really recommended you to download you will not regret.I hope you will like this release.Cheers!!!

01.Fun Sponge
02.Dr. Destroyer
04.Have You Seen Him?
06.Rock To Fakie
07.Endless Bummer
08.While You Were Sleeping
09.Enten War
10.Grey Zone
11.Surrounded By Assholes
12.Cancion De Patinar / Instrumental
13.Love Affair


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