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Straight Ahead-Discography 1985-1987

Straight Ahead was straight edge hardcore punk formed in 1986 coming from NYC.Some of fans consider that this is best hardcore release ever but i disagree with that i can't say anything wrong and against but there are more better bands.This discography contains 18 songs + 18 live song and interview.If you love straight edge bands you will like this great release.

01.On Parade
02.We Stand
03.Stand United
04.Who's To Blame
05.Spirit Of Youth
06.Straight Ahead
07.Point Of View
08.Unnecessary Violence
09.My Problem
10.Nothing Song
11.No Authority
13.Not Afraid
15.We Stand
16.Right Idea
17.Straight Ahead
18.Spirit Of Youth
19.Not Afraid (Live)
20.Spirit Of Youth (Live)
21.Breakaway (Live)
22.We Stand (Live)
23.Straight Ahead (Live)
24.Who's To Blame (Live)
25.Amount To Nothing (Live)
26.On Parade (Live)
27.Take Control (Live)
28.Point Of View (Live)
29.Knockdown (Live)
30.Your Mind (Live)
31.Right Idea (Live)
32.Unity (Live)
33.My Problem (Live)
34.The More Important (Live)
35.Friend Or Foe (Live)
36.Unnecessary Violence (Live)
37.WNYU Interview


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