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Extreme Noise Terror-The Peel Sessions 87-90 ( R.I.P. Phil Vane)

This post will be about second legendary vox Phil Vane(R.I.P.).I yesterday founded on facefuck information that 2 days ago Phil was founded dead very very sadly.He was one of the best vocalist in crust scene.Phil music carrere started in Freestate and Victims of War.When they broke they 1 member along with Phil joined with Raw Noise members and maked legendary crust/grindcore band EXTREME NOISE TERROR.Along with mates later for 11 years Phil joined to sing with legendary Napalm Death.In early 2006 Phil came to sing again with Extreme Noise Terror and sadly he passed away.Grind In Peace !!!

01. Work for Never
02. 3rd World Genocide (By Arms Trade)
03. Fact or Faction
04. Subliminal Music Mind Control
05. Carry on Screaming
06. Conned Through Life
07. Only in It for the Music #2
08. I'm a Bloody Fool (Cockney Rejects)
09. In It for Life
10. Deceived
11. Shock Treatment
12. False Profit
13. Another Nail in the Coffin
14. Use Your Mind
15. Human Error
16. No Threat
17. Take the Strain
18. Bullshit Propaganda
19. Murder
20. Show Us You Care
21. System Shit
22. Only in It for the Music #3


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  1. I´ve never heard Extreme Noise Terror!!! Download!!! Regards, Bruno